Wuxiaworld Welcomes TranslationRaven and TranXending Vision!

Hey guys, we accidentally jumped the gun on this due to a slight miscommunication, but I’m very happy to welcome TranslationRaven and TranXending Vision to Wuxiaworld!  Raven’s a tremendous translator who did really good work on her previous project, which she dropped due to copyright concerns.  Happily, TranXending Vision is a Zongheng novel and this concern isn’t an issue here!  This is a more modern-day novel, which answers the age-old question – what would you do if you had transcendant vision that let you see into the hearts (and bodies!) of others?  Come find out what the (not TOO pervy) answer is!

Raven’s already introduced herself here, but please join me in a big Wuxiaworld welcome to her!  😀  She’ll be starting with six chapters a week.

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  1. Y’all still need to pick up Dragon Marked War God (horrible translations), World Defying Dan God (Stopped translating again), and Emperor of the Cosmos.

  2. Welcome!
    I guess I’m a bit late huh….
    Oh well?
    The welcome still counts!
    And we all know the answer to the question already – use it to look through peoples clothes for awhile, realize that there are better uses, use it to read peoples feelings for others and act as a match maker, realize during one of such sessions that you can see injuries + diseases inside people’s bodies, start working at a hospital, and make money. But keep looking through the clothes of the really hot ones the whole time XD
    well. that’s about what I would do. I’m sure there are other uses that will be covered in the novel though!

  3. Hello you are armored raven right? Are you still doing bringing the farm? If not can you please drop it and give it back to kalimdor? Coz its a waste for it to be in hiatus.

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