Wuxia World – Two Month Anniversary

Good morning, everyone!  As I’ve mentioned a few times before, today is the two month anniversary of Wuxia World, which is my ‘rest day’.  What I originally planned to do was take today off, but because of the power outage, I only got one regular chapter out yesterday, so I’ll do one more today as well.  But that’s not the main point; the main point of this post is, I really want to express my deepest, heartfelt gratitude for all the support everyone here has provided in making Wuxia World what it has become.  We have an awesome little community, and I honestly can’t believe where we are at in just two short months.  It’s all thanks to you, and I truly am forever grateful to each and every one of you, whether registered or not, who has come here.  And of course, I wish to once again thank every single one of our donors and sponsors; thank you all so much.

Without getting sappy: I love you guys.  Thank you all so much for being here and for joining us on this wild ride.  Onward, ho!

Now…let me share with you some stats that might be of interest (and also why I had to recently double our server’s RAM xD):

Daily Records:

Highest daily pageviews: February 15, we had 337,238 hits (last month’s high was 144,102)
Highest active users at one time: February 17, we had 1050 active users on at 11:05 PM (last month’s high was 480)
Highest daily unique visitor IP’s: February 19, we had 16,596 (last month’s high was 10,091)

Total Stats:

Total pageviews: 9,021,794 hits, up from 2,621,741
Total unique visitor IP’s in February: 99,079
Total comments: 19,759, up from 6,816 (you maniacs!)
Total comments by RWX: 2,935 (need new keyboard + need new fingers)
Total comments on “started” vs “startled”: 37 (bwahaha)
Total chapters translated: 304 (out of 800+)
Total registered users: 2,659 (up from 1094)


Top ten visitor countries: U.S. (36%), Canada (6.8%), Indonesia (4.8%), Germany (4.3%), the UK (4.1%), the Philippines (4.1%), Australia (3.8%), India (3.3%), France (2.5%), and Sweden (2.3%) – 170 visitor countries total.

Desktop users (59.5%), mobile users (30.62%), tablet users: (9.84%).

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  1. Hello Ren, today i had to activate my adblocker for wuxiaworld again because the ads cause lags and the disk usage of firefox was over 5mb. After i activated the blocker everything returned to normal. But it starts to lag again when i turn the adblocker off.

    1. silber, feel free to keep the adblocker off if you have problems! There really shouldn’t be any though, because this is Google’s. If there’s a specific ad, you can let me know what it is and I’ll block it. From what I’ve been able to tell, these issues should all be related to system-specific malware though! Try clearing your cache and/or running anti-malware.

  2. Woah! Wasn’t last months chapter total 99???? If so then thats insane O.O
    Edit: Just thought about it and this may be due to the other story (I was only considering CD) but still.. that’s insane!!
    You, sir, are a monster XD

    Also, I still think you should be taking breaks after each book.. Which you haven’t 😛

    On another note: This month went by fast O.o
    Also love that you added the Started vs Startled thing XD

    Keep up the great work!! I look forward to seeing how this site grows taking a part (however small it may be) in it ‘-‘

      1. Even so, take away the 99 from last month and you’ve got 205 total this month.. that’s a crazy number no matter how you put it

        Also to add on to what i said before.. even on your “day off” at the end of the first month you spent the whole day changing and updating the site (with help from MiPo).. and today you translated to make up for yesterday. You haven’t taken a real day off in 2 months 😛

        Take tomorrow and get some real rest.. no one would be opposed

  3. It’s pretty impressive how much you’ve managed to translate in just 2 months. Your industry puts the rest of us to shame. You’ve really inspired me to put more work into my own translations to match your production. I do wonder at the fact that you don’t seem to have a team of proofreaders for your work, though it doesn’t seem necessary given that they come out well and maybe proofreading would only slow down your work without improving quality significantly.

    1. freethaiparty, what are you working? Always curious to know what’s happening in the greater community! I spend about 15 minutes doing a quick proofread on each chapter, and the ‘first movers’ like 13omb and all the others catch the errors that remain and post them in comments, and I immediately fix’m up.

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