Wuxiaworld, Five Month Anniversary

Wow.  Can you guys believe yet another month has passed?  It seems like time has passed in the blink of an eye, so fast that I really don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.  After the horror of month four, month five has been an awesome, stable month.  All the troubles of month four are over; the server is optimized the hell out of, the DDOS is completely over, and of course, not only has GGP been rockin’ the house with BTTH, deathblade, one of the best Chinese translators I’ve worked with, has started on an EXTREMELY promising Xianxia project, I Shall Seal the Heavens.  If you haven’t already checked it out, give it a go!

As those who have been here a while know, since Wuxiaworld was started on 12/22/2014, every month on the 22nd, I take a ‘rest day’; no CD chapters today!  For those of you who need something to read, if you mouse over the ‘translations’ menu, you’ll see that instead of a ‘Master Index’ (which was somewhat neglected), we now have the three major actively translated novels (CD, BTTH, and I Shall Seal the Heavens), as well as the completed/slowly translating ones, which I broke into ‘Wuxia’ and ‘Xianxia & Others’.  Take a read!  They are all worth your time, I promise!

Okay, enough talk.  As it customary, here are the starts from Google Analytics and WordPress.com for the past month!  The big one for me is the total registered users; at 6,509 registered users at Wuxiaworld.com, that’s bigger than the entire Reddit LightNovels, which is ‘only’ at 5,836!  We rock!

Daily/Monthly Records:

Highest daily pageviews: May 20, we had 489,690 pageviews (last month’s high was 404,845)
Highest active users at one time: May 20, we had 2360 active users on (last month’s high was 1990)
Highest daily unique visitor IP’s: May 20, we had 44,168 visitors (last month’s high was 36,265)
Total unique visitor IP’s in May: 320,786 (up from 264,249 in April)

Total/Lifetime Stats:

Lifetime pageviews: 39,685,872 pageviews, up from 28,626,552 pageviews in April
Lifetime comments: 54,320, up from 42,028 in April
Lifetime comments by RWX: 5,699
Lifetime Coiling Dragon chapters translated: 495 (65 chapters translated in the past month)
Total registered users: 6,509 (up from 5,034 in April)

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    1. Try reddit/spcnet to find someone to translate them not a lot of translators scroll the comments of this site, if your serious about it mention it on flowerbridge, it will also bring attention to it since people can read a English version. He might pick up it on his synopsis sunday. Try to find the raws.

  1. I know it might be pushy, but the Sword of the Emperor would be really cool if it got translated. I’m afraid I don’t know which language the novel is on, but the manhua is on http://www.mangaupdates.com. I read the manhua, but sadly it got discontinued.. Either way, have a good rest and come back to us with more chapters tomorrow(Or whenever) xDD

    EDIT: One more thing: The nine Cauldrons is being translated on wuxiatranslations.com, and I wondered if you had any contact with them?

    1. Its korean btw ren translates Chinese to english, try people at japtem/ or halfprince but I doubt it since that and dark mage have very hard rarely used murim words. Otterspace trans picked up dark mage doesn’t edit his work but I can still follow it and I’m greatful he’s doing it since it was suggested to him

  2. and so he hit past 5500+ with his welcoming bot comments! this is sooo unfair *pout*
    now I’m really glad that ranking system’s down!

    anyway thanks! *still upset*

  3. you should translate more chapters on an anniversary, like, it’s like taking a day off from a loved one on a marriage anniversary is what you’re doing to us Ren…

    1. ah but he never has a break otherwise… i would support this if, in return, he didnt translate at all on sundays(or some other day of the week)

    2. Not you and your demand again. Ren needs his rest, but you wouldn’t care, would you? Two chapters a day is extremely fast, and if you must be demanding for Ren to quit his job you must provide him something that exceeds his regular incomes (that’s how you hijack someone of his previous job: enticing him with something more profitable), and if you can’t, at least show some appreciation for his hard work.

  4. Lifetime comments by RWX: 5,699
    Total registered users: 6,509
    i stared at this for a bit. Ren lost some newcomers???
    then i thought, maybe they haven’t commented yet
    good rest ren

    1. Mmm just because they registered doesn’t mean they post in the comnent section… took me a few weeks to post cause I was aiming for a first… but it was futile in the end

  5. Muahahaha, I’m Back REN!!! I am done, and finally graduated!!
    Congrats on continuing this awesome translation, I can now catch up what I missed for the past month or so. I haven’t read CD since book 13! You’re just too fast on the translation!

  6. Hi Ren,

    Just wanna thank you for putting up this site and all the translated work. How do I access MORE XIANXIA & OTHERS? When I click on the link, nothing seems to happen.

    1. Hi WK, when you ‘mouseover’ the More Xianxia & Others, there should be a ‘submenu dropdown’ with two or three other choices. Does this not come up for you?

  7. Well, maybe it’s a little to late,but… Happy 5th monthiversary~ Thanks for the hard work Ren, and everyone who contribute in this community. I only started join this community since April trough CD, and now I’ve even catch up with BTTH and ISSTH, They are all a good read… Thanks for the constant update.
    Long live wuxiaworld~ \o/

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