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Drawing Blood

“What’s the matter? Didn’t we agree before that he’d only stop his opponent? Why has it gone this far?” Jeffrey was a little stunned at the side. “This isn’t good. I’m afraid Bevis’ extreme personality has led to an emotional breakout at rank 6. Quickly, go and stop him! If not, His Highness Leylin…”

Even if the Warlock themselves weren’t as strong, metamorphosis to a rank 6 creature was definitely more powerful than that to a rank 5. Jeffrey was worried that Bevis would harm Leylin, which wasn’t good for the Warlock Union. After all, Leylin was in the Radiant Moon realm and was one of their executive members.

“That’s a rank 6 bloodline growing emotional. I’m afraid it will affect us as well…” Wayde, standing at the other side, grew very worried instead.

“There’s no need for that. His Highness Leylin is still there,” Offa waved his hands, seemingly very relaxed, “Not only he did see through his opponent’s bloodline, he even forced Bevis to fall into his own trap step by step. His Highness Leylin is truly growing more and more amazing… Perhaps he’ll give us many more surprises…”

“What?” Jeffrey and Wayde exclaimed involuntarily, “Does His Highness still have more strength remaining?”

“I cannot say,” Offa waved his hands as he watched the battlefield with more concentration.

The Misty Fog Giant growled, and large amounts of grey fog seeped out of its pores, forming armour and a weapon. It’s destructive power was great enough to shatter space itself with every attack.

Bevis’ heart was already filled with anger, and he even wanted to directly kill Leylin. This was very different from his previous intention of just teaching him a lesson.

His shame and anger at being discovered and irritation at his pride taking a blow had erupted. Especially after seeing Leylin’s unexpected and incredible strength, the flames of jealousy and insanity in the genes from his bloodline mixed together to form something even more terrifying.

The result was that Bevis’ rationality had all but disappeared, and he was prepared to kill Leylin here regardless of the consequences.

“What a pitiful child,” Leylin’s voice was transmitted from the enormous body of the Kemoyin Emperor. Layers of black runes constantly emerged from its scales, easily blocking even the Misty Fog Giant’s fog attacks.

Leylin watched the four-armed Misty Fog Giant in front of him attentively, and it seemed as if a mysterious radiance was shot out of his pupils.

“Eye of Petrification!” The Kemoyin Emperor’s gaze turned the four-armed giant sluggish. A layer of ash-grey stone instantly emerged on his skin.

“NO, how can my bloodline lose to this low-ranked creature?” Bevis growled frantically as large amounts of blood-red light burst forth from his body, forcing the petrification out.

However, the Kemoyin Emperor had taken this time to rush directly in front of him, its huge tail sweeping across the horizon. A power that seemed like Armageddon burst out from it.

An explosion sounded as the Misty Fog Giant was swatted away. The large amounts of fog in the surrounding area shattered, exposing the original starry sky.

“This rank 6 Misty Fog Giant bloodline, I’m taking it!” A whisper sounded in Bevis’ sea of consciousness. Before he could even figure out the situation, the Kemoyin Emperor had already opened up its maw, its two fangs ruthlessly piercing into his neck.

A terrifying attractive force was transmitted from its fangs, causing Bevis to shriek hysterically. Large amounts of fog shattered with a bang, and the Misty Fog Giant began cracking up inch by inch. Light flashed within the grey fog, and Bevis’ true body appeared once more.

Only, the current him had two large bloody holes in his neck, and looked battered and exhausted. His gaze towards Leylin was as if he’d seen some sort of demon.

“Ah…” When he gazed at Leylin’s pupils, Bevis seemed to receive a great deal of shock. He let loose a weird shriek as his body transformed into a ray of blood-red light that rushed back to the Morning Star Area with extreme speed.

“Indeed… small and weak…” Radiant flames emerged and Leylin returned to his normal form as well. The lack of battle experience and willpower was a shortcoming that had caused Bevis great losses.

With a card like the A.I. Chip up his sleeve, Leylin had abundant experience and strategies that were shrewd and ruthless.

“It’s more or less enough, time to go!” He sneered, looking at a point in space with a dazzling radiance in his eyes.

Soon after, his entire body turned into black flames that disappeared in the sky.


Within the Morning Star Area, Offa and the other two Radiant Moon Warlocks looked at each other in dismay. “His Highness Leylin actually discovered us spying on them? But this Tracing Pensieve is a piece of high-grade magic equipment…”

“Forget that. I’m more amazed by his battle strength. Even a Half Moon Magus like Bevis isn’t his match…” Wayde crossed his arms, and a strand of short golden hair stood up vertically like a steel spike.

One had to admit, Leylin’s military strength gave them a great surprise. Not only was Bevis at the Half Moon stage, he also had a rank 6 bloodline inheritance in the Misty Fog Giant. Originally, he was only second to Offa in the Warlock Union.

And he was defeated just like that? Didn’t that mean that Leylin had strength comparable to a peak Radiant Moon?

This conjecture was something too crazy for Wayne and Jeffrey to accept immediately.

“Moreover, His Highness Bevis’ bloodline seemed to be slightly damaged at the end. Should we tell His Highness Leylin about this and hope he returns that blood?” Jeffrey asked a little hesitantly.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Offa speechlessly rolled his eyes. Now that he recalled, he felt like he’d underestimated Leylin. From the start, he had obviously laid a trap for Bevis, who walked in like a fool. Leylin had played him step by step like a marionette.

‘What an interesting kid! He started by stimulating his opponent and causing him to harbour killing intent. Then he defeated Bevis openly and righteously, seizing his bloodline… Did he plan all this out before? Then… if we appeared, did he have other plans for it as well?’

The more Offa thought of it, the more his previous indifference was replaced with fear of Leylin. This junior’s tyrannical strength and meticulous planning had left him heavily surprised.

“Maybe he’s the one who’ll fulfil the hopes of the Warlocks.” Offa found growing expectations in his heart.

“Then what about us?” Jeffrey didn’t really know what to do. Bevis’ defeat was a totally unexpected situation to him.

“What else can we do? Just allow Leylin to go out, he’s attacking under his own name anyway. With the Morning Star Area’s fortress, even if it’s the Blazing Flame Monarch, can he break through our defences directly?” Offa flicked his fingernails, his tone carrying a will that did not allow any questioning.

“Also, increase the security of the Ouroboros Clan and Leylin’s relatives by a level, especially for Lady Freya. We cannot allow the Blazing Flame Monarch or any others to find even a single loophole, get it?” Offa looked at Jeffrey meaningfully.

“Yes! I will visit Lady Freya myself soon!” Jeffrey nodded with a bitter smile.

“Our rules cannot be broken. There shouldn’t be any desperate infighting within us Warlocks, that is our bottom line,” Offa said, “I’ll go and remind Bevis about this in the near future.” All the Warlocks present nodded in agreement.

After all, if such a thing happened internally to an organisation that was supposed to be unified, it would be a huge blow to their soldiers’ morale. Furthermore, if one person crossed the bottom line, the enemy would definitely counterattack with the same level of danger, causing both sides to suffer. Magi were intelligent people, they knew what to do.

The only thing that needed to be done was suppressing Bevis’ emotional craziness. After he calmed down, everything would become easy.

“We cannot relax our support for Bevis either. Send the skeletal remains of the Misty Fog Giant in the warehouse to him after this!” Offa suddenly said something that shocked Jeffrey greatly.

“Your Highness… Why?” Jeffrey’s jaw dropped.

“If Leylin advances to Breaking Dawn, what will we use to suppress him?” At this moment, Offa stroked his beard and said something that left a deep impression on Jeffrey.

“I’ve gained quite a bit this time!” On the other side, Leylin looked at the bloodline in the test tube in his hands that was emitting a misty luster. A hint of happiness emerged on his face.

“Although the Misty Fog Giant isn’t some kind of high-grade being amongst ancient rank 6 creatures, it creates bloodline imprints using its blood as materials, this explains its ability to cast ordinary rank 6 spells…”

It could be said that Bevis had fallen into Leylin’s scheme from the moment they met.

Moreover. because the opponent had displayed his killing intent during the battle, even if Leylin forcefully extracted his bloodline those Warlocks could not say anything.

After all, compared to Bevis who was in hot pursuit of him, Leylin was instead very ‘magnanimous’, even letting Bevis go ultimately.

Probably, even if the current Leylin were to draw blood from him, Bevis himself wouldn’t have the face to ask for it back, as it was too embarrassing.

“Seeing from the attitudes of Jeffrey and the others, we can still temporarily ease our worries regarding the bloodline alliance. Surely they will also try their best to contain Bevis, making him calm down. They won’t attack my forces!”

A thoughtful glint flashed across Leylin’s pupils.

These kind of things were mutual. Once Bevis exceeded the bottom line, igniting the flames of war with him, Leylin would definitely follow suit, even paying back tenfold.

Hence, so long as a Magus had a little rationality, he would not do something like this that caused both sides to suffer.

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