Wuxiaworld Welcomes InVader and Talisman Emperor!

Wuxiaworld, it gives me great pleasure to announce the start of a Zongheng project that was announced on the roadmap some time ago – Talisman Emperor, translated by InVader!

InVader is an experienced translator who has worked on other projects in the past, and he’ll be starting off with a chapter of Talisman Emperor every day (7 a week) as he slowly ramps up in Wuxiaworld! As for the story in question, it asks an age-old (just kidding) question – what’s a cultivator-wannabe to do when he’s broke and wants to eat and raise a family, when plunder and looting isn’t an option? In this case, the answer is… talisman crafting, and rising to become known by all as the Talisman Emperor!

In truth, InVader’s been with us for quite some time behind the scenes now, as some of you might’ve noticed. The ‘build-up’ was pushed out slightly primarily because he wanted to build a nice stockpile, and he’s now launching with a total of 43 chapters for your reading pleasure! I’m sure he’ll want to say a few things on his own behalf, but for now please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome to InVader and Talisman Emperor!

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  1. Welcome invader, hope you love over here. I have always interested in talisman/sealing tecniques so i’m quite interested in this talisman emperor, thanks for bring it to us. ^^

  2. idk why but i thought Talisman Emperor was the name of the translator and InVader was the name of the novel so i spent five mintues looking for “InVader” on the chinese novels tab lol i might be retarded
    also, welcome InVader!!

  3. Honestly, i dont care about other novel atm, i only want a new DE DE DE chapter!

    But of course will give this one novel a read later tonite… Welcome invader!!#@

  4. ☀🔸☀♦🔅☀🔅♦☀🔸☀
    ✨💧✨ Welcome ✨💧✨
    ───── To WuxiaWorld!
    ────────── from Jack

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