Wuxiaworld Milestone – The Big One-B!

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a very special Wuxiaworld milestone with all of you, especially the ones who were here when we started on December 22, 2014. As of ~10 PM (Eastern Standard Time), Wuxiaworld hit a very, very big milestone – we served our one BILLIONTH (1,000,000,000) pageview to you guys. This number boggles the very mind! Thank you for loving our work so very much, and we will continue to work hard at it! Muah!

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  1. Gratz WuxiaWorld. I remember when WuxiaWorld was only just beginning on its path of cultivation… now its might truly shocks all below the nine heavens! All hail WuxiaWorld! All hail the F5 sect!

  2. Very impressive! I hope to see you hit 10 billion this year!

    I wonder how much money your advertisements generate? If they brought in at least $0.01 per page view, you would have brought in $10,000,000.00 by now. But, depending on the prevalence of AdBlock, that number would have to be reduced. Plus, there are the actual expenses of running this site, which is probably not cheap. And now that I think about it, the money brought in by each page view would have a different value depending on factors such as the ad provider, what kind of ad they are, and number of ads per page. This is starting to get complicated.

    How do you keep track of this @RWX? Is there a handy plugin that keeps track of this for you? Or do you have a team that does it instead? I’m picturing a complex Excel spreadsheet with pivot tables and slicers.

  3. Wow congrats! I never knew about xianxias until this year. Thankfully I stumbled on this site because of coiling dragon fans. I thoroughly fell in love and I’ve read many others xianxias since…. ? Thank you so much for the hard work! ❤️

    1. It’s because countries like USA and the UK use something called the “short system”, so they only have the “illion” numbers while we have both “illion” and “illiard”. *American and British mathematicians despise the “short system” since it makes much more sense to have the “long system”.
      It’s truely mind-boggling how any goverment official thought it was a good idea to discard the “long system” over the “short system”, since from a logical point of view, it has no merits besides confusing people from other countries. But it’s even more amazing that the UK decided to also adapt this system, even though almost every single mathematician on university level or above thought it was a bad idea.

      That’s what happends when goverment officials can do and change what they want without any acceptable knowlegde toward the subject, and without needing to ask the experts what their opinions and advice are, and even if they did, they wouldn’t need to take it into consideration anyway.

      *Edit – Wow, this post ended up more of a rant then I thought it would, of well.

        1. If you look at the words, it makes a lot of sense.

          The illions and illiards come from the greek roots for million and thousand. A million is 1×10^6. A billion is a bi-million, which equates to 1×10^(6+6) or 1×10^(6×2). A trillion is a tri-million, which equates to 1×10^(6+6+6) or 1×10^(6×3) and so on and so forth.

          On the other hand, a milliard is a thousand million, which equates to 1×10^(6+3). A billiard is a thousand bi-million, which equates to 1×10^((6×2)+3), and so on and so forth.

          The naming, thus, is based on the mathematical notation where an illion denotes a fold of million (an addition of 6 zeroes) and an illiard denotes a fold of thousand (an addition of 3 zeroes), and the prefix (m for mono, b for bi, t for tri and so forth) denotes the times of the fold.

          As such it makes more sense to name only every million fold an illion, and every thousand fold an illiard.

          1. Correction:
            It’s ion and the iard (root yard), not illion and illiard.

            On a side note:
            Mirriad literally means ten thousand, so if there are a mirriad ways something could play out, then that means there are ten thousand ways something could play out.

      1. It’s kind of like how almost EVERY country uses the metric system except for US (and some other countries I don’t remember).
        like why is it 12 inches in a feet, and 5280 feet in a mile? where did 5280 come from?

        1. That’s why the metric system is favoured. It has neat transitions, all in folds of ten, one hundred or one thousand.

          It’s pretty much just the USA and the UK that use the imperial system.

  4. Congrats Ren and co. it’s been awesome watching the site grow since I stumbled here after bingeing on Douluo Dalu sometime around mid 2015, can definitively say it’s because of this sight that I’m still reading Wuxia and Xanxia. Keep up the good work and hopefully we see you guys pass many more milestones in the future.

  5. i do not think f5 really matters? normally repeated hits are filtered (at least they can be)!
    anyways, congtaz ren and to WW, u guys rule and u deserve this! ^^
    please keep it up!

  6. around half of them are most likely auto-refresh addons or something xD. But gratz anyway. Also Ren, ew… That ‘muah’ thing was unnecessary ?

  7. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
    ― Lao Tzu

    WW has come a long way ever since that single step

    Xie Xie all translators, editors, and donaters for letting us experience Xianxia/fantasy novels from china. Also big thanks for He-man for starting the hype!

  8. Congratulations!! that’s awesome!

    I don’t think I’ve been here for that long but I remember I found this page looking for CD and at the moment Linley was at the Ernst Institute (book 2). Anyway that’s a long time =D

    Thanks for the hard work and I hope it doesn’t stop!

  9. Congratulations on the big 1 B! 🙂 And i must say to the contrary it should be us the readers thanking you for creating this site and also all the translators that translate such good stories for all of us too read freely as well as being able to offer our support through pay pal when we can do so to bring out more chapters and even help with every day needs if need be.

  10. Hey, Gratz on the page views, it’s pretty awesome.

    On a side note – any chance we can get a section for Novels on Hiatus??? I mean, TGR, USAW, and even PW aren’t updating (regularly). I’m not complaining, I completely understand translators have real lives as well, but it would be good to just separate them a bit from the active ones.

  11. Congrats to Wuxiaworld on 1,000,000,000!
    Also much thanks to every author in Wuxiaworld for contributing works that made each of us contribute at least 500+ unique page views.. (Pretty sure i’m close to 2,000 unique page views myself)
    Now go and swallow the 2,000,000,000 mark in record time!

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