WMW Chapter 623

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Trial and Destruction

A Magus created spells by using his spiritual force to draw the energy particles in the air. The current Leylin could cause a mysterious change with just a spoken rune syllable and the injection of spiritual force.

A ball of flames formed in front of Leylin and a huge wall of fire spread out, blocking the white light.

The figures that were armoured in black could only see a huge amount of flames appearing out of thin air to collide with the laser. The teen himself was still safe and sound.

*Plop!* An armoured man loosened his grip and dropped his laser gun. A peculiar scene such as this was still a first for them despite their years of war experience and the gory training they’d undergone.

“Mutants!” The leader cried.

“Mutants? Is this what your world calls people with mysterious powers?” Leylin laughed and placed his hands behind his back, sizing up his surroundings with a sense of nostalgia. ‘Is this a dream? Or a world generated from my memories? Though there are many similarities to my previous world, there are still quite a few differences…’

“Our target is her, you can leave!” The leader said in a low voice. Being one of the few higher-ups that knew of the existence of Mutants, how could he not be afraid of Leylin’s abilities?

“Scram!” But Leylin only looked at them apathetically as if he was looking at prey.

“You-” The leader’s face flushed with anger.

He pulled out a glimmering ring from his waist.

“Magnetic Hybrid Storm No. 2! This is specially created to counter weapons created by Mutants! If you are to leave now, we will treat it as nothing happened.”

“Hm, interesting!” The ring disappeared from the leader’s hand in an instant and showed up in Leylin’s.

“Spatial power? Or high-speed movement?” Cold sweat gathered on the leader’s forehead.

“How ignorant and stupid!” Leylin looked at them sympathetically and colour drained from the leader’s face.

This was a Mutant who allowed him no chance of resistance and who could snatch the weapon from his hand in seconds. Leylin was definitely someone beyond what he could handle, and it was highly possible for his whole team would die here!

“We have to leave quickly!” The leader shouted as a mini laser gun appeared in his hand. He aimed several fatal beams at Leylin.

*Pew!* All the laser rays were blocked by a golden curtain before flames burst forth.

The massive flames illuminated the surroundings with a fiery red glow, the last sight this leader would see before he left the world.

Carol stood rooted to the ground, suddenly realising that the Leylin in front of her was very much different from the Leylin she knew. He seemed a lot more confident and exuded a monstrous aura. Although she thought of things such as power and aura as a joke, she learnt then that there was true power in this world.

Just a mere flash of red light could turn those threatening enemies into ashes. If someone with such power wasn’t greater than the rest, who was?

“You are Carol, right?” In front of her stood the person she was familiar with speaking with a voice she was familiar with, but she couldn’t help but move back.

“Who are you? Don’t come near me! Where is Leylin?” Tears gathered in the girl’s eyes. She wanted to leave this person, but an invisible force brought her in front of him.

“Are you the focal point in this world?” Leylin smiled gently at her and began to say things that made her mind spin. “Through the allure of choices presented to me and tricking me into making decisions through emotions, my truesoul will forever be confined in this makeshift world huh?”

Carol knew the meaning of each individual word Leylin was saying but was confused at their intended meaning.

“Seems like someone’s been targeting me…” Leylin touched his chin, “A.I. Chip, how do I get out?”

[Beep! Host body affected by unknown radiation, truesoul at a loss.] [Beep! Fog appeared in host’s sea of consciousness, affecting cognitive abilities. Beginning projection of guiding coordinates…]

The A.I. Chip’s reply came instantly this time, accompanied with numerous status updates.

The A.I. Chip was fused with leylin’s very soul. No matter where he went, his truesoul’s survival meant the A.I. Chip’s survival. Enemies stood a chance of intercepting this connection for a short while, but they couldn’t break it.

The A.I. Chip was continuously trying to awaken Leylin’s truesoul. This was also why he was so quick to see through the hazy world so quickly.

“A.I. Chip, begin scan. The target is this entire world.” Leylin commanded.

[Beep! Mission established, scan beginning…] With the update after his advancement to Radiant Moon, the changes were not merely cosmetic. The Chip’s various functions had been updated as well.

[Scanning 3D structure! Instability detected! Absence of plane curves, concluded as unstable world!] [Curse detected. Concluded as dream curse.]

The A.I. Chip responded quickly.

“As expected, someone dragged me into a trance with a curse… “ Leylin’s face slowly warped as he read through the data.

“In order to break out of this trance, we have to start from the ‘key’ of this world and then neutralise the counterattack!” Leylin came to Carol.

“W-What do you want? Don’t come near me!” Carol moved backwards in fear, but Leylin maintained his poker face and pointed a finger at her forehead.

*Boom!* The world shook, and Carol fell down.

Though she had yet to die, Leylin could feel the connection between her and some form of entity weakening.

“Carol is only a shell, the counterattack should be coming soon after I’m done dealing with the ‘key’!” Leylin said, floating in mid-air as the very space vibrated.

“Gail, look! That person over there, he looks like Leylin!” Serway’s jaw dropped.

“It, it really is him! Did he become a superhero?” Gail ruffled her hair and seemed to be a little dizzy. Had her useless brother been pretending all along, hiding a secret life as a superhero? Was he one of those who secretly guarding the world’s peace?

A piercing anti-aircraft alarm sounded, and violet light filled the entire city. A large number of UFOs surrounded the area, armoured men flying out from within. Complex energy circuits flashed from on their armours, that worn by the troops from before complete trash in comparison.

These people with peculiar energy undulations should’ve been the Mutants that the leader of those troops was talking about. They looked pretty advanced.

“UFOs… Is this the extraterrestrial colonisation fleet of the federation? God!” Many students and passersby started screaming on the ground. The few figures in front especially made them feel like they were suffocating just by looking at them.

Delusion and reality, illusion and mystery, things that only existed in conjectures, were all suddenly appearing front of everyone’s eyes, giving them a strong sense of intangibility.

A ray of blue light scanned over Leylin’s body, and the scanned data flashed across the glasses of the person leading the troop. It was like he instantly knew Leylin’s identity.

“Leylin, year 3 student of Innocent Saints High School… How dare you use your powers carelessly in public as a Mutant? Return with us to the headquarters to receive your punishment!”

“Well…” Leylin shook his head and sighed, “Why weren’t you here before when we were being attacked? And now you come over with such speed when everything’s solved? I protest!” The mocking tone in Leylin’s voice caused the person to furrow his brows. He decided to teach a good lesson to the arrogant young man in front of him.

“Who do you think you are? The headquarters only take actions against our own kind; humans are exempted. Prepare to be tried for your crimes!”

The troop leader waved his hand, and two figures ran towards Leylin.

“Hmm… As expected, weakness is a sin no matter what world you’re in.” Leylin sighed, and frenzied energy undulations burst forth from his body.

*Whoosh!* Huge clouds of smog wrapped around two Mutants. The sound of blood dripping was heard, and when the smog cleared, a few damaged bones and metal components fell down. The two people were nowhere to be seen.

*Boom!* The glasses of the leader’s eyes exploded, the scratches from the shrapnel forming blood red lines across his face. Yet, he didn’t seem to care at all, only glaring at Leylin as he muttered in disbelief, “Silvan-ranked! He is a Silvan-ranked Mutant!”

Many of them took a step back, as if realising they’d been surrounding a monster all this while.

Mutant of the Silvan-ranked is the highest of all the levels as of current times. They only existed in rumours, and were strong enough to cause energy probes to blow up!

The thought of going against someone of this standard made many of the troop members shudder.

“If the situation is as such, your Grace, shall we…” The leader clenched his teeth and walked forward, but Leylin did not want to waste any more time on them.

“What a group of clowns. The counter-measures of this world are weak, so weak that I’m disappointed!” A tiny black orb appeared on his finger, and he flicked it forward.

“You lot haven’t seen real strength! The pitch-black orb absorbed all light, causing space itself to collapse.

The terrifying turbulence enveloped all the UFOs and enemies.

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        ““Mutants? Is this what your world calls people with mysterious powers?” Leylin laughed and placed his hands behind his back, sizing up his surroundings with a sense of nostalgia. ‘Is this a dream? Or a world generated from my memories? Though there are many similarities to my previous world, there are still quite a few differences…’”

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    None of this is to disparage the translator who is doing a good job.

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  4. I’d rather have this then the jumping around for god knows why and multiple unexplained power-ups in order to excuse a character who shouldn’t have been able to do a certain feat. Leylin grows and is constantly learning there is a logical progression. He has to struggle and doesn’t just constantly smack the faces of every person who looks at him the wrong way. He bows his head when he needs to and returns disrespect at an appropriate time(not immediately and against the most powerful person in the room). WMW is by no means a perfect novel but the way the story is written is one I’d like other novels to take a page out of.

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