Wuxiaworld Signs Licensing Agreement W/Qidian!

Every so often, I hear people express worries about Wuxiaworld’s longevity. I’m extremely proud to announce that as of a few days ago, after months of negotiations, Wuxiaworld has concluded and signed an initial 10-year translation licensing and ebook/digital publishing agreement with Qidian, the Chinese website which most of our novels originate from! While the exact terms of the contract are under nondisclosure, what I can tell you is that the exclusive licensing agreement includes a total of 20 different titles that cover almost all of the Qidian novels we have on Wuxiaworld. We look forward to continued cooperation with Qidian and other websites, and once those details are ironed out, I’ll be sure to let you know here as well.

Look for more related announcements soon. Vive la Wuxiaworld!

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      1. I’m a Chinese. I spend most of my time in read e-book(In our country , we called these book “novel on the Internet” beacause most of them update on the website like Qidian) when i was young. so, i have read most of the books translated in these website. On my opinion, the author i most like are ChenDong and Ergen, Ergen’s 仙逆、求魔 and ChenDong’s 神墓、遮天 are really good. these e-books often on the top of the rank of QiDian when they still updating(they all finished now). the e-book i most like is 仙逆。
        In addition, i think the biggest confusion when foreigner read Chinese novel is these novel often combine with the traditional culture of china , like gossip、TaiJi、yin and yang balance and so on.

          1. what a pity . i only see 仙逆(you called renegade immortal) on this website。求魔、神墓 and 遮天 are also very good。

          2. 求魔 and 遮天 are being translated on other sites. 神墓 was being translated but not at the moment.

    1. I doubt that will happen. I mean look at manga or anime new sites always pop up once an site gets taken down. and thanks to manhua chinese LN have gain a lot of popularity in those community so I’m pretty sure they will be other sites. Besides issuing an cease and desist order takes time, plus it depends on where the server thats hosting the site.

      1. There’s that but don’t some TL’s also have agreements with some of the author’s to translate their work? That will probably play into or maybe not..I don’t know not sure how it works plus Ren can’t tell us stuff about the agreement so it’s a wait and see ordeal.

  1. Wow that’s awesome, so cool watching you guys build this site and community. It gave me a kick-start to my own small business.

    Have you guys thought about going the other way and translating some novels from English into the Chinese languages?

    Thanks again for all the hours of reading you have brought to me and others.

        1. WW is so hot in Chinese forums recently. but not most of us could understand English ,but me.lol。。。。。。。Im reading ISSTH in WW(read English).The TL are awesome. Thx

  2. *Back from my victory dance in the garden* Congratulations! Now we don’t have to worry about a takedown. I hope Qidian will have this attitude with other site, and maybe help implement a system which will allow us to easily support both the translators and the authors.

  3. Congratulations Wuxiaworld! Very happy to see this wonderful community develop so well.

    Like many other poor 2nd-3rd world leechers, at first I was very worried, but… then I remembered I’m studying Chinese. 😀 *sighs in relief* http://i.imgur.com/x8hyO6Q.jpg Hopefully I’ll be able to contribute one day by translating, I really like this site.

    On a serious note, I don’t think we are going to get scr*wed over like the anime/manga community, this field has a lot of differences to it. Anyway, great work RWX and company, I wish you nothing but good luck and fortune.

    Edit: I wonder why it says my comment is awaiting moderation, hmm…

      1. as post below i’m glad that you’ve done a deal ,

        but agree with the anime/manga community comment , even japans idea of http://daisuki.net/ has huge problems like if you wanted to watch some of the non-free stuff

        a whole season of MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN i worked out it was £70.00 uk for 12 shows and you could only veiw them for 72 hours as they are charging $6.99 a show and thats about £5.70 uk

        and they wonder why they have a pirating problem ^^

  4. Wow Ren, congratulations !
    Thanks for creating this website and popularizing all these Chinese novels through the English speaking universe !
    I’m sure Qidian also realized they had a sizable English audience thanks to you so it would make sense that get into such a deal ,especially if they can make some money out of it ! Keep on with the good work !

  5. Thank you, Ren, for all the efforts to promote and to durably make available the wuxia/xanxia novel translations to the non-chinese speakers: this is really impressive!

  6. I wake up go eat rage at my dog for peeing in my room then on my brother that stole my charger and pinstripe as duck I go to the buss to find this… and I think today is a really good day!! =D

      1. i’m hoping thats a typeo or he’s just a moron to be pitied that can’;t understand everyone likes a good story
        as story telling is part of all cultures and even some chinese Wuxia novels could be said to have take idea’s from the west to the east and back again

        1. At this level it’s pretty obvious that he meant “guys” If what he said about him being chinese is true then you are the moron that’s being rough to someone who was genuinely happy for us…. Well,congratulations . Please be a little open not everyone want to insult other…. Except me when guys like you appears….

  7. It’s great that somehow this site got lincensed but I’m kind of worried about the titles that isn’t included on the contract ??? Anyway, it’s already a good deal that we can continue to read ….NO to dropped titles ???

  8. Awesome thank you ww and Ren! Do you know which 20 novel titles that will be coming and will you still continue to have the novels currently on site that are not part of the titles included in the agreement?

  9. [TALES OF DEMONS AND GODS] This titles was free to read to chapter 444. Now most chapters VIP ?!

    Let’s say I want to pay with PayPal account, to read some VIP chapters. The Qidian SITE is NOT recognising PayPal as a payment method. They got their own Chinese PayPal…

    Please wuxiaworld.com do something about:

    1) no more VIP for the already translated chapters.

    2) payment method to the Qidian Site.

  10. I was never worried about the longevity of WW, lol. But I still remain curious of which path it’s going to take in the future.
    The two I’m most use to seeing are charging small fees to everyone, or vip accounts with some kind of benefit.
    But there are plenty of other options as well. I’m personally a fan of anything that keeps it free.

  11. Gz’s and nice work as it’s worth supporting both the writers and transaleters ,

    i just hope it doesn’t become a pay per page thing or only vip’s get stuff
    as i’ve been help in the past to “hit the Support ” button on this and thyeariatranslations.com old TGD site before it’s move here,

    i don’t mind the ad’s that help keep the site going ( and i’ve even bought stuff from some links) other then the ones that start blasting music and you can’t turn off other then muting the tab your using to read

    so i hope the way it works will mostly stay the same

  12. Huge step for Wuxiaworld. Thank you for all the Hard Work to make it possible.
    You should consider creating a Patreon for Wuxiaworld so that hardcore supporters with financial means can be patrons of Wuxiaworld. These Patreon donations can be used to purchase more Qidian licenses. Wuxiaworld will benefit from having more popular Qidian novels on here.

    One tiny suggestion: Get as many ebook releases out as possible (for example 1 ebook per month for each series). It is much easier to get traction on Kindle if you publish a lot of ebooks in the same series in a short amount of time. There is a well-known “30 days cliff” for Kindle releases that self-publishers experience. By having fast release, this won’t be a problem for Wuxiaworld ebooks.

    Don’t worry about editing since it’s expensive and not really necessary. The translations are good enough without it. Just need volunteers to proof read to catch errors/typos. Ebook formating is easy to do. Get as many ebooks publish as possible is the main goal.

  13. I read this site on a news on Chinese media.It’s amazing to know that you guys appreciate Chinese XiuXian novels.When I was a kid,I loved the Harry Potter series.I was hoping that our novels can be popular in western world.And now it seems like its getting there.I just couldn’t imagine that it’s happening.Anyway hope the site getting better and congrats on the contract.

    1. Cheers, for the words i’m from the uk and love some of Chinese XiuXian novels , thru them also in to some chinese tv shows and films ..got to say The Lost Tomb / Grave Robbers stuffs great fun

  14. I’m gonna cry so hard if WMW is not on those 20 titles

    You know after i found wuxiaworld it feels like a whole new experiences reading the novel, now i spent less time reading on manga.

    So our RWX is really good at lobbying eh ? awesome.

  15. Dear RWX, please check the email-box for the latest mail i sent, thank you! 真的想尽快联系到您!我的发送人名称是 大可。来自中国吉林长春,关于在国内领域的合作,感谢您在百忙之中的回复!

  16. Guys I’m a translator who also love fantasy novel, and I have a question here , could you give me some advice?

    Would you like to read the novel with professional translate version but longer time for waiting?
    Would you like to read the novel with normal but acceptable version with shorter time for waiting?

    Thanks very much

  17. Hey guys !
    That’s great news !
    As I understand that ebooks are gonna come, could you please add a dedicated page to sum up all the ebooks published and with links for where to purchase them.
    Thank you for your hard work !

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