What better way to start your week than to see two of your favourite novels on Wuxiaworld having a chapter release race?!

For those of you who have missed Etvolare’s post yesterday, you may click here for reference.

I have been strongly hinted to by Etvolare that I should also recommend her awesomely translated novel GDK – Great Demon King to you readers! While it has been a great read for me, I feel that IT IS INAPPROPRIATE because that title will fit our protagonist, Leylin, better as he is the one true great demon king (not a spoiler). I mean, if you guys feel inclined to read for comparisons, you can click here for your own research purposes :O

Chapter will be posted soon so stay tuned!

In other news, you will notice a temporary decrease of $60 to $40 in the donations bar for our sponsored chapters

Event Duration: 11/6 – 11/12
All sponsored chapters will be posted only after the end of the race, on the 12th of November


11 thoughts on “WMW x SOTR” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I dropped WMW pretty early, I got really grossed out in the 40s when one of the teachers turned a student into a stitch doll for his experiments. The first 20 or so chapters were great, so I really want to give it a try again, does that tone continue through the entire novel, or is it just that one arc, and if so how long does it last?

  2. truth be told, I rather wished to etvo take GDK as the main project cause SoTR was quite boring at the beginning, but after reading until chapter 239, it turned better almost exciting.

    However I still like GDK more… there is other rather good novels at etvo place too, whowever read this go and check her site.

    but WMW is the best between those projects!! 🙂
    only fail is that seems like there will be no real romance. 🙁

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