Wuxiaworld, Half Year Anniversary!

Friends, as most readers know (but some newer readers might not), the 22nd of every month is a ‘vacation’ day as well as a ‘review’ day for me (RWX) at Wuxiaworld, as WW was created on December 22nd.  This is the one day each month where no Coiling Dragon chapters will be posted, although this month, you’ll still have plenty to read, thanks to my awesome colleagues!  Each and every novel is worth your time, I assure you!

The past month has been a period of explosive growth, as our active projects have doubled!  The redoubtable flowerbridgetoo joined with Martial God Asura on May 26th, my dear friend Xiao Lai joined with Skyfire Avenue on June 9th, and the delightful alyschu joined with Against the Gods on June 13th.  Throughout this time, despite the huge growth in numbers, the new server has remained steady as a rock (99.5% uptime)!  Going forward into the next month, the priorities are now to improve the user experience, whether it be negotiating less problematic ads, ‘subscribe by category’, possible UI redesign for the home-page, and more.  For the last in particular, if there’s a UI redesign that would work for you, let me know!  I’m currently thinking of making the homepage into ’tiles’ so it’s easier to see updates for ‘each project’, but I am very open to ideas.

Also, tentatively, next month is the ‘moving month’ for RWX!  As noted previously, in late July/early August, I will be moving to Vietnam for a long period of time as part of my work, and so starting late July/early August, although you will still get 2 chapters a day, the posting times might be ‘weird’ because of that!  Also, for one week’s period (I’ll give advance warning), either at the end of July or the beginning of August, you will just get one chapter a day, because I’ll be too busy moving things around during that week to be on my full schedule.  But again, that should just be a one week thing!

Okay, enough with the long post.  Here, below, are the stats per Google/Wordpress, and they are quite somethin’!

Daily/Monthly Records:

Highest daily pageviews: June 16, we had 858,967 pageviews (last month’s high was 489,690)
Highest active users at one time: May 28, we had 3800 active users on (last month’s high was 2360)
Highest daily unique visitor IP’s: June 19, we had 56,928 visitors (last month’s high was 44,168)
Total unique visitor IP’s in June: 445,715 (up from 320,786 in May)

Total/Lifetime Stats:

Lifetime pageviews: 60,526,970 pageviews, up from 39,685,872 pageviews in May
Lifetime comments: 71,976 up from 54,320 in May
Total registered users: 8,919 (up from 6,509 in May)

162 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld, Half Year Anniversary!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Happy anniversary .

    In terms of UI. While I like the current I wouldn’t mind seeing options so we can pick which we like if you go with both. I’m always willing to test things out to see if the new version is better or not

    Also something like live updates section so people wouldn’t need to F5 to get their “precious” firsts(Which doesn’t amount to a hill of beans).

  2. Wow the site really is growing :3

    One thing I was wondering was if there could be a method to receive emails when people reply to your comments. I know there is a “notify me of follow-up comments” checkbox, but that isn’t just for replies, it’s for all the new comments. At least, I think it is. And it also requires you to confirm through your email.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but in my experience to see if people have replied to my comments I need to go back and refresh the page to check, so I’ve undoubtedly missed some. If anyone has the solution pls tell me :c

  3. I’m just kinda not sure whether to laugh or cry that this coincides with my girlfriends birthday >~<
    Anyway, keep up the great work all you wonderful translators!

  4. I would really appreciate it if u could change the font colour of the texts into a darker colour (black) instead of grey… since its hard to read sometimes, specially as the actually text only occupies around 1/3 of the page… It would be great if it contrasts with the white background. Thx.

    BTW! have a good rest and congratz on the ever growing community being built here REN. It has grown massively since my leeching days here many months ago (when CD was just on its initial books).

      1. after reading CD and MGA for over a week almost every day for more than 12 hours a day …. I am kinda used to it being gray more than black lol

  5. Though you might already be familiar with it, I recommend checking before moving Vietnam whether you might want to use a VPN or not. Got no idea in regards to Vietnam. Hope you do not encounter unpleasant surprises regarding the internet. You might want to get familiar with local expat communities and the concept of culture shock as well, all assuming you do not have already experience with living in a foreign country.

    Another final staple advice would be, from an expat who is going to return home soon, to take regular breaks. Foreign culture and interesting stuff alright, fine for the first year, maybe longer. But on the long term going home once back in a while, even for a short time, can help recharge batteries or satisfy needs you not even aware of while staying in another country for a while. Anyway, especially in case you have not been living and working for a “longer” time in a foreign country/culture, I seriously recommend getting yourself familiar with the circumstances. The list of things to be checked can be quite long. … Well lets give it a rest here.

    Congrats on the half year anniversary, good luck with the moving and thank you for the latest translations 🙂

  6. is anyone else here getting there ram sucked dry cos of the 2 video ads that auto plays? ren can you check this out please thanks in advance ^^

  7. Hi everyone, this is my very first comment on wuxiaworld
    i have been following CD for about 3-4 months now(sorry i’m late i know) but i had my graduation from high school sooo
    to be brief happy birthday wuxia world (from 2 or 3 series to 7 series now ) amazing advancement in half a year, it really is awesome.

    1. Dear Ovaan, we cordially invite you to join our mighty F5 army. Rumor has it that if you manage to get 100 consecutive first comments, you will be allowed to enter the Secret Area. Our Commanders whisper that you get to view scryer recordings of Ren’s translation bloopers!

  8. Happy six-month anniversary to Wuxiaworld! 😀
    Hopefully the site continues to grow along with the community~

    Thanks for all of the hard work Ren, Deathblade, FBT, GGP, alyschu, Xiao Lai and everyone else one their respective translation/scanlation teams! Also, thanks to the donors for supporting the site!

  9. For the last in particular, if there’s a UI redesign that would work for you, let me know

    well in that case how about a Dark Theme
    I personally use stylish so I’m not too worried about it

  10. You can change the homepage but please , PLEASE dont change anything with the layout or the font /writing style of the actual text chapters, i love it how it is right now sooo much(spaces between the letters/how they look etc) ! Nothing can compare with this site , please dont change the size of the letters/font and other stuff like that !! 😀

  11. “Highest daily pageviews: June 16, we had 858,967 pageviews (last month’s high was 489,690)”
    太恐怖了, 你們!

    But seriously, I’m glad to see you guys are reaping the rewards of all that hard work. You’ve really built this community from the ground up!

  12. I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you’ve put into making this site as great as it is, and for simply being an awesome translator!

  13. In honor of your hard work, and the anniversary of this site, I’ve stopped being a lurker for just long enough to register and finally say…. Thank you RWX!

    P.S. From your page views clearly I’m not the only one that enjoys your work!

  14. Tiles seem like a great idea! But I wouldn’t recommend there be too many tiles on one page as it can be very distracting to the human eye. Composition is very important.

    Other than that, HAPPY HALF-YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!

  15. Happy half year anniversary. Thanks for all of your hard work till now and of course enjoy your vacation 🙂 BTW do you have any project you are planning to work on when Coiling Dragon is finished???? Plus, how many volumes the author plans on releasing for coiling Dragon?????

  16. Happy sixth monthaversary!!! I finally caught up to CD after a whole week of nonstop reading and I appreciate all of the translators and editors for all their hard work! Stay frosty y’all!

  17. ‘Sup Ren. Happy birthday to wuxia world! I have been busy with reading stories on FFN (without sequels, I follow 41 stories. That’s with regular school work and getting my grades up in the last minute). Must have read 2+ million words 😀
    Now all I have to do is catch up with the latest updates and check out new things that came out. This makes me so giddy. I remember the days when you would release 1-2 chapters per week and we were on book 2. Pretty sure I didn’t have an account then. Still, I used systranet because of frustration from cliffhangers. Ah, the days when he man was still translating ST.
    Well, it’s good to be back 😉
    xD Binggo thought I wouldn’t come back. His surprise when he saw me… priceless. BTTH is still here, right? Guess I’ll just have to proofread it on my PC, for the speed and accuracy.

  18. Happy anniversary! And to Ren good luck in Vietnam hope you’ll enjoy your stay and work over there 🙂 .
    Anyway in regard to all translators putting in their hard work all I can say is thank you very very very much :-D!

  19. thanks for all your hard work..
    i really love CD and i’m really grateful for the translators
    i’m really glad i found this from spcnet.tv

    happy birthday!!!

  20. Congratulations on the half-birthday!

    *Bakes a virtual half-birthday cake*

    Anyone else have that weird video that isn’t even really an ad with the pottery? I can’t even really click it.
    I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just curious as to why it exists in the first place.

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