Wuxiaworld Live on CGTN/CCTV International, 9:30 PM China time!

Hey guys, just letting you know that at 9:30 PM China time (1:30 PM GMT, 9:30 AM New York Time) I (RWX) will be participating in a live TV panel discussion regarding English translation of Chinese webnovels on CGTN, formerly known as CCTV International! You should be able to see the livestream here on Youtube. I’m nervous! I’ve done some TV stuff before but this is my first time live. This will be in ENGLISH!!

For those who are wondering, this is partially the reason why there were no chapters of DE out last night. I was feeling really under the weather/miserable, and then today I was busy prepping for this thing. You know me, I’ll make the chapters up to you all. Cheers!

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  1. Nicely done, Ren.
    I guess you will get used to speaking live in no time. 🙂

    Twilight may be something we “westerners” look down to, but the same can be said about stuff like Coiling Dragon in China. Both works aren’t THAT good except if you ask the fanboys and girls. 😉

  2. Just made an account to congratulate you. I dont know about most people but it was coiling dragon that got me hooked to this website. I think i started reading when you finished chapter 20 of book 1 or something.

    P.S. nearly 760 viewers from like 200. 0_0 XDXD

      1. I’ve tried reading Arifureta and re: monster, but all the translations I’ve found have been pretty terrible quality. Any suggestions on where to find high quality versions?

      2. LOL literally the order you wrote is the order I got into asian novels… re:monster, LMS, Arifureta and from there literally everything I could get my hands on.
        Coiling Dragon was the first chinese novel that got me hooked on chinese novels though, now I’m 99.99% chinese novels only. Not that there aren’t any great korean/japanese… there’s ton of them, but just chinese novels have more releases, at least when it comes to those that I really like 😉

        1. I think that is scary how we all began reading LN with re:monster, LMS and Arifureta. Then again, quality is quality. Do we all know of any completed J or K-novels that are completed are lengthy?

    1. I think I started from ID maybe? Or other weird novel from which only one actually finished.
      But Re:Monster was one of the later ones I tried reading after dropping it and going back to manga.
      Then I think, I started from those thingies with VR (also LMS).

      Btw. It would be SOOO AWESOME!!! if ww picked up Re:Monster.

  3. Ren, PLEASE put a copy of this somewhere, because I tried to watch this at work but keep getting interrupted by colleagues… :’-(

  4. I just watched it, and i would had never imaged you looked like that. Well, you look farthest from what i imaged but who really cares, right? You do your job and you are good at it. Not to mention you popularize your own culture worldwide. You do tremendous job and are still enthusiastic about it. Kudos to you good sir, kudos to you.

  5. Niice on there RXW……….you really did well but you looked quite different from how i envisioned you to look……
    Thought you would be skinny as hell……..but its all good

  6. I am saying this again and again and i will still say it again. I just pray and hope that you guys don’t get too much ahead of yourself. There are SJWs and Feminazis who are not gonna like these chinese novels because it shows and promotes (they think) masculinity and misogyny. I am pretty sure that near future they are gonna strikes and bans against translations of Chinese novels.

    -I am just fine the way it is right now. Too much good and popularity and fame is always bad, mark my words.

    1. Somehow that made me remember the old WH40K Space Marine Trailer, where the narrator in the end said “They want to steal this world? Let them try!”


    2. OH GOD, I dont even want to imagine if one of them somehow finds out about Martial God Asura. If they try to ban these novels, so help me God, they will make one more enemy.

    3. We shall defend our translation, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the web, we shall fight on the soscial media, we shall fight on our room’s and in the wc, we shall fight in the discord chatroom; we shall never surrender!

  7. I like that you mention Tales of Demon and God because it’s the reason I visit your website. I’ll definitely read Coiling Dragon. Thank you so much for your hard work.

    1. You wont regret it. Its epic. Stellar transformations, coiling dragon and desolate era are written by the same guy and they are connected. Anything more would be spoilers :p

      1. I’ve been reading Panlong for quite some time and only after I google coiling dragon that I realise they’re the same. I read the manga version though.

    2. I started reading chinese LN’s because of TDG too, I seen the manga of TDG when I was looking for a new manga to read, and I googled the name and BOOM, I was welcomed/introduced to Wuxiaworld. Has legit been my most visited site since then.

  8. for more than 2 years visiting wuxiaworld this my first time making my account. Congratulations and you are doing a great work.

    coiling dragon is definitely recommended (That was my first Chinese novel)

      1. was surprised myself “she said whaaaat? ,golum!?”..probably i misheard that,replay it to make sure and dang it,iv’e got hearing problem alright…

        with media coverage in the past few months i dare say wuxiaworld will become something much bigger..bigger than today..never imagine that this site will be as big as today tho..compare to when i started reading cd waay back then.

  9. Goodluck Ren! I’ve always been rooting for you since book 1 of coiling dragon. If I recall, somewhere in my hard drive I have a picture of how the site used to look like haha :p

  10. Great work on shedding light to world of translation and wuxiaworld. Would’ve been cool if you had corrected host, call me Ren Wo Xing like a wuxia boss.

  11. Hey Ren! Just watched your interview. I thought it was great. I just can’t believe they put you on the same panel as Twilight! Who cares about Twilight!?! There’s got to be better English works being translated to Chinese out there. Although maybe the Chinese version is actually more readable than the English one… it was so badly written.

  12. You did great Ren, Coiling Dragon was the first webnovel that I really got into. Marathon-ed it all the way up to the last book, then just had to wait a few days for the grand finale.

  13. Ok i just finished the video and im proud thats i was here since cd was at the begining ,
    it was my second novel i ever read first was re:monster.

    RWX you realy did it man congrats.
    Hope WW will grow even more.

  14. For those who are wondering, this is partially the reason why there were no chapters of DE out last night. I was feeling really under the weather/miserable, and then today I was busy prepping for this thing. You know me, I’ll make the chapters up to you all. Cheers!

    So it’s been 3 days now, no chapters and no news, patreon already has up to chapter 19 so what is the deal with the hold up and lack of information ?

    It’s not like you have to translate the chapters, they are done, all you have to find time to do is post them here on wuxiaworld? o.O

  15. Nice video, really surprising how far wuxiaworld has gotten since I first started reading here. RWX you are the most deserving of the rewards as I have seen how much you cared about the website from the beginning and was able to create such a fantastic place for us readers to enjoy novels.

  16. Well lol I may be the oddball but my first LN was “Campione!” lmfao…….Then I went to “The Irregular at magical High School” then stopped and started reading manga then Korean web novels then I found BTTH and TDG then my first run in was with TDG caught up to that and then gave CD a shot. From there it was whatever I could find that got me even lightly interested.

  17. what I like about ww is that, the translations and grammars are simplified english. So easy to digest even hearing them from an auto reader makes me understand the story. Not like western grammar, so difficult to read you needed a dictionary while reading and their idioms are hard to deduce…

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