Wuxiaworld Art Competition Winners!

Hey, I should have announced this a while ago, as I still haven’t heard back from Uranustar, and another one has yet to get me the Paypal, but it’s past time for me to make the announcement.  Here are your winners for the first ever Wuxiaworld art competition!  There were two categories, and a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each category.  We had some incredible art that was shown, and we’ll be hosting some of it in a permanent front-place ‘gallery’ page later on.  For now, let me announce the winners!

Competition A (Yulan maps): 1st Place – PhusroCat, 2nd Place – mIsT, 3rd Place – Uranustar

Competition B (CD-focused art): 1st Place – Yachimi (“Alice”), 2nd Place – PhusroCat (“Three Saint Dragons”), 3rd Place Crony (“Necropolis of the Gods”).

Special honorable mention for RWX’s personal favorite – Endbringer (“The Beginning of Linley and Bebe”).

All of the winners wanted to thank the people who voted for them!  I gave Yachimi and PhusroCat a chance to do a quick blurb.  Yachimi declined, but this is what Phusrocat had to say:

Hello Wuxiaworld, I’m phusrocat! I’m a freshman who just entered highschool and I really like drawing and painting. I recently got into xianxia and wuxia and I have to say, wuxiaworld is one of the best translator sites I’ve found. I’m trying to save up for a good drawing tablet and drawing software (I’ve tried Gimp, it’s better than Paint, but still not as good as Photoshop). But I’m probably going to blow the money on some useless stuff 😀  I hope there’re more art contests in the future!

See below for the art itself, for people who haven’t viewed it.  And congratulations again, winners, for your participation!

Competition A:


Phusrocat - Yulan Map


mIsT - Yulan Map


Yulan Map Uranustar

Competition B:

“Alice”, by Yachimi

Yachimi - Alice - 1st

“Three Saint Dragons”, by PhusroCat

PhusroCat - Dragons 2nd

“Necropolis of the Gods”, by Crony

Crony - NOTG - 3rd

Special Honorable Mention:

“The Beginning of Linley and Bebe”, by Endbringer

Honorable Mention

34 thoughts on “Wuxiaworld Art Competition Winners!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Bebe the shadowmouse is what makes it for me <3 All those feels i had earlier on, with all the near death experiences both of them have gone together; this is what happens when we look back on all the fun we had earlier on in the novel. Now(as of book 19, chap 44), it has become a bit monotonous for me. Earlier on we had grandpa(<3), linley's love, his sculpting, the foundation of his own empire, and so on T_T

        Congrats to all the artists and thanks for letting us all enjoy such awesomely drawn art! 😀

        Edit: Woah. That rendition of Alice O_O

      2. Bebe`s art is great and the ideia/theme of drawing Linley and Bebe when they first met was awesome and I also think it had a nice feeling even though I didnt like Linley`s art.

    1. Alice is of course a beauty. Worthy of the title “Linley’s first love”..

      to the participants and winners!!!

      everyone’s really talented (:
      and brave enough to join..

      to WW and RWX!!!

      Congrats for a successful art competition..

    2. “He had to admit, Alice was a very refined-looking young lady. She had an aura which would naturally make men want to cherish and protect her. She was the sort of girl who didn’t need to use her voice or cosmetics to improve herself.” Book 3 Chapter 24

  1. WOW WOW WOW…. I have always been a lurker here in wuxiaworld…. but i had to create an account to say this…
    man…. that ‘alice’ pic really gave my heart a jolt…. really awesome….kudos yachimi… my heart felt appreciation to you….

  2. Hm nice pics indeed the first 2 maps are amazing.
    As for alice also very nice feel (her neck seems quite long tho)
    The one titled necropolis of the gods is this supposed to be the metal like dudes at the end?

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