Wuxiaworld Welcomes podao and Gate of Revelation!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since we brought you a new novel.  Please join me in a hearty Wuxiaworld welcome for podao and his project, Gate of Revelation 天启之门 (also known as Gate of Apocalypse) by Dancing 跳舞!  Gate of Revelation is a truly fascinating story, one of the most intriguing ones I’ve read so far (and that’s saying something)!  While not wanting to spoil too much…it is an incredibly interesting book that inverts a lot of tropes about ‘VR/online gaming’ and about ‘transmigration into another world’.  In short…what if our world, the ‘real world’, was nothing more than a giant simulation…and all of us were supposed to be just NPC’s…but we gained awareness that the world was actually a game…which was going to be server wiped soon?  Think Matrix + SAO + a number of other interesting categories.  I highly recommend this story!  It is especially refreshing because it’s very different from the Xianxia/cultivation novels that we have here.  Podao will start by translating seven chapters a week!

FYI, there’s actually a lot of history in bringing on podao, who is a translator I have tremendous respect for, and he’s one of the most extensive footnoters (often a sign of a good translator).  He originally caught my eye on the Wuxiaworld forums with a completely different translation, Otherworldly Evil Monarch, which actually became quite popular.  I had invited him to join Wuxiaworld back in Nov/Dec 2015, and he accepted…but then when he found out that later parts in the book were uncomfortably racist, he elected to drop it even though he had a standing Wuxiaworld offer and people who were willing to donate (and were donating) money to him.  I respect the hell out of him for sticking to his principles like this!

So in short…let’s give a huge, warm Wuxiaworld welcome to PODAO!!!!

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  1. Sweet, haven’t read it yet but this seems really interesting. Welcome to Wuxiaworld, I should really start on the wiki for this since it will be much more easier to control and manage later on huh.

  2. Welcome podao! 😀 Have always been an avid fan of game-like settings (my first ever was LMS) and can’t wait to read what you have for us!

  3. Awesome! I’ve hear a lot of Podao before even if I haven’t read anything he translated before! Actually I’ve read a few chaps from MW done by him!
    Have no prior knowledge on this series but RWX into made me drooll! I think I’ll start on this series today!

    A big welcome from this leecher 😛

    1. There was some alien race in later chapters that was basically a caricature of japanese people or something.

      Now I’m getting worked up again.

      The translator wasn’t offended by it. At least, he never explicitly stated so. He dropped oem because he was afraid other people would be offended by it and claimed he wasn’t sure how to translate the topic appropriately… which really sounds like a cop-out.

      So everyone who says he should be respected for sticking to his ethics… what ethics? He didn’t stop because he was offended. He never said that it offended him. He even explicitly stated that he’s not japanese in order to explain that he’s not dropping it because of his own personal offense to the racism. So what ethics are you applauding? He dropped it because he was afraid of other people becoming upset. Guess how many people he upset when he dropped it?

      Not you specifically ezchariotz. I’m using “you” in a general sense.

      1. What obligation does he have to you that you have a right to demand that he continues working for your benefit? Do you/did you pay him?

        Even stores have a right to refuse service to a customer and those people *pay*. It is just not often that stores use that right since it is seen as “bad manners” unless the customer does something intolerable. Or is it also their obligation to continue opening for customers even if they make a loss because closing a store is inconvenient for the neighbourhood?

        It is a translator’s *RIGHT* to continue or discontinue translating, especially since there is utterly no contractual obligation at all between the reader and the translator to force him to continue a work. To say that starting a new project means he’s now chained to your benefit as a slave is to look upon your own convenience as a lot important than it actually is or is actually right.

        Disappointing, yes, it’s like a store that stops stocking your favourite brand, but to demand that they stock it, no, you don’t have the right.

        This kind of self centeredness is also toxic to new translators, now people can’t start new projects because once they do, in your eyes, they are enslaved to the entire series even if the genre takes a disturbing turn, which happens, or turns exceedingly boring, which happens even more often.


        You benefit from his generosity, don’t go kicking him in the teeth. If you want to, then make a stand by not reading anything he translates and keep off the pages and comments. Anything more than that, you’re being an ungrateful opportunist.

  4. Welcome!
    For a bit there I thought it was another new translation I hadn’t heard of yet… until chapter 49-50 came out.
    So why the change from Apocalypse to Revelation?

  5. “huge, warm Wuxiaworld welcome to PODAO!!!!”

    Burn the heretic, burn the heretic, bur… oh wait, wrong event.
    Burn the translator, burn the translator, burn the translator!!

    You should see what I do at house”warming”s. 😛

    Anyway, jokes aside, thanks for all the effort you put into translating, otherwise the alternative would be Google Translate, and that would have shaved a whole 10 IQ points off the whole world.

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