WMW Chapter 631

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Advancement and Meetup

Leylin’s expression changed when he saw the deduction produced by the A.I. Chip.

‘That’s to say, if I meet the Blazing Flame Monarch, there’s only half a chance of success? And I die in the other half as well…’ Leylin narrowed his eyes at the result.

Although a twenty percent chance of surviving a Breaking Dawn Magus’ attack was actually quite reasonable, it still felt rather low for Leylin.

Were he to meet the Blazing Flame Monarch today, it was too much of a risk for him to bet on that 39% unknown result.

Looking at the vague data, Leylin guessed it was probably due to all the secrets about himself that he kept. Thus, there would be more such unknown results. He didn’t dare to bet on his luck.

“Is the Blazing Flame Monarch really that powerful? Or is it that all Breaking Dawn Magi are just that strong?” Leylin stroked his chin. He felt like there was a huge gap among Breaking Dawn Magi, entirely dependant on their ability to comprehend laws.

“No matter what, the most important thing is to increase my power.” Leylin flipped his palm over to reveal a piece of flaming red ruby, releasing waves of mysterious energy.

This was the phoenix egg, something that was great for the soul. Leylin had used it previously to increase his soul force to the peak of Morning Star, unable to extract more afterwards.

At that point in time, his truesoul had already reached its maximum capacity, unable to store any more Soulforce. Now that he’d advanced to Radiant Moon, the truesoul was like a vase that had grown bigger, now able to store a greater amount.

The phoenix egg was currently a great cure for the soul damage from the death of his clone.

“The Lava World is currently in the hands of Wayde and Melinda. I can use our alliance to get a chance to enter it, collecting the remaining scattered pieces of the phoenix egg…” Leylin rugged his chin.

The mysterious creature called the phoenix had been of great help to Leylin. Wayde and Melinda would’ve acquired all the easily obtainable pieces, but he still wanted to give it a shot.

“This current fragment is good enough to last me a long while, though…” A miniature phantom of the Kemoyin Emperor appeared behind Leylin’s back. A stream of black flames shot out of his fingertip as well, coiling onto the firasource stone.

With the assistance of Fireplume, streams of pure soul force flowed out of the phoenix egg like water from a clear spring. Leylin was joyous as his truesoul was rejuvenated, the speck of dullness caused by the fall of his clone quickly being filled up again by a brilliant glow.

Soul force which seemed as taintless as the moon spread continuously, filling up his truesoul and rapidly advancing it towards the Half Moon stage.

“Awesome yet terrifying, what a unique soul force!”

Leylin heaved a sigh as he glanced at the message by the A.I. Chip, [Beep! Large quantity of phoenix egg essence has been absorbed by host. Soul force increasing, spiritual force strengthening.] [Beep! Host status has changed, recalculating statistics.] Leylin was shocked by the A.I. Chip’s notification as he realised the rapid increase in his soul force and spiritual force. His soul force had reached 161 units in just a few short seconds.

The moon that was his truesoul shone brightly, almost at the Half Moon stage. His spiritual force was stimulated by the abundant soul force as well, so much so that the sharp increase even burdened his body.

Leylin stopped extracting essence from the fragments once he realised something was wrong. His statistics had changed drastically once more.

The A.I. Chip finished its recalculation.

[Leylin Farlier, Rank 5 Warlock. Bloodline: Kemoyin Emperor (Complete body), Strength: 76, Agility: 62, Vitality: 138.9, Spiritual force: 1613.7 Magic power: 1613 (magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force) Soul Force: 161 (New Moon)]

Gazing at the shrunken Phoenix’s egg in his palm, Leylin murmured to himself, “My spiritual force has increased by nearly 300 units in one shot? And my soul force by thirty? If I were to absorb the entire egg, my truesoul would probably advance to the peak of Full Moon. But…”

Leylin smiled bitterly. Such a growth rate placed an extreme burden on his body. Unlike the Kemoyin Emperor’s bloodline, the phoenix egg would only support the advancement of his soul force, rather than give him holistic development over a period of time.

Such an increase in a single element was troubling Leylin greatly. It was the main reason why he couldn’t just use the entire egg.

“The new plans to increase vitality need to be brought forward… Thankfully my Kemoyin Emperor bloodline is still growing, and it still has room to improve my vitality…” Bloodlines greatly improved Warlocks’ physiques.

“Hmmm… Why do I feel like using my devouring ability to absorb the egg should yield a better result?” Leylin’s eyes brightened, and he ordered the A.I. Chip to start simulations comparing it with his current method,

It was a blessing for a Magus to find any method to utilise such a rare object, but Leylin felt like he was being wasteful.

Such rare objects could never be found normally, so he could not let even a tiny bit of it go to waste.

[Beep! Trial completed! Efficiency of absorption— Fireplume: 87.8%, Devour: 92.6%. Devour also has a certain chance of inheriting the bloodline power of the ancient phoenix]

“Inheriting the bloodline power?” Leylin shook his head. If even the A.I. Chip was vague about the result, it showed that not only was such a thing very troublesome, it really depended on luck.

He was not very confident in his luck. It’s not like it wasn’t good; in fact, he was just like any other normal person, his luck good at times and bad at others. It’s just that he would never rely on luck in such matters.

If the efficiency of absorbing the soul force was higher while devouring it, Leylin would definitely use this method. However, he would not harbour hope for anything else. After all, the higher the cliff of expectation, the greater the fall.

“It seems like I’ll be able to build up a foundation of soul force for the breakthrough to Breaking Dawn soon…” Leylin could not help the tinge of excitement that was growing in his heart.

This was rank 6! The realm of Monarchs! Rank 6 Magi were the elites among the Magi of the central continent, its rulers. They even had the power to control and direct the continent’s development!

To be exact, once Leylin advanced to rank 6, he would hold his fate in his own hands in the Magus World.

However, there was a huge problem at the moment.

His bloodline still shackled him! To evolve from a Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock to a Kemoyin Emperor Warlock had pushed Leylin’s genes to their limits, and the A.I. Chip had confirmed this. His bloodline would evolve no further. Great amounts of calculations and the help of the A.I. Chip only managed to push the bloodline shackles from Morning Star to Radiant Moon. They still pressured down on him.

On top of that, the attention of the Snake Dowager had disturbed Leylin further.

He’d always been cautious of this mythical being. Her control of the darkness element was something Leylin’s could not begin to compare to. It was definitely not a good sign for her to pay attention to him when he advanced to Radiant Moon.

Leylin didn’t like putting his safety in the hands of someone more powerful than him, viewing it as extremely pathetic. It was a viable option if he was weak, but now that he had the power to control his own future he would only be a fool if he remained in hiding.

“Bloodline shackles and the Snake Dowager… Maybe these two are two facets of the same problem!” Leylin’s eyes twinkled with rays of hope, as numerous possible methods were brought up in his mind only to be denied quickly. Many different possibilities for the future were quickly deduced…

Suddenly, a call came for him, his book of imprints glowing. It was an imprint in the form of a funny clown face, a new one that was at the back.

Leylin thought for a second and tapped on it, “Melinda, you can actually send messages directly into the Morning Star area? You still owe me an explanation for what happened just now!” It was such a coincidence that Leylin had been attacked by the Blazing Flame Monarch right after he parted ways with her.

Thinking over the incident, Leylin refused to believe that it was just a coincidence. This Melinda’s mysteriousness was the exact reason Leylin wouldn’t develop a close relationship with her.

He had the feeling that he would end up like Zegna if he had trusted her, dumped mercilessly when he was no longer of use.

Finally, Melinda replied after a long silence, “What would you do if… if I intentionally attracted the Blazing Flame Monarch’s clone to test your ability?”

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