Wuxiaworld Live on CGTN/CCTV International, 9:30 PM China time!

Hey guys, just letting you know that at 9:30 PM China time (1:30 PM GMT, 9:30 AM New York Time) I (RWX) will be participating in a live TV panel discussion regarding English translation of Chinese webnovels on CGTN, formerly known as CCTV International! You should be able to see the livestream here on Youtube. I’m nervous! I’ve done some TV stuff before but this is my first time live. This will be in ENGLISH!!

For those who are wondering, this is partially the reason why there were no chapters of DE out last night. I was feeling really under the weather/miserable, and then today I was busy prepping for this thing. You know me, I’ll make the chapters up to you all. Cheers!

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  1. Congrats!! Appreciate the work you’ve put into this and making these novels available for us. I started on stuff from Japan (anime, manga, LN), but Chinese novels have really overtaken the Japanese ones in the last couple of years. I know a huge part of that is due to the work you have done here. Thanks!!!

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