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Clone Creation

“What prophecy?” Leylin’s spirits were lifted.

“In this century, before the waves of extreme weather returns, the King of Bloodlines shall rise in splendour, crushing all the other thrones in the central continent!” Jeffrey’s body began to tremble with excitement.

“A Monarch of bloodline Warlocks?” Leylin shook his head, “How could there be something so easy?”

Wayde’s expression turned a little gloomy. “However, once a rank 6 Warlock does appear, they will surely exceed Breaking Dawn Magi in strength. Perhaps the Blazing Flame Monarch intended to nip the danger in the bud. This is also why the other Monarchs in the central continent are supporting it.”

“That certainly makes sense as well!” Leylin stroked his chin.

“And there are only a few candidates left that may fulfill the prophecy, one of them being Your Highness Leylin. Hence, for your safety and considering the futures of us Warlocks, we request that Your Highness stays in the Morning Star area as much as possible. Even if you wish to go out, please use some sort of clone…” Jeffrey said sincerely.

“Why? Do you think I can advance to the Breaking Dawn realm?” Leylin’s heart stirred but his facial expression was that of stupefaction, “Even if my bloodline evolved to become that of a Kemoyin Emperor, I am still limited to rank 5!”

“Of course, we are aware of the difficulty of bloodline shackles, but even a rank 5 Kemoyin Emperor will be one of our greatest military strengths…” Wayde pointed out meaningfully.

‘This attitude… could it be that they really found a bloodline Warlock that can advance to rank 6?’ Seeing Wayde’s attitude, Leylin already had some ideas in his heart.

“I’m naturally bound to do my duty for the Warlock Union. But there’s one problem. I still have to resolve the grudge between Jupiter’s Lightning and my Ouroboros Clan…” Leylin’s expression showed a hint of hesitation.

“There’s no need for Your Highness to worry about that. Regarding this, there’s no need for Your Highness to worry at all. According to our intelligence, the chief of Jupiter’s Lightning, Night Phantom Zegna, is already dead…”

Jeffrey sneaked a glance at Offa, before he made the report to Leylin.

“What? Zegna has fallen?” This news immediately caused Leylin’s eyes to widen into full circles. He’d never expected that this enemy who’d caused him such tremendous stress before would just die so quietly.

Although he was confident in killing the man on the spot with his current strength, his opponent meeting an end still left Leylin depressed. It was like he’d punched out with all his might just to hit cotton.

“How did he die?” Morning Stars normally had lifespans of over a thousand years, and Radiant Moons usually lived to several thousand years old.

Given how young Zegna was, his death was definitely not due to old age.

“We don’t have any news about that, sadly. But we did receive information that Jupiter’s Lightning was taken over by a female Radiant Moon Magus after Zegna’s death. On top of that, they announced the end of all current diplomatic and military movements. This means your Ouroboros Clan’s emergency has been solved…”

“Female Radiant Moon Magus?” For some unknown reason, Leylin immediately thought of the power hiding behind Zegna.

During their previous fights, he had faintly sensed that Zegna certainly had assistance from a Magus who was more knowledgeable than him. This turn of events led to his instincts saying so even more

‘Was it really an accidental death, or was it man-made?’ Leylin’s pupils twinkled in a myriad of colours.

“As for the two Dukes, your wife, and any others, we can totally arrange for them to stay here to ensure their safety!” Wayne guaranteed, seemingly worried that Leylin still had other considerations.

“Thank you so much Your Highness, but let’s wait until I finish everything on hand before visiting Freya and the others.” Leylin nodded in gratitude. He’d had some suspicions and concerns about the Warlock headquarters at this Morning Star area, but now it just seemed like they really wanted to protect a promising bloodline.

Although most of his suspicions had been eliminated, Leylin would still run his own inspections before he’d make a decision.

Leylin now more or less understood the peak military strength of the Warlock Union. The Morning Star area was their base camp, and of the executives among them, Jeffrey, Wayde, and Offa were all here. There was only one mysterious rank 5 Warlock hiding in the outside world, the last card in their hands.

It could be said that the current Leylin was already at the peak of bloodline Warlocks, one of their five magnates. His position in this Morning Star area could no longer be described as just respected. He instead was a partial ruler!

He’d even gotten access to some of the union’s resources, and the first thing he did was to enrich the A.I. Chip’s database with even more information.


Morning Star area, in a castle specially built for Leylin.

A few months had passed by in a flash. Now, Freya was putting the books in her hands down and stretched, caressing her stomach. Her face was brimming with joy and love.

Passing through an astral gate, the two Kemoyin Dukes and Freya had seen Leylin in the Morning Star area. She couldn’t believe that her husband had advanced to rank 5, even upgrading his bloodline to that of the terrifying Kemoyin Emperor.

Rank 5! This was a painful topic for all Kemoyin Warlocks, but now the bloodline of the Kemoyin Emperor was already growing in her womb.

“Kemoyin Emperor, the ruler of all Kemoyin Warlocks…” Freya mumbled with blurred vision as her eyes brimmed with joy.

This was the right and proper ruling bloodline, one that had a guarantee of being able to advance to rank 5! Freya had a premonition that the Farlier Family would become the royalty of the Ouroboros Clan. All of the female Kemoyin warlocks would go crazy in order to obtain Leylin’s bloodline, even resorting to unscrupulous ways!

“With the injection of a rank 5 bloodline also has so many benefits for my Blood Serpent Family. Forget falling, our bloodline will definitely rise in rank now!” Thinking about how she’d successfully gained hold of these things that she wouldn’t have even been able to beg for before, Freya was filled with rejoicement.

And with that admiration came a further increase in her admiration and trust towards her husband… Thinking up to this point, Freya couldn’t help but tilt her head to look in another direction.

Outside the translucent glass, not far away from the master bedroom was a large laboratory for experiments on the astral plane as well as a breeding room for bloodlines. The two buildings stood tall like large monsters, even engulfing all the light in their surroundings as they made one feel stifled.

Inside the bloodline experimentation lab, Leylin was looking at a body in the breeding pool, a thoughtful expression emerging on his face.

[Constructing the clone’s body! Estimated to be a perfect body of a Morning Star!] The A.I. Chip’s scans and prompts were transmitted continuously.

Leylin was currently trying to create a clone of himself. Generally speaking, such a clone would be a rank below that of the Magi who created it. In order to obtain a clone of a same rank as the main body like Wayde’s, one required not only time and large amounts of resources, but a certain amount of luck as well.

“Beginning copying of soul imprint!” Two bright beams of light shot out of Leylin’s eyes and into the clone’s…

Half an hour later, the clone’s eyelids suddenly raised, its eyes containing a slight vigour. Energy undulations at the peak of Morning Star began to spread out.

“Based on the Heavenly Astrals’ blueprint and flesh that has been added to my own body, this clone’s battle prowess pretty decent in the Morning Star level!”

Leylin nodded in satisfaction. Truth be told, such a clone wasn’t very useful. Although they worked when dealing with weak enemies, they were only bugs in front of Radiant Moons.

However, its advantage lay in its simple structure. This type of clone was good cannon fodder that could handle some unimportant matters.

[Based on the main body’s spiritual conditions, at most three imprints can be maintained at once!] the A.I. Chip’s voice echoed once more.

“In other words, under normal circumstances, I can at most maintain 3 Morning Star ranked clones?” Leylin stroked his chin. He had a certain understanding towards the situation with this kind of clone.

Because truesouls were inseparable, many Magi had clones like this that only possessed a spiritual imprint. Its death would not have much impact on the main body, but on the main body’s death, the truesoul could shift into the clone and successfully revive itself.

Still, this process had its dangers as well. For instance, Leylin had taken a Radiant Moon Magus’ clones out with them, causing a thorough death by killing the truesoul itself.

‘This kind of method is not very safe… Legends talk of a way during ancient times to break up one’s truesoul. A clone formed in that way unifies both sides, but they don’t necessarily affect one another. Even if one dies, the other can live on without a hitch. That is true cloning…’ Leylin thought of some confidential information he’d acquired before.

‘Only, because one is breaking up their truesoul, such a cloning may result in different personalities because of the different environments and experiences. There could even be a situation wherein the clones turn against each other and become enemies. That’s too dangerous…’

The technique he was using currently was like that of creating a photocopied substitute. Although it would not have any special abilities, it was better in terms of stability and safety. Of course, another reason for Leylin choosing this method was simply that he had no desire to break up his truesoul.

All such cloning required was a great amount of material resources and a piece of memory he could duplicate by using the A.I. Chip. It could be considered a bargain.

Thinking of this, Leylin could not help but take a look at his own status.

[Leylin Farlier rank 5 bloodline: Kemoyin Serpent Emperor (Complete body), Strength: 76, Agility: 62, Vitality: 138.9, Spiritual force: 1329.7, Magic power: 1329 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force) Soul Force: 133 (New Moon)]
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  1. This is the cliche of all stories, the escalation of the type of enemy. But, that’s how it works.

    PS: This is the final chapter of the current arc.

    1. While it is cliché, it isn’t as clear cut as a lot of other stories where new villains just pop-up out of thin air.
      Here we’ve known forever that the warlocks are persecuted in the central continent and if leylin advanced to rank 5 we knew, as a result, that he would be at loggerheads with those enemies.
      It’s the same with the prophesy. We’ve heard there’s going to be a monarch of bloodlines. Well, not one reader doesn’t think it’s going to be leylin.
      Still, the new enemies do come at a bit of a jump. It might have been better for jupiter’s lightning to get support from that breaking dawn monarch instead.

      1. Yeah, that’s probably what happened. However, the reader never truly got confirmation from that. And the xianxia genre itself doesn’t allow a lot to be guessed. Speculation sure, but the reader gets most of the conspiraties served on a silver platter. Here we never read any proof that jupiter’s lightning was actually backed. If we for instance read about Zegna talking to another person about ‘getting resources’ etc we’d be more inclined to believe the intervention by the breaking dawn monarch was grounded. And that face he talks with doesn’t truly show that, whatever that may be. In fact, it reminds me more of the faces on the ice scorpions.

        1. Zegna *** up big time, his last curse backlash cost him his entire fortune & damage to his soul would take centuries to recover. There never been mentioned that zegna has connection to any monarch but there maybe a hidden breaking dawn magus behind him. The female magus that zegna called his teacher, she’s obviously more knowledgable than zegna & her techniques can help him create rank 5 clones. So it’s more likely that she’s a rank 6, but since zegna doesn’t seems to be polite to her, it is more likely that even zegna himself doesn’t realize she’s a rank 6. Why is that so?.. Maybe she’s the type that scheming behind the scene.

    2. Eh it is cliche in terms of some rank 9 entity does not suddenly anticipate its own death at Leylin’s hands and reach through time and space via the laws to break his neck when he was much weaker. But this story is quite different in numerous ways, for one this protagonist is willing too run for his life, he is quite the villain and although his power ups have been getting slightly more and more OPie…. In general even with huge strategies, the AI chip etc…. He does not have some BS Super Saiyan Syndrome that allows him just to GOD MODE any and every enemy he comes in contact with…

      Also there is something of an explanation to some of this… At least in this storyline in escalation of enemies… Each magi have their own schemes, territories, dealings, trying to acquire resources etc and the big wigs Breaking Dawn and Radiant Moon are looking to exploit other worlds and such occupies their time. When magi are weaker because they do not have a death wish they do not get in the way (by and large) when they become stronger and think they can take the shit, become a threat, competition or what have you then they fight… These things sort of only become available to you later on down the road…. It is slightly cheesy convenient plot filler but at least there is some tangible thought…. Shit ain’t like dragon ball z or other Light Novels where stronger enemies come conveniently in successive waves with no explanation whatsoever.

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    My bet is this potential rank 6 advancement… Zenga… If this ‘chosen one’ thing is legit then maybe we might get Zenga getting hurt bad & a warlock v warlock fight for someone is sure to resent the Chosen One… This is WMW…. XD

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      1. I don’t think Zenga is a warlock, I think more likely someone like Wade will attempt to kill Leylin for whatever Zenga has. There was foreshadowing when Zenga used that pool of Lamentation and his desire to accquire that precious material from The Fire World (whatever its called pheonix egg poop) that this was his best means to attain rank 6. I don’t see this being written off anytime soon, but right now Leylin will need to find three things for development.

        1. Ways to advance as a lunar magus
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        I am hoping some kind of productive warfare from the Warlock alliance to oppose a monarch would be a bad ass plotline too, to foreshadow what a monarch can actually do. But this Wade man…. he has got alot of time in chapters, wait and see…. But he does not seem like the kind of chump who is just going to want to sit on his hands and watch someone else become a prophetic bloodline monarch. It would also be cool to see as well…. Some kind of Warlock vs Warlock battle, rather than just giving Leylin the innate advantage over a bloodline over his opponents.

        Plus Leylin screwed Wade at the temple he invaded, he kinda duped him by giving out lava worlds coordinates twice…. I just don’t see this guy somehow becoming a Leylin fan boy unless he saves his life or something.

        1. At this point of time the warlocks has a greater enemy than themselves, practically every other rank 4, 5 & 6 magus in the continent is their enemies. So it does not matter who can break through rank 6 warlock because it’s definitely benefited the warlock alliance.

  3. A Quick Recap of the novel so far
    Leylin gets reincarnated in a new world and Renames himself leylin
    does some knight training and can use a cross-blade
    gets shipped to southern coast to learn magic
    becomes an apprentice of a potion master and excels with help of AI CHIP
    his school enters a war and he escapes to hunt a snake that escaped from one of the magus Sherholms Labs
    Returns to school after war and goes on an adventure with fellow Acolytes and kills them after gaining the
    inheritance of magus sherholm
    Ranks up to Rank 1 (Scales and Petrifying Gaze)
    Runs away to the light magi kingdom after being pursued by Peak rank 1 steel magus
    Becomes Peak rank 1 with heart modification
    kills Steel magus
    fights in the war for the large spatial plane and betrays potions guild
    ranks up to Rank 2 ( toxic bile corrodes matter itself but never does this again) (killing everyone)
    gets future seeing meditation technique wisdom sap and wisdom cup and is injured using TP formation in spirit slaying sect
    Twilight zone arc (with MC POWER coin)
    Rank 3 (Intimidating Glare Domain)
    Central continent arc and vapour to crystal phase
    Rank 4’s trapped in Lava World and war
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    1. It was said that most of the ranks 7+ died or were comatose after the ancient war, the most powerful ones are in the gods world and they built a shield to prevent magi from entering but also prevent themselves from leaving

      1. You’re right, but, why prevent themselves from leaving? Maybe it’s a high-level contract of some sort. Perhaps instead of powering the shield, the truesouls are a payment? Idk. Making guesses here.

        1. The gods bore heavy loses and just as the magi didnt knew about how the gods were after the war is to assume the gods didnt knew about how the magi were so they made a shield just in case, similarly the magi destroyed the astral gates just in case

          Remember that spells can take a lot of time to be unleashed and the after effects distort reality so is to think that the final battle was too chaotic and too terrifying for anyone to simply stand there and watch

          If both sides ended with heavy mutual destruction that completes the explanation

          1. I dunno, that explanation has way too many holes for my taste. None of the magi above rank 3 have ever done anything “just in case” without knowing the ramifications. If they could erect such a barrier on their own, it stands to reason they could take down the barrier and attack the weakened magi planet, shield or no.

            The fact entities such as beelzebub can still contact the planet but only indirectly is a huge hole in that theory already. Nobody on the magi planet we’ve seen could stand up to beelzebub, never mind all the other gods we’ve seen that apparently still exist. A few of which clearly remain active. Yet they still won’t attack?

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            Also, I already correctly predicted another aspect of this story, and the last dude who threw a hissy fit ended up being dead wrong. So, why don’t you reevaluate your dumb idea, hm? Maybe read Liberium’s theory below mine, because it’s just as good as my own.

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      If you want romance, read something else.

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