Wuxiaworld, One Year Anniversary

This is the third of four announcements for this holiday period.  Wuxiaworld, as of just yesterday, turned 1 year old!  We’ve had a tremendous 2015, our very first year.  Thank you, our readers and friends, for having been with us for this year.  Wuxiaworld and our translators clasp our hands and bow to you for having given us face.  In the grand scheme of things, we are still very small compared to the number of people who watch anime and manga, to say nothing of novel readers in general.  Let’s get ready to make 2016 even better, and to inculcate even more readers into the Profound Mysteries of Spatial Refreshing.  Thank you all!

I’ve been busy compiling the stats on the site for you all to look at, and the numbers are mind-boggling to me.  We’ve really gotten big, haven’t we?!  We’ve been joined by so many great translators, and have so many awesome projects.  We’ve hit so many milestones in this year, our first, baby year; we’ve had our first translation acknowledged and published (congratulations again, flowerbridgetoo!), seen the very first translation of one of these meganovels completed (congratulations to myself for completing Coiling Dragon), and have so many great people here now.

On a day like this, I want to particularly thank the Technomancers MiPo and Yn5an3, and sysadmin Yn5an3 in particular; we’re doing some mind-boggling numbers now, and handling them without a hitch.  Sysadmins, when they are doing their jobs right, never get any attention, and unfortunately, Yn5an3 has been doing his job phenomenally well.  Don’t believe me?  See below for the stats and charts and graphs, compared to June 2015!

Daily/Monthly Records:

Highest daily pageviews: December 20, we had 3.16 million pageviews (on June 16th, we had 858k pageviews)
Highest active users at one time: On December 20, we had 8352 active users on at once (on May 28, we had 3800 active users on)
Highest daily unique visitors IP: On December 21, we had 159,255 users (on June 19, we had 56,928 visitors)
Total unique visitors in Dec: 1,355,185 (up from 445,715 in June)

Total/Lifetime Stats:

Lifetime pageviews: 324.8 million (up from 60.5 million in June)
Lifetime comments: 197,323 (up from 71,976 comments in June)
Total registered users: 12,269, after deletion of several thousand bot-accounts (up from 8919 in June)


Wuxiaworld Stats

2015 Pageviews


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