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Arctic Tribe

When the formidable soul force of a peak Morning Star, which could even rival a Radiant Moon, swept across the area, the entire world of ice started to bubble with activity.

The power of a rank 4 was something that a great many of the icy beasts could not resist. When Leylin’s soul force swept over, they could only lower their heads to express their humility, hoping that they wouldn’t anger the owner of this soul force.

The energy of a Morning Star, however, also awakened other presences.

In the depths of a castle constructed completely with ice, the frost radiation was so rich that it had hit its limit. Colourful streams of light could even be seen twinkling continuously in the air.

“Arwen!” A cold voice resonated in thin air. Although there was no radiation of energy, it could make the surrounding space tremble faintly.

“Your Majesty, your most loyal servant Arwen is here!” An elderly man dressed in the clothes of a butler walked out of thin air and kneeled towards the source of the voice. He looked incomparably respectful. This man’s hair was combed so neatly that not a single strand was out of place, yet his eyes shone with a strange crimson radiance.

His skin was eerily fair, exposing translucent green veins and red arteries.

“Did you sense it?” The female voice asked.

“Yes! A foreign Morning Star has arrived in your territory!” The old man spoke with respect. He was able to sense that Leylin’s soul force was different, which had to be of Morning Star rank at the very least!

“A foreign Morning Star is very important to my evolution. Go! Capture him and bring him to me!” the female voice said.

“Your wish is my command!” The old man accepted his orders respectfully and retreated.

It was when he got up that an abnormality appeared. While the top half of his body had the appearance of a human, the bottom half strangely took the form of a scorpion.

When the butler left, the entire icy castle immediately started to rouse from its slumber like a lion and went into operations.

“All of you, go! Immediately send out a signal once you discover an unfamiliar strong intruder!” The butler, Arwen, stood on top of the tall castle, his voice spreading to every corner below.

As he overlooked everything, large amounts of icy giants in armour started to roar, circular icy shields and blue spears in hand.

The huge door of the icy castle creaked open, and squadrons of icy giants headed out just like human patrol teams. They disappeared into a flurry of snow as far as the eye could see in minutes.

Only Arwen was left standing alone at the highest point of the castle, his thoughts a mystery.

Leylin, of course, had no idea about what was happening there. However, he had already mentally prepared himself after displaying his soul force. Thus, with the icy scorpion under his control, he hurried towards the place nearby where the life aura was the most concentrated.

The Icy Cave that Nature’s Alliance controlled previously was only a passageway. It was here that the real world of ice lay…

The humongous icy scorpion galloped wildly across the ice plains with Leylin on its back. Leylin sat cross-legged, dispatching a few shadow servants in his tracks from time to time to pick a few fruits as well as botanical stems, leaves and the such.

He was now examining a fruit that looked like an apple, his eyes aglow.

[Beep! Unknown fruit detected, composition has been recorded. Please give it a name!] The A.I. Chip responded faithfully.

“Frozen Apple! Classify under Icy World: Botany.” Leylin ordered.

[Recorded. Graphic and composition have been recorded under Icy World data, subject: Botany.]

“Mm,” Leylin nodded. The apple in his hand was covered with a layer of blue ice. Using his fingernail, he swiftly sliced a piece and popped it in his mouth. 

It felt like a piece of ice— no, a sensation even colder than that of ice spread in his mouth. If it was any normal human, a mere touch would perhaps freeze them to death, forget consuming it! Yet, Leylin who had a vitality of above 100 was already immune to most of the dangers in the world of ice. Hence, to him, it was as cold as ice cream was for an average person.

“Tastes pretty good, just that it’s a little too sweet.” Leylin had little interest and threw the frozen apple in his hand to the Icy Scorpion.

*Chik chik!* The Icy Scorpion whined excitedly and swallowed the frozen apple in one bite. After arriving here, it seemed to have become more lively. Leylin watched this while lost in thought.

‘Judging by the number of rank 3 spies and guardians at the passageway previously, the Icy Jade Scorpion wouldn’t have made it here if it came alone…’ Leylin raised his head and took a look at the world of ice. “The icy radiation here is even more terrifyingly concentrated; maybe if we stay for a while more, this Icy Jade Scorpion will be able to evolve to a higher level…”

Since the world of ice was born from the blood of the female bronze giant, the icy radiation would grow more powerful the closer one was to the source.

As long as he searched for the place on the basis of this rule, all conspiracies and methods of concealment would be rendered useless.

Moreover, Leylin discovered that more icy creatures gathered at the places with more icy radiation. They seemed to serve as a form of all-around protection.

“Hmm… The source of the radiation… there’s a Morning Star there, but there’s also an even stranger aura…”Leylin furrowed his brows. Initially, though the aura was very weak, it felt exceptionally dangerous, hence he did not dare to act rashly.

“They should have discovered me already. I wonder how they will deal with me?” The corners of Leylin’s lips curled into a faint smile. At this moment, the huge Icy Scorpion had broken through an ice tornado, and it arrived opposite an ice canyon.

Enormous icicles littered the place, layering on top of each other to form a fortified hill village. There were even a few icy creatures patrolling above.

“Intelligent icy beings?” Leylin exclaimed, and then he urged the Icy Scorpion to head towards it.

“Stand still, intruder! If not, you will suffer from the combined attack of the Aufker Canyon!” The guards on the fort had long discovered Leylin, and hence began to yell at him.

With his astonishing vitality came powerful vision; it allowed Leylin to clearly spot the creatures in the canyon in a split second.

They both belonged to entirely different species. One was a giant more than three metres tall with icy-blue skin, patterned with ice elemental runes. It was covered in a layer of frost.

These giants had boorish facial features, and the harsh lines across their faces emphasised their manliness, a distinctive feature of male creatures.

The other type was an elegant snow fairy with translucent wings and a slim figure. Large amounts of ice energy particles condensed around them, much like a miniature tornado. Most of these fairies were very pretty, and they were likely all female.

‘Wait, are these the two genders of the same race? The frost giant males being exceedingly strong in terms of physical strength and defensive capabilities, and the snow fairy females that specialise in ice element spells?’

Leylin noticed one other thing as he made his conjecture. He understood their language, and this was because it was some variant of the ancient Byron language.

Seeing that their language was centered around the Byron language, it seemed like the influence that the Magus World had on the Icy World had was not small.

“I am a foreign Magus, and I wish to see your leader!” Leylin made the Icy Scorpion stop in front of the village, and slowly started to speak. Although his voice was not very loud, it was somehow transmitted far away.

There was some movement, and soon after, a few frost giants came running down.

Leylin seemed to be waiting quietly, but he was actually using the A.I. Chip to scan for information and statistics on these intelligent icy creatures.

[Frost Giant (unnamed) Strength: 50.9, Agility: 10.1, Vitality: 40.1, Spiritual force: 80, Innate skill: 1) Frost Skin: The skin of the frost giant has extremely high resistance towards frost radiation, which may even cause the natural formation of a spell rune. It is an important material in the manufacture of some frost magic weapons. 2) Freeze Rebirth: Its astonishing vitality gives the frost giant terrifying recovering powers. In the Icy World, if increased by two energy levels, such recovering powers may even achieve the effect of regrowth of broken limbs!] [Snow Fairy (unnamed) Strength: 10.3, Agility: 37.6, Vitality: 20.5, Spirit: 157.3, Magic Power: 157, Innate skill: 1) Frost Attraction: Snow fairies have a natural affinity for ice energy particles, and may produce innate ice spells following advancements in rank. 2) Ice Tornado: The rich ice energy particles provide extremely strong defence for snow fairies. They automatically generate an ice tornado for protection, that has a similar effect to the Magi’s Defiant Ring of Flame.]

He randomly drew data from two of them, and the A.I. Chip immediately displayed specific statistics on the targets. The current A.I. Chip could get information about even those in the Morning Star realm without their knowledge. These members of this race were only at rank 1 or 2, and would not be able to detect it at all.

“Indeed, these two races, which have such glaring differences in body size, are in fact just two forms of the same race!”

Leylin gasped secretly. The work of nature, and the mysterious majesty of the other worlds, all contributed to his strong thirst for knowledge.

They didn’t make him wait for long. In practically a few minutes, the gigantic ice doors opened with a rumble. Squadrons of frost knights riding on huge icy monsters came forth.

These riders were all frost giants, and they were seated on all kinds of monsters, all with strange, unique appearances. There were wolves, bears, cheetahs and other forms, but they were all covered in blue frost. It was as though humongous ice sculptures were roaring at Leylin with deep voices.

In the centre of the riders’ formation were many snow fairies who had rich concentrations of ice energy particles swirling around them. They stood guard around a double-headed creature.

This creature examined Leylin, and although its eyes revealed a trace of bewilderment, it still spread open its arms, “I am the leader here, Yamos Andre. Welcome, guest from a foreign place!”

Leylin sized up this leader. He was flabbergasted but instantly restrained himself.

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  1. I actually love the storyline progression, for so long the divide between 1 mage level to another was utterly unquestionable…. But only now 607 chapters in do we start seeing little pieces of entropy which completely destroy the paradigm of absolute strength determined by level… The slow purification of Leylins accent to Rank 3, the morning star blood and now the blood runes of these creatures that seemingly allow the creatures to possess greater strength then their own rank.

    It is taking a very simple storyline and adding complexities to it slowly… Rather than the typical paradigm where upon encountering X or Y the protagonist accesses some OP potential or powerup (super-saiyan syndrome) that makes fiction similar to this all the more dull.

    1. I really like the point you make. Leylin wasn’t really ever like those “oh i’m this level but i can surpass those 12 levels above me” He was forced to run from those of higher levels, he knew when he had to lay low in order to gather strength, and the times when he is able to fight someone of a higher level, there is an actual and logic explanation. He could fight the Morning star at peak crystal only because the AI chip could help him control the disaster at that specific place. He was able to fight the Radiant moon because he had to use one of his trump cards which took a lot of work to obtain and of which he only has one shot left. It is so much more reasonable then a lot more of the cultivation novels where levels are straight up pointless (cough cough, ATG MGA). It’s not like i don’t dislike those stories, its just this story is just a lot better imo

      1. Hey Hey I really like ATG… although the story has been annoying a bit… I don’t mind the ridiculousness of ATG… How How is this kid such a freaking god… The answer is simple “I am Yun Che and I am Mighty”

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          1. Dao I get it man I do I really do… If he got the flower AFTER the conference, shit might make sense… But he already made the deal to LEAVE early…. to PRIORITIZE Jasmine’s body being revived etc etc etc. Now I’m gonna go risk my life in a room full of the most powerful profound practitioners all of whom are strangers and more than half of which would be happy to see me dead.

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          …but you yourself must also be able to appreciate the methodical and calculated to either gain power or run long enough for Leylin to survive the way he does and that more realistic feel.

          I love ATG/MGA/WDQK don’t get me wrong but their way of jumping through power levels is such a huge stretch hahaha

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  2. To be honest, this is a worry of mine. Such a “logical” novel is a rarity in xianxia (in my opinion) and now I’m wondering what’s going to happen once WMW finishes. I really hope OMA can come up with a similar novel to translate.
    Also, as a fellow writer, fluctlight, is it me or is the writing getting a little sloppier?? I’m not saying the story’s bad, I’m talking about the actual writing style. It seems to slip in and out of what one might consider this author’s (WMW’s) style and that of more mainstream novels.

    1. I think it may have something to do with how quick the translations are right now, it may be that some of the quality is being lost due to the overwhelming number of chapters being popped out; it may be that the author was simply struggling with the story, perhaps he was falling back on traditional cliches to get out the chapters while having some writer’s block, or he is at a point where he is struggling to connect some preconceived plot points? Anyway I am still personally enjoying it nonetheless. Also I find the amount of authors on this site interesting lol.

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