Wuxiaworld Welcomes Hyorinmaru and Martial World!

Hey guys, as you’ve already seen and heard, after considerable discussion between the various interested parties, hyorinmaru has elected to join Wuxiaworld with his (very popular) translation of Martial World! Since he has already made his post, I’ll let that speak for itself. I’ll just add that hyorinmaru is an incredibly dedicated translator that has been pumping chapters like crazy for some time now, with more than 750+ chapters of Martial World completed! There were actually some errors in the porting process that we are currently fixing, but since so many readers of Martial World were waiting for the next two chapters we went ahead and announced it here anyways. So…please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome to hyorinmaru and Martial World!

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  1. Great! I was just reading this on the Gravity Tales website, It’s good to see all these novel group up here.
    And of course thank you for all the chapters!

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