WMW Chapter 611

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Extraction and Elimination

*CHIIII—* The very moment Arwen was taken away, a piercing sound exploded in the icy castle, causing the air to quiver and the ground to tremble.

Large numbers of guards knelt on the ground, shuddering as they begged the Arctic Queen to quell her anger.

However, their prayers were to no avail.

A dazzling blue light swept out, wrapping up the entire castle within. The icy beings in the castle, be they guards, maids, servants, or prisoners, all turned into ice sculptures. Streams of blue light gathered from their bodies, tunnelling into the ground like earthworms.

*Whoosh!* When all the blue lustre disappeared from the ice sculptures, numerous cracks appeared on them as they crumbled apart to form a snow-white powder. The castle sank into a deathly silence.

Meanwhile, in another place deep underground.

The steel-like ice opened up automatically, showing a structure similar to a basement. An Eternal Light spell illuminated the entire area.

Many beakers and tools were placed on a translucent tabletop, seemingly in a mess yet possessing some kind of order. Some of the beakers were full of colourful, even smelly fluids.

Leylin stood at the simplified laboratory table, watching the stone statue that was once Arwen at the centre of the spell formation, a teasing look on his face.

This Five Star Morning Star, someone who was considered the leader of the world of ice, had now been turned into a mere stone statue. Even his soul had been frozen completely, leaving behind a shell that still had life force within.

Based on previous experience, he would get the best results when the breath of the Icy Jade Scorpion was used together with icy radiation.

And in order to preserve the freshness of the material, Arwen was forced to suffer, becoming Leylin’s captive. He would definitely not meet a good end.

‘When I probed the area during my entry to this place, there was still a more mysterious aura than Arwen’s in the icy castle. Was that the Arctic Queen?’ Leylin frowned, and threads of blood-red light were emitted by a spell formation with but a thought. They began to spread to the inner parts of the stone sculpture.

“Hand over your memories, little lamb that has lost its way!” Leylin’s eyes were serene as he chanted some kind of ancient incantation with a strange pitch. Runes began to disappear into the spell formation.

*Ooooo—* A woman’s wail sounded out, and three long-haired female figures appeared within the spell formation.

These three female youths wore blood-red dresses, not looking a day over thirty years of age. They seemed very pretty, but their expressions were varied.

One was beaming, the crescent of her eyes so pronounced that they were practically closed. The other showed distress, while the one in the middle was emotionless, like a block of ice.

“Go!” Leylin pointed towards the statue. The three female figures floated and circled the stone statue, occasionally extending translucent hands into the stone statue’s brain.

Afterwards, three red figures entered Arwen’s mind, and the stone statue shook continuously. The spell formation had no choice but to strengthen the seal.

“Arghhh—” In that moment, the ghastly wailing increased tenfold in volume, a layer of demonic blood emanating from Arwen’s body.

[Reached critical period. Target is about to break down.] The A.I. Chip produced a timely reminder.

“Come back, my darlings!” Leylin’s eyes were filled with a strange light as he made a very attractive sound.

As if some invisible force-field had appeared, the three figures were pulled out from within the stone statue.

The three figures’ varying expressions had been enhanced further. They shrank to a tenth of their original size, gathering on top of Leylin’s palm. Boiling hot, complicated emotions flooded Leylin’s mind.

“Chaotic emotions as well as memory fragments…. A.I. Chip!” Leylin immediately commanded.

*Rumble!* The surge of complicated emotions seemed to have hit a tall mountain. Though Morning Star Warlocks had intense emotions, they were merely complicated hormone secretions to be recorded down for the unfeeling A.I. Chip.

Once the emotions were intercepted, the A.I. Chip began to arrange the scattered and fragmented memories.

One after another, scattered images were formed in front of Leylin’s eyes. They were very fragmented, and even with the A.I. Chip’s reorganisation Leylin could not find any information that was significant.

After the extensive data was transmitted, the three spirits in Leylin’s hands exploded, dissipating like a fog. Leylin’s expression did not change as he sighed.

“Extracting the memories of a Morning Star is truly troublesome…” The soul force of a Morning Star Magus was extremely powerful, and memories protected by it were akin to the most stable fort. Leylin could destroy it with ease, but he would find it difficult to find the content within, even with the support of the A.I. Chip.

However, with its strengthened abilities and the database on the soul, the A.I. Chip was able to give Leylin a nice surprise.

An image that was not quite as incomplete was projected before Leylin. This was a map of the world of ice, with a red dot of light at the centre. It was extremely dazzling.

As he zoomed in, the red light was magnified, revealing a castle built entirely of ice. Multicolour light formed a splendid view of it.

“Such dense icy radiation?” Leylin sucked in a cold breath. He could now confirm that the bloodline of the female bronze giant was within the palace.

“But where’s the Arctic Queen?” Leylin asked with doubt as he skimmed through the other information found by the A.I. Chip. However, there were no records of this Queen, which was rather interesting.

Even if the Arctic Queen rarely showed herself, Arwen who was her number one subordinate should have had opportunities to meet her.

“Memory seals?” Leylin touched his chin. Some Magi could choose to store or seal their important memories, and that was an even easier task for Morning Star Magi.

‘It looks like this mysterious Arctic Queen has a lot of secrets…’ Leylin shook his head and commanded, “A.I. Chip, begin the second phase. Obtain the Icy Breath and purify the bloodline.”

Arwen’s memories were merely an appetiser. The full course that Leylin was waiting on was the unique Icy Breath that belonged to the Icy Jade Scorpion. It was very effective for his emotional instability.

On top of that, Leylin had the premonition that for Giant Kemoyin Serpents, rank 4 should not be the limit. However for some reason, be it because of genes restrictions or the influences from the Purgatory World, Giant Kemoyin Serpents had lost the ability to evolve further.

If he could completely treat his emotional imbalance, his grasp of the Kemoyin bloodline would reach unprecedented levels.

Only after reaching this state would he have the confidence to attempt at tackling the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline issue.

With Leylin’s command, the A.I. Chip began its precise task. Arwen’s statistics in all aspects were recorded, and it formulated the most accurate plan of operation, presenting it before Leylin.

“Record all the information in its entirety!” Leylin took out a silver surgical knife witch complicated patterns on it, eyes emanating a heated radiance.

‘Dissecting an ancient bloodline creature completely, especially one at the Morning Star realm, is not an easy opportunity to come by…’

[Mission established. Beginning recording.] The A.I. Chip intoned loyally.

“Begin!” Leylin was now wearing a snow-white gown, the plastic gloves on his hands having gone through rigorous sterilisation. With the power of magic, while it looked primal, the level of this laboratory was rather similar with the one in Leylin’s previous world, and in certain ways even surpassed it!

*Thud!* A layer of rocky skin fell, revealing the skin and flesh on Arwen’s arm.

Under Leylin’s surgical knife, the two were easily separated to reveal translucent blood vessels…

*Swish!* A black ray of light streaked through the horizon, as glorious as a shooting star.

Leylin’s eyes were like stars, a hint of glee in his expression.

“I feel better than I’ve ever felt before!” Feeling the coldness in his mind and no longer having any jittery emotions, Leylin was in a great mood.

The icy breath from the Morning Star ranked Arwen was the best medicine for Leylin’s emotional instability. Added to the soul treatment with help from the A.I. Chip, the negative effects that came together with fusing with the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s soul had been completely eliminated.

In other words, the chaotic World Will that had come from the Snake Dowager migrating the entire species to the Purgatory World was now forever gone from his body!

[Beep! Host has removed influence from chaotic World Will. Kemoyin bloodline being purified…] the A.I. Chip called to his attention.

When he looked with his soul force, the purplish-red bloodline in his body now ran deeper, and each time his heart pulsed a purifying force was pumped to all parts of his body. The various parts of his body reacted strangely to this purifying force, resulting in a complete transformation from head to toe.

‘Morning Star soul force is supposed to nourish a Magus’ body, transforming it qualitatively in order to form the perfect Morning Star body… That is supposed to be equivalent to the standard of a normal Heavenly Astral. Not only does my current body already surpass this so-called standard, it even has a chance of evolving further…’

Leylin felt that after his bloodline’s transformation was complete, he would be able to peek at an even more terrifying realm. The natural rank of their bloodline was what prevented Kemoyin Warlocks from ever advancing to rank 5. However, there was currently a high possibility that he would be able to break past that!

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