Wuxiaworld Welcomes FudgeNouget and ICDS!

Hey guys, I’m very happy to announce that our Korean section has just expanded by one yet again. If you followed Korean translations in the past, you’ll have probably heard this name – FudgeNouget!

Fudge has worked on webtoon projects like City of the Dead Sorcerer, Breaker II: New Waves, The Gamer, Black Haze, and more. On the novel side, he actually started and did many of the early chapters for Emperor of Solo Play, which Otter is currently working on. Now, I’m happy to announce that Fudge’s starting his latest project, Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society, over to Wuxiaworld! This is a must-read for anyone who likes dungeon diving stories, and Fudge has committed to doing six chapters a week on this project, with ten chapters already up. I’ll let Fudge introduce himself, but for now please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome for FudgeNouget!

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  1. Welcome to Wuxiaworld! 😆

    Welcome to Jurassic Park! 😎

    Just kidding. 🤗

    Love you all the same! 😁

    A note to wuxiaworld: emperor of solo play comments not able ?

  2. It’s been a long time since I’ve read manga, manhua or manhwa. I wonder if Breaker ever finished. I suspect the author didn’t know wtf he was doing with the story towards the end of new waves. Maybe I’ll revisit it someday, but I don’t feel in the mood. I also used to read black haze, which started strong. I think the last new manhua I started was actually the coiling dragon one, which led me directly to web novels.

    1. Until what part did you read the new waves? Yes, it ends, sadly the author doesn’t want to continue anymore.. they said it was to exhausting.

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