Wuxia World – Three Month Anniversary

Hi guys!  For those of you who are not aware, today is the three month anniversary of Wuxia World, a trip which we started together on December 22, 2014.  Each anniversary day, I take a day off and ‘recap’ how Wuxia World is doing, while also taking the opportunity to reiterate my gratitude for all of the support you guys have provided me, and what an awesome (little) community we now have here.  Thank you, all of you: Readers, commenters, donors, ad-unblockers, redditors…everyone.  Thank you so much for being here.  I’m proud and humbled to have you guys.  Thank you.

I’ll be finishing up a chapter of Skyfire Avenue today, and if I feel up to it, I’ll try and get out just ONE chapter of Coiling if I can.  No promises though!

Now, here is the monthly roundup on how Wuxia World is doing, according to Google Analytics.  The demographics have not changed, so I’m not posting them this time:

Daily/Monthly Records:

Highest daily pageviews: March 1, we had 404,392 pageviews (last month’s high was 337,238)
Highest active users at one time: March 12, we had 1550 active users on at 11:25 PM (last month’s high was 1050)
Highest daily unique visitor IP’s: March 19, we had 25,094 visitors (last month’s high was 16,596)
Total unique visitor IP’s in March: 145,992 (up from 99,079 in February)

Total/Lifetime Stats:

Lifetime pageviews: 18,110,729 hits, up from 9,021,794 in February
Lifetime comments: 29,347, up from 19,759 in February (my poor database size!)
Lifetime comments by RWX: 3,633 (so that’s why my hand hurts)
Lifetime chapters translated: 402 (out of 800+; halfway there!)
Total registered users: 4065 (up from 2,659)

49 thoughts on “Wuxia World – Three Month Anniversary” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. This website shows up first on every search engine i have checked. Just to show u how awesome Ren is. If we keep this up, we might just wreck him so do rest. We’ll be done in three months!!!! Maybe?

  1. Seriously, only three months and you have pumped out how many friggin chapters? Dear god man, be sure to take a rest today.

    I shall patiently await tomorrow ;P

        1. You guys are evil; I can’t read the raws T_T. Now I’m dying to know what happens even more! Ah well.
          Hey Ren The site doubled its views? Good lord. My agony over the cliffhanger aside, please do make sure you rest your hand. Much as I would like the CD chapter today, if you put it out tomorrow and just rest today thats more than ok.

      1. I know what happens, i just want to read it, its actually pretty obvious… but still, the it may or may not, i prefer the “will happen on monday” i dont have to check my email every 5 minutes or so u.u

  2. Thanks for all the hard-work RWX!

    Interesting stats you got there. I would also love to see how much donations you received, and how much bottle of tequilas you’ve consume thus far. Haha~

    Keep up the good work.

    1. wel, as far as donations go, if we disregard the fact that there are non-sponsored weekly chapters and he didn’t accept donations from the very start then it’s very simple math to find that out. 400 chapters at 80 a piece equals 32000 and on top of that you have the ad sponsoring. In reality, obviously, the amount is a fair bit lower, but still, he should be doing a decent business.

  3. Woah… wasn’t it 2 months like a week ago? XD

    Seriously, time flies…

    Glad to see the site growing, and I’ll be looking forward to much more! 😀
    Thanks for all the hard work!

          1. I’m pretty sure Yuzu can fill one of those spots right there Dariel.

            And it’d be pretty interesting to build up a story around such a beast. What would his attacks be? Who build him? etc. (since he would need to eat databases he would need to be build around sql or something which also means he could be quite old (since sql has been around forever) etc)

          2. Let’s see… A son of FLOW-MATIC, separated from his brother COBOL and secretly raised in a DoD lab to work in the shadows unknown to general public. A rare type of poisonous rat, once he sinks his fangs into a soft flesh of an unsuspecting database, he immediately follows with an SQL injection…

            Wait, don’t turn me into the likes of Yuzu!

          3. Well, that certainly creates something I don’t want to have to look into once it produces a bug. If his brother is cobol and his parent flow-matic. Oh, dear diety-level, spare me.

            Then again, sql and cobol are pretty similar as far as general outlook and syntax goes, despite the slight age gap.

            And she might be offended by that you know, and then we’ll never hear the end of it.

          4. But doesn’t it make it completely outrageous how his relatives are nearly forgotten while that youngster SQL gets all the attention? Hence Caladbolg is determined to restore the glory of their legacy code and take revenge on that accursed SQL for all the grief and shame of his family! 😀

            Nah, this conversation already has too many worlds preceding that, it makes for an impregnable defense 😀

          5. They’re forgotten for good reason tbh.
            Well, in a sense they’re not, lots of mainframes of businesses are still running on those.
            And the large bookstores still have books on how to write fortran on the shelves (why? in two different categories)

            And if he was munching sql he wouldn’t really eat the databases but rather the connection to the databases.

          6. Haha, fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with databases ever since taking a class on them, which was ages ago, but I know that some legacy apps written in COBOL are in use even now. I doubt people actively write in it, though. I mean, that’s something my father used back when he was a student, for Beirut’s sake…
            As for Fortran, it’s a different story. Aside from the legacy code, I know plenty of people in academics who still write in it, and we’re talking ’77 one.

            As far as SQL part goes, if we’re doing a tribute to IET here, it’s only natural to employ IET CS in reference to IET physics 🙂

          1. I’ve always found it a rather awkward line though. As if you’re stretching the language somewhat.

          2. Hah, IET used it once in a correct way, then he really liked it and put it in like 5 other places where it did not fit too well xD

  4. Thank you Ren for the translation. It’s only been three months? But what a great story, and the community built here is awesome. Enjoy everyone… no back to grinding away at this final. 🙁

  5. ty for the chapter today I finished 3-4 days reading CD and can’t wait for the next chapter also you have some problems on the html of ST page side. Chapter 31 doesn’t show up and if you click the link in chapter 31 page to go to the next page it redirects you directly to chapter 32 of CD

    1. Haha, welcome to the community, wezart! That’s not a bug, that’s how WordPress now works; if there is a ‘missing page’, it will first try to ‘intelligently’ send you to the closest page.

  6. dammit what’s gonna happen to Linley!
    How is he gonna survive!?
    I know its 3 month anniversary.. but i’m starting to hate the 22nd on every month!
    Dam you massive cliff hanger!

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