Wuxiaworld Welcomes ‘Beerblade’ and Lord of All Realms (f/k/a King of Myriad Domains)!

Hey guys, continuing with the roadmap I posted a while ago, I am delighted to announce that Wuxiaworld is formally relaunching the translation formerly known elsewhere as King of Myriad Domains as Lord of All Realms. The translator shall be a good friend of deathblade known as Alcohol Sword Immortal, but because he is deathblade’s friend I have christened him ‘beerblade’! Beerblade is a very strong translator, and he will be working with deathblade’s assistance on this project, so I’m certain that it will prove to be one of the highest quality translations on Wuxiaworld.

Lord of All Realms/King of Myriad Domains was one of the more popular works that was dropped with the closure of Xianxiaworld, and we got many requests for Wuxiaworld to pick it up. And, just as importantly (to me)… MY MOTHER told me that we needed to translate this one after she got engrossed in the raws, and she is super picky! We consulted with the original translators, and unfortunately they recommended (and we concurred) that the quality of the translation made those translations unusable on Wuxiaworld; what many do not realize is that re-editing and TLC’ing a translation can be even more time-consuming than doing it from scratch. This is why getting quality right the first time around matters so much! Alcohol Sword Immortal is a phenomenal translator who will do this project justice, and he’s not only starting us off with 30 chapters, he’ll be committing to start with a minimum of 7-10 new chapters a week. So without further ado, please join me in a WARM WUXIAWORLD WELCOME to our newest translator, Alcohol Sword Immortal1!

  1. Aka beerblade

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  1. i have been following this at wuxiadream/xanxiaworld, but i stopped it after i found that many chapters where missing. please fix it 🙂
    i will gladly pick it up, i dropped it cause around 20 chapters were missing ( scattered or otherwise) in the first 200 chapters 🙁

      1. We warmly welcome you to WwuxiaWorld and it’s amazing community! However, I have an urgent question that needs an answer that only you can give: When you drink alcohol, does it really increase your Martial power?! I am intensely curious.

          1. Hmm… it seems like I must track Deathblade down as well. Thank you for your guidance, I’m off to find him. ☠️🗡☠️🗡☠️🗡 (They’re death blades, get it? Hahaha…)

          2. Are you acquainted with Dao Fruend Sir Osis of Liver
            Not being rude this is an actual person on this site

          1. and i can feel the power circulating threw my meridians, this is my own experience, im no expert in this field 😉

  2. Welcome to the wuxia family beerblade! This novel i’ve been waiting to try for awhile and was gonna wait for 100+ chapters but seeing the ‘mother’ saying it’s really good and shes picky ima just start from the get go XD. Hope to enjoy your translations!

  3. Now pick up Dragon-Marked War God, World Defying Dan God, and Emperor of the Cosmos. The first has horrible translation quality and release rate. The last two have been on translation hiatus for a few months.

  4. I read the first half of the title and thought…

    “Beerblade? What kind of… oh, it’s just the name of the translator. Beerblade would have been an interesting story”.

    Can we get someone to write beerblade now?

  5. “Alcohol Sword Immortal.”


    Ah, a kindred spirit. Looks like I’ll be picking up another series.. as well as a twelve pack.

  6. *Sigh*, what a pity. I tried reading the most popular novel of this writer: “The Great Demon King”, but was completely put off by the childish and amateurish writing. A quick scan of his other novels proved that I wont be able to read anything by Ni Cang Tian unless forced by a knife at my throat. A pity that a trash novel will get such a strong support from the quality grandmasters here at Wuxiaworld.

    1. Critique and non-enthusiasm are good and might help people to filter for novels suited to their tastes.

      Your statement on GDK and your scan of his other novels would benefit from even a slight example of “childish and amateurish” – for Superman that could be “MC wreaks Havoc on town and is celebrated for it. Structural Damage never leads to bystander injury, no matter the evacuation progress” without being too spoilery.

      Also to not lose credibility please do not accuse the WW Staff of picking a trash novel. There are different tastes and some people actually like Superman. Not acknowledging that does insult those people without you gaining anything from it.

      p.S: I like Superman

  7. haha sweet, I’ve been wanting to pick this up for a while but from what I heard there were missing chunks and chapters so I never did but I guess I get to read it now, Thanks!

  8. ☻/ღ˚ •。* ♥ ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    /▌*˛˚ღ •˚ ˚Welcome to Wuxiaworld. ~♥~˚ ✰* ★
    / ˚. ★ *˛ ˚♥* ✰。˚ ˚ღ。* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ
    From Jack

  9. Welcome beerblade!, New novels and translators are always great!

    The only thing i can think off is just a flying blade made of beer lol

    Drunken blade X Beerblade ?

  10. Welcome to Wuxiaworld fellow daoist, translator, an all new blade… Sir Beerblade!

    May your Dao heart never break and you be able to knightfully protect the integrity of Wuxiaworld.

  11. Warm Welcome Alcool Sword Immortal ! Cheers !!
    I like the Beerblade surname too 😉
    A friend of Deathblade.. That’s an awesome recomandation ^_^
    Welcome again and thanks for your future hard work !

  12. Welcome Alcohol Sword Immortal! And thank you for bringing this book to WW. Not sure if you’ve tried it but if you want to try something that’s refreshing. Mike’s Hard Lemonade is really damn good refreshing in the summer or humid temperatures! 🙂

  13. Welcome welcome 🎉🎊👏😆👍👍

    Anyway… OOT, why do some of the novels here.. finished or not, appeared at Qidian International site 😲 I was shocked to see them there.Can anyone tell me what happened?? 😲

  14. Hello WuxiaWorld family, I finished reading God Of Crime a couple weeks ago, and I realized that it is still listed under the Active section instead of completed, is this a mistake? Or is there more? Thanks

    1. COMPLETLY UNRELATED BUT- Hello WuxiaWorld family, I finished reading God Of Crime a couple weeks ago, and I realized that it is still listed under the Active section instead of completed, is this a mistake? Or is there more? Thanks

  15. Thanks man… when are u taking up IMPERIAL GOD EMPEROR? Wuxia dream has stopped translating lol…we are waiting for IMPERIAL GOD EMPEROR

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