Wuxiaworld Downtime Explanation

Sorry for the downtime everyone. In short, something borked our databases, and in the end we were forced to roll back to a backup from a day ago. Big credits to our Technomancer, who worked straight through to 3 AM his time trying to diagnose the problem. In the end, we just aren’t sure what caused the website issue, having tested out switching from php-fpm to hhvm, resource monitoring, everything. We were forced to just do a straight rollback. Not an ideal solution, but one that works for now.  We don’t have a lot of answers, but based on what we do know it appears that the someone left a fur coat over the database, resulting in a perverted parrot seeing it, getting excited by it, and plunging straight through it and leaving a gaping hole behind 1

Roughly a day’s worth of content is missing and will be gradually reposted by the translators and myself, with some already coming up. There’ll be a bit of wonkiness with emojis as well, due to a few issues with the backup. Anyhow, the truth of the matter is that with around six million pageviews a day, we’ve pretty much tweaked and refined Wordpress to the brink without heavily hacking into its core, which isn’t something for a team like ours to do.  We are already in the process of developing our own CMS that will have many of the features everyone’s been asking for, whether it’s selective email updates or more. Thank you for your continued patience and support, and I promise good things are coming soon. The Technomagi Team is hard at work!

  1. ISSTH reference!

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  1. Highly anticipating the new website. Hopefully you can do some serious work on the mobile part of the site as well as it seems to be one of the slowest mobile sites I can load on my phone. Or maybe my computers good enough to ignore any problems with the desktop version. Either way thanks for the update!

  2. Good thing nothing major happened.
    Looking forward to site moving on from WordPress, and getting email updates for chapters.
    Since there are a lot of novels right now, in almost half a day the recent posts get a whole new update chapter list.
    So I have check in to see if i did not miss anything.

  3. It would be nice if you would have posted it on the nice new Facebook account you guys made. When the site went down that is. I’m sure most of us understand there is issues and the site is still growing but not knowing isn’t fun. Especial when you don’t see any info and think it might just be you that can’t access then site.

        1. Actually, that was totally my fault. I mean, I haven’t logged into facebook for months lol. So when I surf on the internet, I totally ignore the social media stuff subconsciously.

      1. I’d like to take a look at that “rule book” you mentioned Patriarch DB. Can a lousy Outer Sect disciple like myself even hope to see it, I wonder?

      1. especially when it is ranked #1 all time rank on novelupdates. i’d say that speaks for itself. also, IIRC, it won first place on the ranking contest on reddit that was held a few months ago.

  4. Now that we’re on the subject, does anyone know if Qidian will ever get a “recent posts” list? ‘Cause it’s really tiring to check all my bookmarks for it…. I can’t comment there because I simply can’t comment there. Can’t get a code to use, even though it said I would get an invite in the mail several months ago when I signed up for it……. 😢😭😭😭

  5. I was getting crazy without reading anything for 11 hours. thanks Lord Fifth the page is back, just for a moment I was actually thinking about going outside and socialize…. :3 but that isn’t necessary anymore

    1. Well, it’s rumored that it’s actually Lord Fifth himself who caused the databases and therefore the server to go haywire, what do you have to say to that?

  6. Do you need some help on the new framework? I’m a full stack dev!
    And what framework do you have in mind for it?
    Email me if you need some help. (paul . rodean at gmail . com)

  7. That’s Immoral! Immoral I say!
    Allow Lord Third to correct you!
    I correct any and all bullies!
    Let Lord Third start out by telling you about this one rainy day a thousand years ago……..

  8. I was worried so much . To thinking never able to enter site again Q.Q sigh… I hope wuxiaworld will grow more bigger then past. Greetings to all translators and admins. We are all support you.

  9. Hey RENX I am a Web-Developer and IT-System operator for the german military.
    I would love to help you guys find the error, of course, free of charge, I have no problems of proving my words beforehand of course.

    If you are interested just give me an email or a way to contact you. I am on this website since the start of WW and it gave me so much over the last years. I want to help a bit if help is wanted.

  10. Awesome! Looking forward to the new stuff possible with the CMS (imaging turning a inefficient, messy process in factorio into a beautiful work of art).

  11. Thank you for all your hard work. I just wanted to let you know that Emperor of Solo Play chapter 93 is not working. Im not sure if it’s just my phone or if it was the result of your recent down time but thanks again for you works

  12. So it was those damn F5 sect again, it was clearly pointed out that Lord Fifth was the one that screw the site up, and why else would he call himself Lord Fifth if not for being the leader of the F5 sect.

  13. thanks for the update! i honestly almost didn’t feel the downtime until I went to work (since I read WW there for most of my shift) because I was using mobile.

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