Wuxiaworld Welcomes Aran and Imperial God Emperor!

Hi all, this is something that both many of you as well as I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. An old novel that was gone for a period of time due to various reasons is back, and fully licensed… IMPERIAL GOD EMPEROR (IGE)! IGE is a Zongheng novel that we have fully licensed, and we’ve brought back its original translator, ‘Aran’, as well. Not just that: some of the earlier chapters were rough, so we spent weeks working with Aran to edit and overhaul those earlier chapters to bring them up to Wuxiaworld standard… all 200+ of them! I’ll let Aran introduce himself to y’all, but for now please join me in a warm Wuxiaworld welcome to Aran and IGE!

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    1. Bad choice WuxiaWorld to have Aran here.
      He is known to release chapters in randomly and be in consistent.

      I hoped someone else would take this novel and translate.

  1. Welcome to the wuxiaworld family Aran! I’ve been waiting for this day for so long i loved IGE and was waiting for you to make a comeback! Glad to see your here possibly doing 6-7 chapters a week i can’t wait!

  2. Welcome to WW
    I read IGE before and it’s quite good, but eventually I forgot about it because too many website to track.. Now that IGE is here, its gonna be easier to follow..

    Hoping for massive release as welcome present?

  3. WELCOME aran tq for translating this novel i thought that the novel was dropped,so i left it a while ago,so can anyone help me wat chap was ye qingyu help this girl(forgot the name) who disposes the assailants in a well? The girl had a relationship with but forgotten him cause of a bloodline? Really i forgot 😅Help me pls

  4. Sigh.. Man i still don’t understand, this site potential is like supreme godly mad genius, that will only getting stronger and stronger. Qidian only need to get some profit share if they were really sincere, and then work together, but yeah, stupidity and greed knew no limit in somecases.

    Sincere thanks for Ren, and all WW family.

  5. You guys have no idea how happy i am now after knowing this. IGE is my favorite novel and after Aran dropped it for a while and some other LMT group got IGE it was so SAD cause Aran translation was TOP NOTCH !! i’m really happy knowing that IGE is back with Aran on top of it with his amazing working on that novel so far ! Thank you very much WW and Aran and keep the amazing work !!

  6. Welcome in joining WW family!
    On the other note, I wonder why WW loads very slowly on all my gadgets, mobiles and PC I’m on 50mbps, other sites load instantly. Is it just me or do we have issues with the site?

  7. Mixed feelings as I dropped it before Aran dropped it. I thought the story was meh.
    I guess I will wait til the translation is about 500+ chapters before I pick it up again.

  8. Welcome Aran to WuxiaWorld.

    Just liked to ask if you could you please hyperlink the translators notes inside the chapter this makes it much easier on us readers. Example of this can be seen in ISSTH.

  9. This novel is disgrace for all the other novels here and everywhere else, some people might be ok with this type of novel, but I believe that even they understand that this is poor written novel by uninspired author, I read many novels and stopped reading many of them when I got disintrested and I never blamed author or something similar, we just didn’t connect. But I believe this novel’s ”success” is an accident and statistical error. I have nothing against the translator, except maybe his taste, but tastes are not to be discussted. I can just marvel that so many people enjoy this novel, although it’s absoluty repulsive with elements of LOL(which i enjoy) and unlogical and just pure stupid plot elements. The sad thing is beginning is relativly good and you star to believe in a new novel and then they just start throwing piles of crap on you, chapter after chapter and you can only watch as your hopes start sinking to the bottom of the ocean. I just want to give a WARNING to all the wuxia/xianxia readers who want to try their luck on this one that they might lose much more nerves on this novel than they expected.

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