Wuxiaworld Concludes Authorization Framework Discussions With Zongheng!

Hey guys, I’m here to wash away some of the unpleasant feels of the past few days with some really great news. As of this Monday, after extensive discussions over the past month or so Wuxiaworld has concluded negotiations with Zongheng, one of the top three novel websites and the rights holders of popular Wuxiaworld novels such as ‘Against the Gods’ and ‘Upgrade Specialist in Another World’.

We have finally reached an agreement on an authorization framework with Zongheng, with the first eight novels including the ones referenced in our roadmap and more! These new novels will be coming shortly; many have already been started and are being stockpiled, and we’ll start releasing them and introducing them in July once we finish up doing some Q&A and building up a decent stockpile. Our authorization framework with 17k should be coming soon as well, and we’ll be sure to let you know once that’s been settled!

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  1. Congrats! (and to me too, since I have the chance to read those new novels)

    Right now it’s giving me the feeling of a faction that was in a deal with the MC reneging on a deal and putting the MC in a bad spot. Then he goes to some friendly less powerful sects, and does deals with them instead. They form an alliance against the bully faction!

    (Can’t help it XD)

        1. although they have haters, they have some works that I can’t read anywhere else, so I’m conflicted, especially when It’s the ‘Company/Sect’ causing strife, and not the skilled translation teams.
          also…their international site still confuses me, it’s a bit of a mess.

    1. To Wuxiaworld,
      It’s funny, how you keep crying on about being tricked by Qidian, when the ownership and rights of the novels are with them.

      What happen to the threats you gave to us readers back then?
      Qidian DIDN’T add PAYWALLS.

      The other translators goes to them because of the incentives.
      Sure, why not. Who doesn’t like incentives?

      So, please Wuxiaworld, stop acting like an ex-girlfriend
      I appreciate your efforts back then on the initial works, but your attempts to discredit Qidian seems hilarious to me.

      1. this is vulgar so only 18+ ya?
        i jst fking wanna say it

        to slothyboy
        your wife is tricked by me. i am training her and gonna make her a w*
        other people come to her because she is good

        so please slothyboy
        if you have read i’m really a superstar i can jst say you know wat is happening here right

        screw you

      2. I’m both worried for you and very depressed. Qidian is a MAJOR entity. I mean… I’d go on and give you comparisons to explain but you don’t seem very intelligent.

        Qidian is currently giving away it’s novels for free (English translation). I could go into the basics of how a business works but once again…. You wouldn’t get it.

        Let’s be real. It’s been what? A month? Qidian is still consolidating all the translators of their works to bring them under their banner. A company can’t give away it’s product for free. I’m most worried about the translators and if they have read the fine print….

  2. I do hope they don’t try and pull a QI, On to better topics though. Congratz Really looking forward to seeing some more of the Chinese novel market that aren’t…very…”Rude” to the western readers.

    1. Thanks for that comment…

      I was wondering why some translators who went to qidian dropped these 2 novels. It seems it’s because these were novels from other Novel websites…

      I also hope that WW will choose to also take these 2 novels since they were on my NU list but didn’t appear since a long time ago, now…

  3. if the negotiation goes well with 17k then my beautiful teacher as well as mai kitsune waifu will be a possibility….
    BTW Ren some idiot named HUNTERYHUNTER is inciting hate regarding korean section in NU forums…

  4. I was wondering if you guys had intentions if picking up genius sword immortal (天才剑仙) as its a 17k novel no one is currently translating and the currently translated chapters are MTL from the way they read.

  5. Get “My beautiful teacher” it hasnt been translated since the translator is working for the evil qidian ruining our wuxia community yet again!

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