WMW Chapter 668

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Return And Birth

“Of course! The Blazing Flame Monarch’s lair in Düz was destroyed! Even the whereabouts of a Breaking Dawn like the Monarch are unknown now, how would I not know of something so big?” There was a bitter smile at the corner of Offa’s lips.

This was the biggest news these days in the central continent. No, for the core of a rank 6 Monarch’s power to be struck so severely, this was something that hadn’t happened in the past few thousand years!

News concerning the Blazing Flame Monarch themselves being seriously injured and their whereabouts being unknown horrified Offa and the other Radiant Moon Warlocks.

This was a rank 6 Magus, a Breaking Dawn! It was someone who’d come into contact with the power of laws!

Even with the amplification from their bloodlines and having transformed the Morning Star Area into a large fort, in front of such an existence they could only defend themselves. In contrast, Leylin not only struck at and robbed the Blazing Flame Monarch’s Düz City, but he also left his opponent missing, with no news whether they were dead or alive. Such a terrifying strength and methods caused Offa and the others to grow even more vigilant and fearful.

“Really, this time His Highness Leylin…” Even the highest authority of the Warlock Union, Offa, could not help but feel shocked at Leylin’s boldness and strength. His group had originally thought Leylin wanted to launch a surprise attack on the Blazing Flame Monarch’s troops for revenge; they’d never expected that he’d been targeting the Monarch themselves all the while.

The most crucial thing was that he seemed to have succeeded! His courage and exemplary strength were displayed through his success, and it even left Offa incessantly frightened.

Jeffrey was a little speechless as well. “I’ve received news that the outside world not only placed Leylin’s rank 5 bloodline as the Union’s most powerful inheritance, it even listed him as the most powerful Radiant Moon. They’re claiming he’ll bring about the rise of bloodline Warlocks.”

He’d thought before that he already had a deep understanding of Leylin’s prowess, but he hadn’t thought that his previous performance was only scratching the surface of his abilities.

“However, His Highness Leylin’s military success will awe many people,” Offa lifted his head and looked at the surroundings. A smile emerged at the corner of his lips, “It seems His Highness Bevis won’t be coming this time. That’s great!” He was happy that he could avoid internal strife.

Jeffrey rolled his eyes. “After learning of Leylin’s feats, how would he have the guts to come here? We’re just here in case anything happens.”

Even he had no choice but to admit a slight fear of Leylin’s methods. You dare offend me? I’ll show up at your doorstep to kill you. I won’t bother with your soldiers or anything, I’ll eliminate the mastermind directly. How many come is how many I will kill, even if the opponent is a Monarch. This method that went against common sense would usually be suppressed by the masses, but if one possessed enough power to contend against the opponent, they would turn into the largest threat.

At the very least, it was very clear now to Bevis that if he tried any tricks, even if he didn’t act himself, if Leylin thought he did it he would find and kill him. Be it Offa or Jeffrey, their counsel would not help.

As for the other Warlocks of the Union? Even if the Blazing Flame Monarch hadn’t been eliminated, they’d at least sustained grievous injuries. Did Bevis believe that their help would equate to Breaking Dawn strength?

“Actually, this is also a good thing!” Offa let out a faint smile, “For now, His Highness Leylin, said to be invincible below Breaking Dawn, is the Warlock with the greatest hope of advancing to rank 6. Gaining a military deterrent like that will greatly improve our circumstances in the central continent…”

“Invincible below Breaking Dawn?” At this moment, a figure emerged before Offa and Jeffrey. His voice was extremely familiar but it caused their expressions to change.

“Your Highness Leylin?” Jeffrey looked at Leylin who suddenly appeared, fear secretly emerging in his heart.

He and Offa were Radiant Moon Warlocks, and on top of that they were actively monitoring their surroundings. Even the flow of energy particles in the air could not escape their senses, yet Leylin had bypassed them so easily to appear behind them. Didn’t this mean that, if Leylin intended it, he could mount a sneak attack on any of the Warlocks here?

Only now did Jeffrey truly realise how different Leylin was from before. The current him indeed was the hope of the bloodline Warlocks, the Warlock invincible below Breaking Dawn!

Leylin was wearing a dark gold Magus robe, and it was as if the aura on his body had completely vanished. It left Jeffrey unable to measure him clearly. On top of that, Leylin currently had a strange black mark covering half his face, and it caused him to be slightly doubtful.

“This is…” Offa took the initiative to ask.

“Ah,” Leylin touched the mask on his face, “A small injury I got a while ago.” Trying to cover it up would easily arouse suspicion, so he felt like he might as well admit it.

“Indeed, the terror of a Breaking Dawn is hard to resist,” Offa nodded, deep in thought. The opponent was indeed a Monarch; no matter how powerful Leylin was, avoiding injury was impossible.

Offa had formed his own picture of things with Leylin’s misleading words. The wound on Leylin’s face had automatically been categorised as the aftermath of his confrontation with the Blazing Flame Monarch.

“Before I forget, it’s been a long time Your Highnesses,” a wicked smile adorned Leylin’s face as he took the initiative to make a bow, “Freya and the Ouroboros Clan have been in your care during my absence, this humble servant is thankful.”

“Don’t mention it. Your Highness managed to destroy Düz City in one move, even inflicting serious damage to the Blazing Flame Monarch. Compared to such great news for us suppressed Warlocks, is this anything big?” Offa and Jeffrey answered respectfully. No matter what, the friendship of a Warlock invincible below Breaking Dawn would be extremely beneficial for them.

“Let’s skip the words of thanks, may our friendship last forever!” Leylin smiled; he certainly knew what these two Warlocks wanted.

“Of course! Our friendship is like a bond of brotherhood,” Offa and Jeffrey were both Warlocks with age and much knowledge, while Leylin, too, had a multitude of experiences. The three Warlocks kept flattering each other and beat around the bush, but did not get to the point.

Watching Leylin’s carefree attitude, even as if he didn’t care much for Freya who was in labour downstairs, Offa could not help but secretly call him an ‘old fox’ in his mind. Still, he took the lead to question him, “We’re not sure what the results of Your Highness’ trip this time was. The Blazing Flame Monarch…”

Of course, the life and death of the Blazing Flame Monarch was their priority; and how could the news in the outside world be more accurate than the account of Leylin who was one of the parties involved? This also was a measure of Leylin’s military strength, and would have an inexpressible change in the dynamics of the central continent afterwards. They had no choice but to be concerned.

“Oh, about that. I’m sorry,” Leylin laughed with ‘embarrassment’, “Although I took Düz down with some like-minded friends, and even attacked the Fiery World and inflicted serious damage to the Blazing Flame Monarch, I still couldn’t quite kill them.”

Although this was just a short and simple explanation, just the dangers implied by them caused Jeffrey and Offa to break into cold sweat in terror.

Hearing that the Blazing Flame Monarch was seriously injured but not dead, relief flooded Offa’s heart despite his slight disappointment. If Leylin was already able to get rid of a Breaking Dawn Magus, he didn’t know what sort of attitude to hold towards him anymore.

“However…” Leylin deliberately paused, causing Offa’s and Jeffrey’s hearts to grow alert again.

“Although we didn’t manage to get rid of the Blazing Flame Monarch, we were successful in inflicting serious damage on the opponent instead. Not only would it take a long time to recuperate from such a thing, it’s hard to say whether the Monarch will even be able to remain at rank 6 even after a full recovery…”

He then dropped another bomb before Offa and Jeffrey could digest this shocking news, “It’s also worth wondering if the Blazing Flame Monarch will treat us as enemies in the future. I don’t believe that will be a huge issue…”

The explosive news that Leylin dropped one after the other caused Offa and Jeffrey to be dazzled. They couldn’t understand at all. The Blazing Flame Monarch could possibly fall in rank, and on top of that end their enmity with Warlocks even in spite of such great losses? How was this even possible?

However, looking at the proud Leylin, Offa and Jeffrey couldn’t help but consider this possibility from all angles.

Leylin smiled. The ‘Blazing Flame Monarch’ had lost a part of her laws of fire, sustained serious injuries, and worst of all experienced the trauma of her truesoul being split and fused back together. With so much damage being stacked on her, if Melinda was able to recover even within a few hundred years, Leylin would look up to her.

Furthermore, the Blazing Flame Monarch’s will could thoroughly be suppressed or annihilated by Melinda before that. Whether the current Blazing Flame Monarch could still maintain her previous attitude of desiring the extinction of bloodline Warlocks remained to be seen.

Although Leylin was ruthless in his betrayal, they were still ‘allies’ after all. With her power weakened, what she needed now was a peaceful environment to recuperate in, not an impetuous vengeance. Leylin believed that an old witch like Melinda would easily be able to think of that.

Hence, it was almost certain that even the extremist portion of the Blazing Flame Monarch would choose to stay low profile and live in seclusion now.

Although this was the case, the obstinate ruthlessness the Blazing Flame Monarch showed towards Warlocks was deeply seared into their minds. They wouldn’t be able to react to this quickly at all.

Seeing them like that, Leylin could not help but feel slightly amused. And at this moment, “Wah! Wah!”, an infant’s cries echoed from the castle.

The loud and clear cries strangely reverberated through the entire castle, a hallmark to this child’s remarkability.

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    Every time I read the word “shackle”, I think to myself, “Ley, you dumb @#$%… why did you get that bloodline? How much time have you spent worrying about the stupid snake lady or bloodline rage? If you’d spent that time cultivating or searching for other opportunities with your AI, you’d be so much better off by now, with far fewer enemies.”

    1. Well, it’s very typical of xianxia, really – accepting great power but not having a possibility to advance further. Warlocks are a little different, but it’s basically a similar deal. Not everyone has genius talent and willpower – they’ll accept being strong amongst middle-level magi.

      Do you remember the beginning of the novel? When Leylin was still an acolyte? Worrying about Grime Water and stuff? Being on the run? At the time, becoming a Warlock was clearly the best option, even if it had some risks. Iirc, he didn’t even really know about or understand the bloodline shackles thing. It was just an ominous warning from Serholm.

    2. what better options? when he was about to advance to rank 1, the warlock bloodline was the best option. The other one was grime water (or something like that). And if he didn’t advance to rank 1, he would be dead.

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      Do you even remember how the story began? Bloodline was by far the best option with the alternate being grime water, which was bad as you might remember.
      Most warlocks don’t even reach the limits of their bloodline. Why would they bother about the shackles then? Also, bloodline is inherited -,-

    4. It was the best option at the time. It guaranteed that he would reach rank 4, which was already a big deal considering the alternative was being confined to rank 1 in a land where the peak was rank 3. He was aware of the shackles and was dissatisfied with the limit of rank 4 as he was far more ambitious than that. He just didn’t need to worry about that until he reached rank 4. Upon reaching rank 4 he began to plan how to advance further. The first plan ended with evolving his bloodline to rank 5. Now it’s time for the second plan, to break the shackles entirely. Then he wouldn’t be relying on the bloodline which comes from the snake lady and instead will be his own man.

    5. You are forgetting most people do not get far enough to even hit the limits imposed by the shackles. For example Freya is still rank 3 Crystal Phase. If we ignore Leylin’s luck and AI Chip she has had a lot more resources to help her advance and IIRC around 200 more years.

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      I also don’t understand why the ancient magus or even the current magus powers would let warlocks continue to exist when they could be so easily controlled by another power that doesn’t belong to their world. It’s like the ancient magus did not realize they were raising an army for other powers.

      1. Most don’t choose bloodlines, and are instead born into them, it’s not a very popular option for Magi.
        Also, have you even been reading this novel? Magi have been trying to kill off the warlocks for as long as I can remember, hence why it has been a dying path in the Magus World for quite a while; If it weren’t for Offa and the other elders, the warlocks would have long since gone extinct.

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      Well back to what you said I think making a rank 5 clone is the best choice since he salvaged Duz city and earned quite a bit rather than waiting for his child to grow up and plant his soul into him which is very unconventional because he lose many of his advantages and many of his efforts would be gone such as the element affinity and modified bloodline.

    2. I think it’s more likely that the Snake dowager will use his kids against him. Using their bloodlines to turn them into baby warlock assassins or possibly threatening Leylin with their lives.

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