Wuxiaworld Resources Updated!

Hey guys, Huan Xu has previous posted a series of four awesome glossaries/term explanation articles on reddit, and he’s agreed to have us host them here on Wuxiaworld!  If you have the free time, take a gander; you’ll learn something (a lot, most likely)!  The articles are: 1) “Cores” in Chinese Cultivation Novels, 2) Wuxia-Xianxia Terms of Address, 3) Chinese Idiom Glossary, and 4) General Glossary of Terms

14 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld Resources Updated!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. As a semi-translation nerd (but who doesn’t know Chinese) I really enjoy reading detailed etymological analyses. Thanks for hosting these, I’ve just read the core/金丹 one and found Huan Xu’s explanation very incisive and elucidating. Typo report, by the way: Daoismand.

  2. As someone who is aspiring to try and read Chinese raws in the near future, this has been very helpful! Learned a lot of new words and phrases. Many thanks to Wuxiaworld and the person who wrote these articles, I’m very grateful!

  3. Could you put the Daoist Name Generator too in one of the tabs in the top bar? I wanted to show it to my cousins, but now I’ll have to go through ISSTH category page to find it.

  4. I was just wondering whether should i request RWX to provide some glossary for readers and translators to unify every novel and get rid of confusion between different novels, and here i got it.
    RWX, can you make it so that translators uses the same translation at different novel(atleast same genre) so as not to get confused as readers read many novels at a time.
    Thank you RWX and Huan xu.

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