Wuxiaworld, Two Year Anniversary + Stats

Another year has come and gone…and Wuxiaworld has turned two years old. What a big baby it has become, since I founded the site to host Coiling Dragon and other ‘classical’ wuxia works on December 22, 2014! 2015 was a great year, but 2016 was an even better one. We saw great new translators join our team, as well as many new readers. We’ve made the news, we’ve gotten copyright authorizations for almost all our novels, we’ve served over a billion pageviews in less than a year, and we’ve made connections around the world. Thank you, all of you, for being with us for this incredible journey.

Once again, I’ve been busy compiling a few stats on the site for you all to look at, and the numbers are quite something. Wuxiaworld has continued to grow significantly. Although percentage-wise the growth wasn’t as huge as it had been in 2015, by raw numbers we are still very, very impressive, especially considering how much more competition there is in this sphere for your views, compared to last year when there were relatively far fewer sites and projects!

Daily/Monthly Records:

Highest daily pageviews: Nov. 11, 2016, we had 4.48 million pageviews (on Dec 20, 2015, we had 3.16 million pageviews)
Highest daily unique visitors IP: On Oct 31, 2016 we had 270,243 visitors (on Dec 21, 2015, we had 159,255 visitors)
Total unique visitors in Nov 2016: 2,298,619 (up from 1,355,185 in Dec 2015)

Total/Lifetime Stats:

Lifetime pageviews: 1.547 billion (up from 324.8 million pageviews by Dec 2015)
Lifetime comments: 510,452 (up from 197,323 comments by Dec 2015)
Total registered users: 34,653 (up from 12,269 in Dec 2015)



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  1. Begin with manhua TDG… Then i found light novel TDG at WW !!! After that i read more light novels at WW, i like them all especially SOTR and ISSTH !! Always update chapter, info, and title are strong point this site !!!

    !!!!!!!!!!! Happy anniversary WuxiaWorld !!!!!!!!!!

  2. begin with Coiling Dragon , and until now Happy Second Anniversary WuxiaWorld and Thank you for you hard work for RWX and all the Translator.

    Love from Indonesia 😀

  3. Happy Second Anniversary WuxiaWorld! Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you to all the translators who brought us these amazing novels! Thank you RWX and all the people who helped him for making WW awesome!

  4. Like some people, it all started From TDG’s manuha.
    Even with the first 50 chapters daily release I couldn’t have enough, so I looked for more …and I found it here….then i looked form more….and so was the beginning with the LN and WN world, be it Jp Cn or Kr it all started from here….2 years already…the thing I like the most is how people here are devoted to there passion like Thyaeria with his almost daily release even when doing his military service ..really?
    And this was my story with WW so thanks to this community (translators,editors,sponsors……..) for these good times and sorry for being a leech and a shadow disciple of the F5 sect for these 2 years.

  5. 2014 i came here from reading the manga of coiling dragon and upon looking at the comments of the manga i saw someone recommend the light novel being translated at wuxiaworld. from then on lead to TDG and ATG and TGR and ISSTH. now i think about it i never actually read skyfire avenue.

  6. i started with the horrendous doupo cang qiong manhua, then read doulou dalu manhua, and then i had to read more, but couldn’t wait, so i read btth and doulou dalu novels. from then i read mga, and then, nearly everything else on here, gravity, and more.
    ??!THANK YOU! ??

  7. Found Panlong (Coiling Dragon) Manhua -> Entered WW and started reading CD, Left it in the middle, may be IET’s depiction romance was too short and sudden. MC Crazy powerup’s and crazily reviving his Family just made me never touch this novel again. Never Expected Renegade Immortal was one of Ergen’s works, Started RI after reading the Manhua. I know about Ergen only from ISSTH, but RI was my first reading of his work. Stellar Transformations was a bit better than CD till the instance when QinYu casually creates a Universe. Dropped that too!! Currently reading ED(Because of “I am LiQiye”), ISSTH (My Favorite), TDG (Of Course Manhua was too popular), Lord Xue Ying etc. WW is such a relief spot to me, makes me crave for more chapters daily!!

  8. 既然都看烦了种马文套路不如来个康熙王朝_(•̀ω•́ 」∠)_雍正王朝_(:D)∠)_或者女频套路_(:3」∠❀)_红楼水浒,bl套路(∩❛ڡ❛∩),,,,,好吧我想多了╮(╯-╰”)╭

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