Wuxiaworld Welcomes Terror Infinity!

Before I say anything else, please join me in warmly welcoming new translator A0132 and his project, Terror Infinity (无限恐怖)!  This is definitely a read you won’t want to miss; I can honestly tell you that when I started reading it, I didn’t stop for three days, until I finished all ~350 translated chapters of this project, which A0132 has been working on like clockwork since Feb 2015.

I’ll let A0132 introduce himself and the novel, but in short, although the name sounds like a ‘horror’ novel, it’s not (or at least, not just).  It’s a novel where characters from real life are thrown into horror/action movies like [The Grudge], [The Mummy], [Resident Evil], [Starship Troopers], etc., which they have to survive through their wits, knowledge of the plot, and…everything from Xianxia cultivation techniques to vampire bloodlines to spells to…gauss rifles?!  Team battles, character development, using kungfu on dinosaurs from Jurassic Park…trust me, this is awesome, WICKED fun!  The MC starts off as a bit of a ‘righteous Japanese MC’, but quickly and actually grows up!

We actually have out friendly neighborhood Technomancer, Yn5an3, to thank for this new project.  A while back, on one of my off days, I was chatting with him on Skype and asked him what he was reading these days.  He said, ‘Aside from Wuxiaworld stuff, not much.  Oh, ‘Terror Infinity’, that’s it.’  This was very interesting to me, because Terror Infinity was highly recommended by quite a few Chinese in some comments, back when they were surprised that we were reading Chinese webnovels at all.  Since it was my off day, I decided to give it a try…and I didn’t stop until three days later, when I finished the last of the translated chapters.  It’s been a looong time since I’ve binged like this before.  WORTH IT!  GO READ!  AND WELCOME, A0132!

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  1. I tried to read this before and read a couple of chapters.

    It didn’t seem bad but it didn’t click with me and I put it on hold. I thought it was unpopular since no one talked about it.

    Then again I also had a hard time starting TTNH but I tried again later and fell in love with it.

    After this, I’m going to try again! High hopes after I’m done with finals. Now if I’ll stop procrastinating for that test…

  2. Pretty sure i read this synopsis on RoyalRoad before, and because it was on that website i was hesitant to read it and didn’t get to start reading it, since i’ve just read to many novels that there are meh and just stop updating. Didn’t realize i had missed a gem in the rough.

    1. Noooo, not that freaking shit rr… it´s just a failed try of making the characters go through animes instead… it´s just so bad!!

  3. Woaaa… found terror infinity 2 days ago in novelupdate, is in my bookmark already, very interesting novel after read few review, an perfected GANTZ. never would have thought it would be here, nice move WW.

  4. What if I haven’t watched the movies? What if I didn’t like the movies? Would that affect my reading experience? This novel was advertised all over the place months ago, with enthusiastic reviews from other novel fans. I’ve been hesitant to read for a few reasons. I don’t have any good opinions about those movies mentioned. I have no particular liking towards the horror genre. That, and I got a ‘generic character feel’ from the first chapter that I read.

    1. The movies are relevant to the story because it is based on them.. It is highly advised to watch or even read summary of the movie before you read the arcs so that you can relate(let’s say the next movie is the Underworld… what kind of story is this? what’s the plot? etc)to what you read in the novel… If you don’t want to watch the movies; it’s still okay since the story is like another version/rewrite/spin-off of them…

      ie the current arc is Starship Troopers… I didn’t bother to watch the movie or to read the summary but I can still follow…. I do not know the events that will happen next and the ending of the movie though…

    2. I didn’t watch half of those movies mentioned in this novel and still, it’s one of my favorite novels that I read.
      IMHO, Knowing the movies or not will not change the reading expired . ?

    3. having seen the movies really only gives you the idea of what a location or enemy looks like, its not really necessary to have seen them but it can add to what you can imagine

  5. I remember this a while back a friend from china recommended this to me.He said this author started a new genre from this novel and it’s pretty good.But I never started it…..looks like I should start reading this.

  6. Oh hell yeah, this is one of my favorite novels, consistently good with an epic setting and, as mentioned, clockwork releases, easily a serious contender for my favourite novel, though it’s super hard to say and depends so much on mood etc, finish one of the settings and then come back to me, tell me you don’t like it, I dare ya ^^ welcome to ww TInf

    1. Just a thought, but one of the better xinxia ( not sure if xinhua because Buddhist and daoist elements, and such) that I read is world of cultivation, if you’re looking for,something to read, there are good translator notes and everything ^^

  7. can you bring in more Wuxia and Xianxia novel???, you guys should know this site became popular because of Wuxia and Xianxia novel, i like mmorpg and also sci-fi novel, but it’s site has it’s own specific trade, like this site name is Wuxia, it should more focus on bringing more Wuxia or Xianxia genre, bringing just any novel would hurt the quality of this site, some would like it but also other’s won’t like it, nothing will effect this site but if this continue on, who knows what future lies when most of the popular novel finish the translating and the remains novel aren’t too enticing or not good enough, this will effect major change to the visitors, like i specifically am not that much interest in GOR or Terror of Infinity, bringing in alot of novel doesn’t meant it’s good, the popularity and the quality has to maintain, i visited this site mostly because of the traditional Wuxia and Xiaxia world and immortals which i think most people share the same opinion, like i said, we love Wuxia and Xianxia, please reconsider when bringing in novels, you can bring in hundreds of novel, but all will depend on the viewers and which novel they prefer to read, we don’t have time to read 24 hrs a day, we select and choose very carefully when reading novel cause we can’t spend to read them all, i hope translator also choose well with their choosing on the novel to translate, there are tons of good novel out there to be translated, a few efforts spend to search them will get you a good novel.

    1. To clarify, you not being interested in a genre of novels doesn’t make that genre or the novel itself bad. The inclusion of new novels that you don’t like doesn’t particularly affect you because you have the choice not to read them. Yes, the name of the site is Wuxiaworld; however, most of the popular stories are either Xianxia or Fantasy so saying they should only add Wuxia or Xianxia stories is ridiculous. Personally, I’m glad to see another great novel added to Wuxiaworld regardless of what category/genre it might fall under. So thank you to Ren and to A0132.

      1. most popular fantasy also belong to wuxia or xianxia category, i’m not against any other Genre, hell i like Legendary moonlight sculpture, Ark, Swallowed Star which is Sci-fi and alot more, i know you must be from the Trinity Infinity, i would be happy too if my favorite novel is add up in Wuxia world, but i won’t like it, like my favorite mmorpg novel is LMS which is major different genre from Wuxia or Xianxia, so even if Wuxia add up LMS, i won’t be happy about it cause it will be like mixture of everything good and bad, we love Wuxiaworld mostly because we can find all the cool traditional Chinese fantasy, fights, immortals in here, i bet more than 80% in here came mostly because of the Wuxia, Xianxia or fantasy, i hope RWX can make a poll which novel people prefer more, when everyone come here we share the same value and we have the common interest which is traditional chinese fights with swords, magics, immortals , wuxia and xianxia and fantasy world.

        1. I dont share your opinion. I m happy that Terror Infinity was added and I hope that in the future much more great Novels will join wuxiaworld. Why only wuxia and xianxia? If all the good novels land here we dont need to search for them and I probably would never have found TI if it didnt appear here 🙂

          + Categories can be created with novels from each category. Also Wuxiaworlds growth would stagnate if they dont add other genres or great novels. (amount & quality)

          1. I agree as well! Having caught up with all my favorite series like ISSTH, DE, LMS, TMW, LLS, and many others, it’s such a chore to actually find any new ones worth reading, whatnot with all their own websites and no sources to track it all. And now it is all served in one big popular site with a sure way to confirm the progress of story, who will object, eh?

            By the way, I’ve never read this title before, not even heard of it, so I believe that theory of ‘Terror of Infinity-fan’ will not apply to me. Heck, seeing that it is Ren who recommends it for us, I find no problem trusting his opinion and give this a try.

            Welcome to WW! ?

  8. Wow , wuxiaworld has really fell off , this is like a rapper that at the start of his career rapped about his struggles but when he became famous started rapping about money and b*****, this site has two good novels left ISSTH and DE. Not hating just stating facts , I have been here since Ren was doing in 3 days the amount of chapters he is putting out now in a week. I really hope too see more traditional xianxia since its full of shounen mc’s really.

  9. I think I read a similar manga that has the same story. The MC got into a train where he needs to finish a number of stages (movies) untill he can get out. The first chapter was Resident Evil. But I forgot the title of the manga. Is it based on this novel?

    1. Yes, this Novel has a Manga/Manhua Version. But I think its better to read that for character images, nothing else. This novel is much better than the manhua version.


  11. Really enjoying this so far! I’m not a fan of horror and gore, yet I’ve seen almost all of these movies, as my best friend is. Didn’t think this series would be for me, but I’m already on the third book! The story and translation are high quality so I’ll certainly be catching up with the latest releases soon! 🙂 Thanks so much to all involved in bringing this story here for my enjoyment <3

  12. Oh daaaaaaaamn just a few days ago I was trying to remember the name of this novel. I stopped like 2 or 3 months ago around the latest chapters and completely forgot the name. Glad it’s here now. Everyone should keep at it. At first you might not see how it can get interesting. The idea of entering movies seemed lame at first to me, but damn does it get crazy and good. It has very similar aspects to Gantz.

  13. Excited to see this here. I read it as well and its freaking awesome. I’m grateful to both A0132 for his constant work at translating this and Ren for posting it here as well. Widen the viewership its worth it!

  14. OMG. Didn’t know there is a web novel of Terror Infinity. I read the Manga version of it but takes damn long to update. As soon I found about it I binge read it for alteast 2 days to the point of not sleeping. My new favorite :3

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