Wuxiaworld Welcomes True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar!

Many of you already know ‘Speed Demon’ CKtalon, who has been working on Absolute Choice (one of the novels that I personally follow daily here) and has been cranking them out like mad.  What some of you don’t know is that he has also been working on two other novels.  The first is True Martial World, the sequel/sister novel to Martial World, which also moved over recently!  The second is I’m Really a Superstar, whose primary translator is Legge.  CK and Legge have jointly decided to bring both of their novels over to Wuxiaworld as well, and they are really fun!  IRAS in particular is very different from some of the novels we have here, as it is set in a slightly different modern world China and a hilarious read.  Please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for Legge, and for both True Martial World and I’m Really a Superstar!  For those who didn’t make it in time to welcome hyorinmaru, please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for hyorinmaru and Martial World!

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  1. Welcome to Wuxia CKtalon even thought you have been here for quite some time 🙂
    I just recently noticed that you also Translated TMW on gravity , which I started reading a few month ago.
    So for me its espacially nice to have you here 😉

  2. okay what the actual f**k is going on……….. what sort of issues does Gravitytales have that their 2 best translators move over to wuxiaworld ……….i mean these guys Hyorinmaru, Cktalon and Legge bring the biggest traffic to gravity tales as they translate the best (usually part of top 3) Series they have……….. this really looks serious
    Any way welcome to WuxiaWorld!!!!!! ??

    1. If I had to guess, it’s about Qidian International…
      On their page authors section appeared, so I probably works listed there will be moved / mirrored on their site.
      That inludes IRAS, MW, TMW, Coiling Dragon, Desolate Era, Sovereign of the Three Realms and probably more. The King’s Avatar and Way of Choices are also there, so there is high possibility that NomYummi and Hypersheep325 also will move to WW

      1. isn’t it kind of discriminating GT if all the work they had been all for naught in the end is there realy no other way?
        i mean it’s like shalsky said those who move now is the top story there and when they lose it you must be know what i mean because those are the most story people visit in GT including me.

    2. What I didn’t like is how none of the translators who moved gave GravityTales a heads up before the left. Atleast two weeks notice would have been nice. That way GravityTales would have enough time to formulate a statement (However reluctantly) and give their blessings to the moving translators.
      I guess people shy away from confrontation these days. But running away from a problem never solves anything. The relationships you have damaged and impressions you leave behind could come back to bite you in the ass.
      All you need to do is talk people. We are all adults here…

  3. That IRAS is just an absolutely cancerous read. It’s just a shitty story about a smug idiot racist (Oh and he’s a rapist, don’t forget that!) twat doing crappy things to people. Real funny..

    1. IRAS has me so conflicted. The way he writes ‘sex scenes’ you know he has to clue how to interact with women. On the other hand I love how funny it is and how this internet troll became famous.
      There is a lot of suspension of disbelief when reading IRAS.
      Thats not how math works stupid…. (The math proof Arc)
      You have no idea what hacking is do you….. (The panda virus Arc)
      Who uses poems to diss your enemies…. and the common people think that is dope. who the f**k thinks poems are cool. Stupid…. so stupid. And to mention all the plagiarizing.
      And I still read it…. Seriously its a very funny novel. 😀

    2. Well, i wouldn’t say it’s a cancerous read, while i don’t like at all how racist the MC is and how he always force himself on every girl he’s close with, if you can look over that, IRAS is quite a good read.

    3. I’m so glad I didn’t read it. A novel all about popularity already wasn’t for me. Thanks for the heads up. I could never like a protagonist who is also a rapist and racist.

      1. most people here are leftist, so by the nature of their political and social beliefs, they have a deep hatred for nationalism. he is not racist. and the character is not a rapist. if you think groping a little and touching is considered rape, then you are an idiot. its all consensual, and if you have any experience with women, then you would have known better. not everyone is a little snowflake like you.

        its just the ultimate male wish fulfillment novel. if you understand that, you can finally relax and just enjoy the read like its meant to be read. its fantasyp0rn for the brain. dont look too deep for some hidden meaning or wisdom. its just a webnovel.

        1. The novel had elements of nationalism but it went way too far in that scene. He had racist attitudes by using ONE (fictional) person’s action to justify his beliefs. That was the impression I got and is one of the reasons I stopped reading it. I could ignore the plagiarism aspect but after a while it just felt off. I also usually give novels a chance but once it becomes a “ultimate male wish fulfillment novel”, the novel gets a bad taste imo. It is nice to see some romance and relationship developing but it loses a lot of meaning if it isn’t well executed with logical reasoning. A lot of the so-called “reasoning” are literally fallacies mixed with beliefs. It is noticeable when the author tries to force things to go his/her way.

          Also it really doesn’t depend on if someone is a “leftist” or a “rightist” (conservative) or whatever because honestly there are parts in that novel that goes against either of the dominant political platforms. Also don’t insult people with “snowflake” because honestly people are just not interested in certain things. Like some people just do not like reading violence/gore or prefer not to read about serial killers etc. It also isn’t nice to downplay someone by experience, cause you really don’t know them.

  4. Welcome to wuxiaworld. You guys won’t let me rest at all do you. Im almost read everything in wuxiaworld and always need to catch with an updates, and now there is 3 new novel. How long will i complete read all of them… Thanks anyways and goodluck on WW. (I also read korean and Japanese novel too, there goes my time @[email protected])

    1. True!!! I’m teary eyed just thinking about these awesome stories…

      They won’t let their readers, especially WW fans such as us to sleep at all. They want us to read non-stop and get addicted to these awesome reads… Aigoooo….. my back hurts… I’m too old for sports. Might as well read..


  5. Welcome CKtalon, hyorinmaru and Legge to WuxiaWorld !!
    But I wish I knew what was going on here. I mean MW, TMW & IRAS were the top 3 works on Gravitytales. Why the sudden change to Wuxiaworld ?
    I hope that everything is alright with Gravity Tales. I don’t want it to go down or start having a bad relationship with Wuxiaworld.

  6. I agree with hekitakai, its probably about Qidian International. If you look on Qidian International website at their authors video introductions, respective authors introduce IRAS, MW and TMW as if they will be hosted on Qidian International.
    Which probably means Gravity havent been able to obtain respective rights for those series and thus they will probably be asked soon to remove those series from gravity. Fearing they would have to stop translating translators decided to jump the ship towards official Qidian partner in English world, which is Wuxiaworld. Probably hoping that Wuxiaworld will be able to strike some kind of official deal on their behalf with Qidian.

    If you think about it, this kind of thing has never happened before, and the fact that as soon as Qidian is about to go fully live the authors move to Wuxiaworld is too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence, IMHO.

  7. I’m a big fan of IRAS good to see you apart of wuxiaworld.

  8. Honestly, i’ve been with this site for a long time since when we only had cd, I also have followed gravity for a long time too and this has never happened before. When i first saw this post all that came to my mind was poaching.
    I understand there is some underlying matter but that is only because of some NU discussions explaining the situation and the reading some of the comments. There should at least be a post explaining about this. I feel terrible about the way the translators just left without telling GGP anything! He must feel horrid. Even if they had to move was there a reason to not even discuss it with him?
    Surely you could send a quick email explaining your situation? I am baffled. I love the translators, I love the work they do but this… this is just… ugh.

  9. What the heck. Both of my favorite stories from gravity? What’s happening over there, site dying?

    Anyways, a warm welcome to Wuxiaworld. Hope you enjoy your translating here.

  10. Could you please explain whats going on here? GT seems to be completely caught off guard with these moves. I cannot, in good concensus support something that appears to be iffy, no matter how much I like the stories. And right now WW appears to be doing something … iffy. So please clear the air for those of us who enjoy reading on both WW and GT.

    Thank you.

    1. Last January (I think), the WW posted an explanation that they made a contract to Qidian to translate ALL novels in their site, and can be posted only in WW site…

      Hope that solves your problem… 😉

  11. Good to see MW and TMW in wuxiaworld.
    Can u bring world defying dan god to wuxiaworld.Liberspark is taking so much of time in releasing chapters Lol:)

    1. Actually, Even if they bring world defying dan god the author will remain the same so the pace of releasing will still be the same its just that you wont have to rape F5 all the time hahahaha

  12. I knew it! I knew it!

    that’s why TMW suddenly stop getting updated in GT. I hope CK and legge will stay here and run well in the future. Welcome to wuxiaworld!

  13. Welcome to WW!!! This practitioner welcomes you!!!
    And I have a question, if i read TMW before MW am I gonna miss some story? Or is it a whole new one?

        1. TMW annd MW are not entirely different stories, plot will get connected. you only need to know about 3 godly artifacts thats all. you can read it you will not get spoiled.

  14. Probably be moved:
    “Lord Xue Ying”! noo! Radianttranslations will be broken hearted!
    “Galactic Dark Net”…. no…!!! Noodletowntranslated will be broken hearted too!
    “Swallowed Star”…”Stellar Transformation”…. no…. for Translationnations sake!
    “My Daoist Life”…… okay… just kill me……. X_X

    (welp, I’m pretty sure they can work this out)

  15. good stuff coming one after another its like a birthday party – welcome to the WW sect 😀

    i just noticed theres actually two martial world titles it got me confused at first

  16. I have a mix of neutral and negative feelings about this. The neutral are just me curious about why it happened. The negative are my issues with the Wuxia website which I don’t seem to run into as often with the Gravity website, which I think has to do with the type and prevalence is ads.

    I read these stories on my phone. My battery drains more, has to reload the page because of errors more, and is causing errors in my typing I’m having to correct because it’s lagging on this website. I also cannot listen to any audio because it cuts out on my phone because of this website. Also, I’m done typing as this is the 3rd time typing this message because the page crashed.

  17. I wonder if World Defying Dan God, Dragon Marked War God, Ancient Strengthening Technique, Chaotic Sword God and Peerless Martial God will also move on Wuxia World and also can your authors take over Imperial God Emperor (this may sound rude for the current author of IGE) but you know his releasing is unstable sometimes its once a month and now he wasnt able to release any for 2months IGE is really good novel I wish someone from wuxia would take over.

  18. there’s a sense of crisis in the novel continent right now!
    a big number of important elders of the well know mid scale sect gravity tales sect moved to the wuxia sect!
    these elders are: ‘Speed Demon’ daoist CKtalon(well known for his true martial world technique), Legge(well known for his superstar technique),Bao(known by his Spirit Vessel art),Lord Bluefire(well kown by his Ancient Strengthening Technique) and doubledd(well known by the record of his journey to immortality).

    rumours claim that the cause is the rise of the new big scale sect, qidian sect whose is rumoured to have the rights of the tecniques taught by the elders of gravity tales sect.

    the patriarchs RWX and Goodguyperson did not clarify the rumours, causing unease to rise between the rogue cultivators and small sects.

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