Wuxiaworld Welcome AST, AGM, RMJI, and SV!

For those who don’t recognize those acronyms, they respectively represent: Ancient Strengthening Technique, Ancient Godly Monarch, A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality, and Spirit Vessel. Spirit Vessel is by our old friend Bao, the translator of Emperor’s Domination, but AST/AGM are translated by our new friend, Lord Bluefire (hmm, that name sounds familiar), while RMJI is translated by our new friend doubledd!

These are all meaty novels with lots of translated chapters for you to enjoy! The one head’s up I WILL give is that AST is a novel that’s much like Great Demon King on volare; it’s, uh, got a lot more adult action and scenes than some of our other novels. Viewer discretion is advised!

I know some of you who are regular viewers of both Gravity and Wuxiaworld must have many questions. However, as a personal policy I’ve always tried to stay away from talking about other people’s issues or problems. As a result, I’m just going to say that these translators have, for their own reasons, some personal and some professional, elected to leave Gravity. Wuxiaworld is happy to accept them and welcome them, so please join me in a big warm welcome for Lord Bluefire and doubledd!

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  1. I’ve been reading novels on Wuxiaworld since back in the day. I only just now started reading stuff from other sites after i had finished all of the compiled stuff on wuxia. But now it seems i have a crap load of chapters to read which is awesome! It feels nice to continuously see wuxia grow. From a being so small to what it’s today.

    1. Sorry I’m borrowing your post to stand on a soapbox lol! Since there’s no real info people are left speculating, saying things like the “way I see it” or “as I understand it” or worse “I heard”. Unless they know someone on the inside no besides those insiders know anything until they clear the air. Until then those speculations turn from that to baseless rumors which seem to turn into truths, which from what I’ve been reading on here and gravity tales people start believing those so call true rumors, which have led to bad mouthing in the wrong ways and I think that’s sad. I put a similar message up on GT, cause those truths have some people pointing fingers when they don’t truly know what’s going on and it’s a wide spectrum. I read people saying and blaming from one end to another….Starting with quidan which isn’t so bad point there all you want since it’s a company but what’s messed up is the personal finger pointing. Let me just say I like both sites (I read from 3 all together…WW, GT, and translationnation) so the things I say next are comments I’ve read from both sites. Then blaming the translators whether there traitors jumping ship for money or trying to survive and leaving for job security but they say it in a bad way, yet they forget the years of chapters those translators have giving them. The other thing is WW and Ren headhunting and stealing all of them, yet let’s not talk about the last couple months WW promoted GT’s anniversary on the main page, but it doesn’t help all the comments telling he should take this novel or that novel from GT, if one of those novels come in the near future, it may add fuel to the fire as some might say “see his taking all the ones people tell him” and some might really start to believe the headhunting which would be really sad! Or on the other end people talking bad about GGP and staff saying if it was one person leaving that person might of been bad but with so many leaving the higher ups screwed them so they deserve to loose all their novels which is pretty mean too! Since we’re in the dark people will keep saying these types of things against both sites and the people in-between, chances are we won’t know but people shouldn’t keep speculating who is good or bad or doing what since the sites themselves are both good and each had novels the other didn’t, which in the end meant bigger selections for us! That’s all I have to say other than welcome to the new novels and translation teams and sorry to both sides having to read those types of comments I made examples!!! So welcome them with a smile and hold those hurtful opinions to yourself til we all know the whole truth!!!

      1. Drink to that!!!

        But dear fellow, not to play around with word but it’s like shooting blank…

        True reader will understand at some point thing change and we won’t be in the inner-circle to fish for info. Like a small dot in a 22 length books, they don’t deserve a word of praise!!!

        None less, I like the comment

      2. Yeah I follow CSG in GT but GT consumes way too much data and sometimes it makes my browser crash. I’m happy that SSN is now in WW cuz WW is data friendly and the font is easier to read. Yeah I’m just saying what I wanna say. If you hate me for saying those. Well, it’s not like you will have to pay cash for hating someone. So you can hate me all you can since its free. Yeah I know I’m stingy.

    1. Emperor of Solo Play, Dragon Maken War, Seoul Station’s Necromancer, Reincarnator… Actually, Gravity should just embrace Korean Novels entirely.

          1. it did get a slow start, but once go deeper you’ll begin to see how great it is. atleast thats how it is for me.

  2. Can’t read/access SV early chapter.. it was fine until I read till chapter 6 and suddenly it will add ‘0’ on the title page.. so chapter 6 become 60.. 7 become chapter 70 and so on

  3. there’s a sense of crisis in the novel continent right now!
    a big number of important elders of the well know mid scale sect gravity tales sect moved to the wuxia sect!
    these elders are: ‘Speed Demon’ daoist CKtalon(well known for his true martial world technique), Legge(well known for his superstar technique),Bao(known by his Spirit Vessel art),Lord Bluefire(well kown by his Ancient Strengthening Technique) and doubledd(well known by the record of his journey to immortality).

    rumours claim that the cause is the rise of the new big scale sect, qidian sect whose is rumoured to have the rights of the tecniques taught by some elders of gravity tales sect.

    the patriarchs RWX and Goodguyperson did not clarify the rumours, causing unease to rise between the rogue cultivators and small sects.

    1. Wow you just gave me all the information that I needed to know what is going on haha. It seems my days as a rogue cultivator are coming to an end, the time has come to pledge my loyalty to the super dao sect known as Wuxia World.

      Greetings from –
      Daoist Tessellated Torture

    2. Nah I thought Gravity Tales Sect was one of the top ranking Sect(Not just a mid-scale sect) capable of holding their own against the current number one under the heavens Wuxia World Sect before the mass migration of most of its grand elders. So Wuxiaworld Sect is currently in a mission of unifying all realm underneath heavens? Damn the ambition is high… XD The current patriarch is already an Immortal Divinity XD

  4. Welcome to wuxia. I m also a regular at gravity and my personal favorite novel AGT is here now. I m happy to have all the novels to be in one place. And thank u for translating 7 chapters a week from now on. Once again Welcome everyone.

  5. Welcome to Wuxiaworld!
    Back in the days, I discovered Gravity Tales first before Wuxiaworld and I believe both sites are just starting out but I’m glad to see translators from Gravity here, since I find Wuxiaworld to be much better than Gravity Tales.

  6. This probably all comes down to copyrights and legal authorizations for the translators. I have no personal experience, but from a couple people who have encountered it, I have been told that the Chinese government has absolutely no respect for foreign copyrights. However, Chinese copyright owners are more than willing to exploit the laws of foreign nations that for the most part recognize any other nation’s copyrights as legitimate.

    There was a comment from the official Qidian’s representative on NovelUpdates.com in a thread where he was talking about the upcoming Qidian English language site. He said something to the effect that there would be great things coming for Wuxia World. So, I am guessing that translators who for whatever reasons absolutely do not want to be on the official Qidian site will be able to work something out to keep translating if they are here.

    1. not the same anymore. Just like recent 1-2 years, even copy right of foreign works are protected. For example, the works of Machinima is recently officially enter China market and the unauthorized sites were knocking down. If you see some sites have unauthorized works, mostly, they got authorized backtable ( this is another story).

  7. Hello, I like that all these novels are moving, it’s good, but I would like to ask you guys to fix your ads, they’re just too much and when you’re reading the novels, they suddenly play the video by itself with max volume, it’s just so annoying! Please fix it!

    Thanks in advance

  8. PLEASE LET US HAVE SOME MORE EXTENSIONS LIKE GOING TO NEXT CHAPTER BY CLICKING ARROW KEY OR LETTER . Sorry for upcase. It really is annoying to have mouse in your hand or click ctr + left, right arrow keys…

  9. WOW the couple of story i was reading on gravity are almost all on wuxia now so awsome only missing reincarnator and chaotic sword god finger cross 😀

  10. Hi RWX, I think it is somewhat of a bad choice to take in all kinds of novels. Till now, I found all the novels in Wuxiaworld to be of great quality, both in translations and their story. But now with the immigrations of random novels, I and maybe many others would have to be selective in their choices. Putting it into chinese proverb, it would be dragons mixed with snakes, except it is the opposite in this case.
    Just my opinion that I wanted to share. I know it is near impossible to change your decision since you already made them 🙂

    1. Every novel that has joined the website is incredibly popular and amazing, specially MW and TMW, lets not forget about RMJI which is rated higher than any other novel in WW (at least last time I checked).
      Gravity Tails is amazing, I enjoyed using different websites to read different novels, now it is… different.

    2. So you make it seem like every person on Wuxia previously read EVERY novel on here. I only read about 5 or 6 of them, And the others I didn’t enjoy. Just because you don’t like a certain novel doesn’t make it a bad novel.

    3. IDK. This site hosts WDQK which is objectively worse than any of the novels that just migrated here. Not to mention BTTH, which is literally just WDQK done a bit better.

      1. Yeah. But if you consider the time when they were added, then there wouldn’t be many objections since the translating era was just beginning and there weren’t that many novels. But now, there are plenty of good novels.

    4. I don’t know how much you read, but the novels that just came over are pretty d*mn good. Translation quality is not bad at all. If you look at TMW, it has both quality and quantity (Last time I checked, he is up to date with raw, 647.) RMJI is a very good read, if you enjoy Renegade Immortal, this will be your book too. Have not touched on the others, need find time for them. Imo, translation era is not just beginning (back in the days, it’s more casual and slower, more like a past time, hobby), it’s going upwards, might be or might not be at the peak soon. Can only hope this transfer do not mean the fall of GT, or affects other novels. TKA, GMS will keep me busy in GT anyways >.<

  11. Aw… I hope Gravity Tails makes it through this… Honestly GT is the best website for reading novels…
    – the comment section is great and its easier to reply to people.
    – There are many interesting features (like the voting thing, so you can know which novel is the best).
    – the website is prettier and nicer to look at.
    – Everything is organized magnificently.

    Aw… man…

    1. To be quite honest it is comments like yours that is very disappointing to hear in the community. Translators work hard to bring us stories. We should be supportive of all the websites that bring us these stories instead of wishing them harm. I for one am glad there are many websites to go to. It means more stories to read and more people to meet.

        1. encouraging translators to move reduces the number of website translations. Don’t get me wrong, I love wuxia world. And it is my favorite translation website. But I also agree that friendly competition keeps the community robust and allows us to read more stories. Asking translators to move is the equivalent of slapping other translation websites in the face for all their hard work and can potentially shut them down. Ultimately it’s not our call whether they move or not. But encouraging them especially considering the situation that just happened is just not right. I think you should also look at it from smaller websites point of view.

  12. Hi I’m from Brazil, I’ve seen all these novels for 2 years and I would like Chaotic sword God, God and Devil world and God of slaughter on this site.

    1. Dude, it’s not up to us to choose.

      Even if it is, it’s better for good novels to be spread around different site instead of a “ALL IN ONE COFFEE(SITE)”

      This would mean less popular website will be get even less views, making their other novels views drop even more. This would also mean, it might get slower and slower (Due to lack of reason to translate) and might even be discontinued.

      This can serve as an example; what has migrated here are actually pretty big (Not SUPER, ZTJ OP, but they’re kind of the core of GT. They make up a solid amount of reader.), having these novels move over would also mean a noticeable drop of viewer in other site. New reader might not even be going over to GT since the popular novel are all on WW, this would also mean that “X” amount of new reader won’t browse through GT and maybe read some other novel that might interest them.

      Traffic decrease in general is not healthy of a site. It’s like you are managing your company, and suddenly lot’s of people leave it at once, you will feel kind of down (since it’s like you are not doing well and your members leave, or like your effort is all wasted.).

      Well what I mentioned is not 100% correct, but it is along that line… it’s like I only know about “Release the witch” only due to the fact I went to the translation site of SOTR, allowing me to have look through at other novel that might interest me.

  13. Always glad to see more translators here at WW, but to bad it’s at the cost of GT, just hoping everything will work out regardless of the coming of QI and all that

  14. Well, not a bad news, but that’ll be another load of mails for the followers of the mailing list…
    Would it be possible to implement a mailing list where we could choose the series we want to follow?
    (I don’t say those novels are bad, but i cannot read all of those new chapters anyway).

  15. ZZZ…
    no matter how i see it, for me something under the table is on the run with regards to this series of transfer.
    well, the point is, everything’s about business anyway so i can’t blame anyone, and i’m just a freeloader.
    when time comes some of this so called translators go to another site again doing what they did now, that would be a hilarious event that i’d celebrate.
    (in my opinion)we can always find new translators anyway, the story is already there. i just find it rude for them not making any form of proper note as to why they do this. (people are always curious)

    1. Basically from what I understand. The Chinese site that hosts the original versions of the webnovels has decided to make their own English site. Because of that they are going to have all the non-official translations taken down. However, this site has a legal agreement with them and can host their stuff. Because of this translators from GT and possibly other sites in the near future are coming here as a sort of refuge.

      1. oh… so it’s like that.
        discussing thoroughly w/ GT andmin was an option too right? and GT can also have an official agreement with “the chinese orig. novel source” that’s why i find it odd.

        well, i hope wuxia wont dissapoint everyone.

      2. What’s the name of the new English site that the Chinese want to make? I only learned 5 years of chinese and can probably translate at least 30 chapters per day, so the Chinese sites probably translate them at a even faster rate.

  16. *I only read a few announcements and these are just assumptions and guessing*

    1) There is a mass exodus from Gravity Tales to other translation sites.
    This means Gravity Tales became less favorable than the other sites for some reasons.

    “Employees Don’t Quit Their Job, They Quit Their Boss” – IDK where this one originated from.
    “The only reason someone would stay at a company going through a bad phase is that he likes his job.” – The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Ben Horowitz

    2) No one tell the public directly what really happened.
    They don’t want to tell us what happened but at the same time also don’t want to lie by making up a tear-inducing story. Which means they can and should say the truth as long as it’s within the limit.

    Now, this came out.

    “Unfortunately, things have happened in the last several days that have made me question my dedication to Gravity Tales. I no longer feel that I can continue on Gravity Tales personally or professionally.”

    Noticed that he was using ‘my dedication to Gravity Tales’ and ‘feel’. This means by reasons and logic alone he still can continue to work on Gravity Tales but now he personally detest Gravity Tales at least to the level where working together is impossible. And the cause(s) of this happen over only a few days. Which also means there was an unforgivable incident.

    “To be honest, there have been moments these last several days where I have deeply questioned whether I should even continue translating, having lost the drive and motivation to work on The Grandmaster Strategist. That I have been able to pull through is only through the help of my colleagues both within and without Gravity Tales, readers everywhere, and my determination to finish the novel that I started to translate.”

    He also feel like giving up translating altogether. And this is not just him, there are other novels that were given up completely.
    This one together with the above statement mean translating novel is the source of something he doesn’t want to happen but he cannot do anything about it because 1) it isn’t logically wrong or 2) it is within the rules

    “But let me put some rumors to rest. 1) We are not moving because of money. WuxiaWorld and RWX did not reach out to us. As Tann said, it was his personal decision. 2) It has nothing to do with Qidian. 3) There is no internal strife. There have been no hard feelings on either side. In my opinion, the mass exodus is mostly a chain reaction.”

    1) By the assumption above, it’s not money but an ethical issue or something of sort.
    2) Okay.
    3) If the translators cannot accept what happen but it isn’t wrong and they don’t have any power to change things, the assumption still holds.
    4) A chain reaction does need a starter and a convincing cause. It cannot happen just because someone quit his job for personal reasons right?

    TL;DR : Gravity Tales did something horrible but doable with the translation. Translators cannot accept that so they migrate.

    *As stated above, this is just me guessing. Take it with a grain of salt.*

    P.S. This is supposed to be a secret. I wonder if my comment will be deleted if my guess is correct.

  17. Fan of Ancient Strengthening Technique, so that means that almost all my favorites are here. hehe
    Glad that the rooster of incredible translators has been increased.
    So that said, welcome to wuxiaworld where the great converge and eat tacos and rainbows. AVENG*RS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!
    PS.Next stop … the world.

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