WMW Chapter 626

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Rank 5 Snake Transformation

Light burst forth as the spell formation that combined the power of three souls was broken through.

“Let’s go!” Eugene and the leader grasped this opportunity and, quickly pulled Leylin into the spatial crack.

The tremendous snarling figure of the giant serpent was still devouring the dust and space all around it, but the life energy being generated was obviously reduced. It was obvious at the slowed recovery of the injury on Leylin’s back.

“Carol!” At this moment, the opponents were gazing at Carol, who was in Leylin’s control, and a trace of despair appeared on their expressions.

Under the gaze of the Eye of Petrification, the female Magus had turned into a limestone statue. Though there was a layer of soul energy resisting the corrosion from the petrification, Leylin currently possessed a Serpent Emperor’s eyes, and the damage his innate spell could cause had risen greatly. Even Radiant Moon Magi would not be immune to such an attack.

“Carol? She’s the Magus who brought me into that dream? Very well!” Leylin lifted the statue, the Scarlet Earring emanating dazzling rays of light.

“What are you going to do? If you dare to attack Carol, our King won’t let you off!” Eugene exclaimed.

“Hehe… At this stage, there’s no need to discuss anything about letting people off. Don’t treat me like a child. Trying to deceive me like this is an insult to my intelligence!” Leylin’s voice was light, but his tone was ice-cold.

“What I want you to know now is the price of provoking me! Whoever you or your backers are, you will all perish!”

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* Numerous fine rays of light streaked past, and the stone statue that was Carol burst into smithereens.

In that moment, Eugene and the leader were caught in a daze. They had never expected Leylin to be so powerful, and for him to be so merciless.

“You dare— you dare— “ The Magus leader trembled, evidently completely infuriated.

“Did you think that’s all I would do?” Leylin suddenly snickered as he commanded in his mind, ‘A.I. Chip!’

[Beep! Recorded opponent’s soul undulations. Beginning search for corresponding coordinates!]

There were many methods to save one’s life in the Magus World, clones being a popular one. This was especially true for Magi at Morning Star and above, all of whom had ways to prevent their fall.

Carol naturally had a few Morning Star ranked clones, considered to be a last insurance, but she was facing a Radiant Moon Warlock! His truesoul had already matured, and he had the ability to take care of all of his opponent’s clones.

Eugene and the other Magus, their leader, saw the truesoul image on Leylin’s back that was like a clear crescent moon turn blood-red.

A terrifying giant claw followed the path that Carol’s truesoul had taken after her fall and disappeared into the void, seeming to arrive at some area.

A strange energy undulation was transmitted, and Eugene and the other’s expressions changed.

“The astral plane! The astral plane opened up to receive her truesoul! Was there really an issue in Carol’s transfer to her clone?” They could not help but gaze at Leylin with fear in their eyes.

*Boom! Boom!* In the central continent, at almost the very instant the giant claw had appeared, a Morning Star clone of Carol’s collapsed onto the ground, eyes blank and void of any aura of life.

Meanwhile, a spell rune emitting green light mysteriously broke in Carol’s Magus Tower, and the spirit genie’s voice rang out with ear-piercing warnings, “Suffered unknown attack. Reserve clone has fallen!”

“Magi only have one truesoul. Regardless of how many clones there are, all life-preserving methods are useless once the truesoul is damaged or sent into the astral universe…” Of course, the transfer of truesoul was a speedy process. Most Radiant Moon Magi seldom succeeded in killing others even with their soul force. However, given the help of the A.I. Chip, Leylin did not find such a thing difficult.

A notification wave flashed, and the leader stared at Leylin blankly. “News from headquarters. Carol’s clones and the spirit of the life regeneration pool have all fallen!”

When Carol was being killed by Leylin, the fury he had displayed in fact only half true, as he did not believe Leylin could do it. Now, however, seeing that Leylin had actually completely wiped out a similarly ranked Radiant Moon Magus, dread arose within his heart.

“You won’t be able to leave today!” In the spatial rift, surrounded by boundless starry rivers, Leylin had his hands behind his back, looking confident.

“Arcane Art— Kemoyin Serpent Transformation!”

*Hss…* A terrifying ancient might descended, and the two Radiant Magi had to retreat. A gigantic serpent that was over a hundred thousand metres long appeared, every scale on its body looking very vivid. The intelligence in its eyes made it seem grand and noble.

Compared to the previous Giant Kemoyin Serpent, Leylin had currently turned into a real rank 5 being. He was now the ruler of all Giant Kemoyin Serpents, the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor!

With the serpent’s gaze fixed on them, Eugene and the leading Magus started sweating bullets.

The power of an ancient rank 5 existence far exceeded what most Radiant Moons could bring forth. A being like this, a ruler, possessed even more power, taking on the role of a predator.

“We’re going all out!” The leader and Eugene exchanged a glance, looks of determination rising in their eyes.

Dazzling light converged at their bodies, and a terrifying and tremendous might burst forth.

“Ancient rank 5 Arcane Art— Seal of the Abyss!”

“Ancient rank 5 Arcane Art— Spatial Grave!”

With the push from their soul force, the two Radiant Moons each had five innate spells fusing as a tremendous arcane art was used by their hand, surging towards the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor.

“Eye of Petrification! Toxic Bile!” Terrifying rays of petrifying light shot out of the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor’s eyes into the opposing black stream. A large amount of black gas fell as it turned to stone, but was shortly after replaced with more.

A large brass seal charged out from within that abyss even as, under the other Magus’ directions, silver spatial turbulence converged to form an even more horrifying spatial storm that swept up the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor.

“Hss…” The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor thundered, petrifying rays striking the gigantic seal. It instantly froze up, and with a swipe of the Emperor’s tail, the entire abyss crumbled as the large brass seal vanished.

The spatial storm caught up while Leylin was focussed on dealing with the seal. The silver storm wreaked havoc, and piece by piece the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor’s scales fell off, revealing fresh, bloody wounds.

“Devour!” The Kemoyin Serpent Emperor opened its mouth while facing the spatial turbulence, and a terrifying black hole appeared.

Large amounts of this silver spatial turbulence were unexpectedly swallowed, transformed rapidly into life energy that allowed the wounds on its body to heal.

“He can even devour spatial storms. He’s a monster, a monster!” Personally seeing even rank 5 arcane arts dealing negligible damage against Leylin, the two Magi immediately sunk into depression.

They exchanged a glance, making plans to escape. However, how could Leylin give them another chance like that? In practically the blink of an eye, the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor swept through the region, submerging the figures of Eugene and the leader…

In the spatial crack that was like a universe of its own, the tremendous Giant Kemoyin Serpent snarled. Beside it, two bundles of various-coloured rays gradually grew dimmer, on the verge of disappearing.

At this moment, the bundle that was the more radiant of the two suddenly shattered, revealing the figure of a man who was gravely injured. He glared poisonously at the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor, and no longer daring to dawdle turning into a multi-coloured streak as he left.

A voice full of unwillingness resounded behind him, “You actually abandoned me!” Eugene yelled furiously. However, the bundle of light that represented the strength of his own life dimmed even further, and then finally disappeared.

When the last trace of light dissipated, the Kemoyin Serpent Emperor’s body turned into black gas that condensed to form Leylin’s actual body once more.

He stood in front of Eugene who no longer had any aura of life, eyes emitting blue light.

[Opponent’s appearance and undulations have been recorded!] The A.I. Chip loyally intoned.

“Though one ran away, such a result isn’t half bad!” Leylin muttered as he nodded. This time, not only had he killed two Radiant Moons, he had also caused a Full Moon Magus to flee, seriously injured. Even a Breaking Dawn Monarch would feel heartbroken about such a thing for a long while.

It could be said that this was a critical counterattack on his part towards the opposing organisation they were a part of!

Furthermore, once news of him reaching Radiant Moon spread, the stream of Magi who wanted to eliminate him as soon as possible should halt for a while.

Of course, if they decided to proceed further, those coming after him wouldn’t be mere Radiant Moons.

At this point, boundless light filled the void. The astral plane opened up, and traces of starlight moved to take Eugene’s corpse.

The blue light in Leylin’s eyes grew even more pronounced. After Eugene’s body was brought into the astral world, Leylin could vaguely see that the ash-brown rocks that had gathered around Eugene’s body had turned him into a bare isle.

The isle seemed extremely sturdy but looked barren as it became to float in the astral plane.

In the limitless void behind it were so, so many barren isles like this one…

“After Morning Star Magi die, their point mass will return to the astral universe. If Radiant Moon Magi fall and if the corpse isn’t damaged, it’ll turn into a barren isle?” Fear suddenly arose in Leylin’s heart.

How many Radiant Moons had fallen in history? Someday in the future, would he turn into an isolated island like that?

“Even so, I must pursue eternal life! If I die while pursuing my dreams, I’ll die with no regrets. I would have lived a marvellous life!” Leylin’s eyes emitted a boundless spirit.

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