Wuxiaworld Welcomes Tina and Daman!

Hey guys, I’d like for you all to join me in a warm welcome to original authors Tina and Daman! Tina has brought her own originals Blue Phoenix and Overthrowing Fate, while Daman has brought The Divine Elements. Some of you may have read their novels before, and they’ve self-published some of their stories on Amazon.

In 2017-2018, we’re actually signing some Chinese authors as well, who will be producing Wuxiaworld-owned content and will be posting them both on Chinese websites as well as English translated versions on WW. As a result, the originals section will slowly and steadily grow. I’m very happy to be able to inaugurate Tina, deathblade, and Daman as the official Founding Fathers of the WW originals section. Please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for Tina and Daman in particular!

139 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld Welcomes Tina and Daman!” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Well, if they are here there must be a reason so i will give them a try

    How many chapters are required to become an original author in WuxiaWorld?

    I am an amateur writer and after so many xianxia stories i have been itching to write one myself so i want to know the minimum standards required to join

    1. I suggest you post your own original story at the forums.

      “Post your own original stories here! If the genre is suitable and the quality is good enough, it might be ‘promoted’ to a front page Wuxiaworld ‘original’!”

  2. There is something going on with GT? I thought that we already see the end of the exodus arc with Qidian International come as the new arc. So in the end I was wrong? Anyway I enjoy this whole drama. not gonna take side since I get no reward, plus i can see it clearer when I am not part of any side.

  3. Divine elements is a great surprise for me.. I read it months ago till there were no chapters left. Though it contain cliches, but its still better than 90% of other novels out on novel updates.

  4. Wow! Welcome guys! I look forward to reading these original stuff! Great work ww. This way we get good stuff to read ajd wont uave to worry about shameless theives

  5. warmest of the late welcomes. I hope you guys enjoy your stay here with us… glad the WW family is getting bigger…..
    a day will come when WW will stand on par with QI and fight toe to toe with them if needed. grow stronger WW…

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