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Leylin Farlier!

This name was a legend in Twilight Zone, a myth. His stories were passed down as legends, sang of in praise by numerous bards!

And now, this legend had once more appeared before their eyes.

“Quite a few interesting things seem to have happened in my absence.” Leylin looked around as he said this, and many directors took a few steps back in order, be they rank 1 Magi or rank 2.

Finally, a rank 2 Magus could not take it anymore. He fell to his knees with a thud, and called out, “Master Leylin, please forgive me! I never wished to betray you, and was only forced by Banker.”

As someone from the same generation as Leylin, this Magus named Akazawa knew well about him and his ruthless ways. This was why Leylin’s appearance frightened him, almost to the point of wetting his pants.

And just like that, as if via a domino effect, more and more Magi knelt, all their knees banging into the ground. Regardless of the effort Banker had put into establishing ties with them and threatening them, it was all a joke in front of Leylin..

“Didn’t you want me to come before? Well, I’m here now, what do you have to say?” Leylin glanced at Banker, almost not bothering to even talk to small fry like him. Banker realised the sarcasm in his tone immediately.

“Loke’s Shadow!” Banker’s face turned green for a moment, then red before his fake domain spread out. Energy at rank 3 spread out, and a low-grade magic artifact twinkled in his hands.

Banker unleashed his strongest attack with confidence, and dashed straight towards Leylin.

He was very clear that Leylin’s appearance had ruined all his plans. He only had one hope now; he had to smash apart the myth with his own hands, to defeat Leylin! And he was confident in doing that, in his inheritance.

An enormous ‘domain’ opened up, pushing even many rank 2 Magi to the side. The ferocious and berserk force caused a change in the expressions of many Magi.

“What a commendable courage!” Leylin squinted his eyes slightly, and the piece of low-grade magic equipment in Banker’s hands shattered apart inch by inch. Following that was the fake domain, The rank 3 radiance was snuffed out, and a layer of ash grey stone appeared on the surface of Banker’s body. Within moments, he had become nothing more than a stone statue.

The surface of the statue captured the frantic look on Banker’s face perfectly.

It was like a clown trying to run away, highly comical.

“Didn’t you want to be honoured, for your legacy to be passed down? Very well, this statue can be placed at the plaza of Nature’s Alliance, it’ll be a good contrast!” Leylin nodded, and the place fell into a dead silence. Many of the Magi present felt like they were dreaming.

What had they just seen? The strong rank 3 Banker had attacked Leylin at full force, but his opponent simply blinked his eyes and he’d turned into a statue. Even his soul had been annihilated!

This Radiant Guardian was evidently quite a bit more terrifying than in the legends!

“What? Anyone else wants to interfere in the internal affairs of my Nature’s Alliance Academy?” Leylin looked around.

By this time, Barca and Banker’s other loyal followers had already had a bad premonition, and began to retreat one after the other. The lights of teleportation burst forth as well.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* Blood sprayed like fireworks as Barca and the rest combusted into bits and pieces, filling the whole sky.

A scalding rain of morselized flesh fell onto the faces and shoulders of the Magi present on scene. However, not a single person dared to wipe anything off, forget stopping it.

‘The Radiant Guardian didn’t even move his hands, and there were no energy waves from spells at all. How did those rank 2 Magi…?’ Shocked to the extreme, the hearts of the Magi at the scene were already growing sluggish.

“N–No, no objections at all! Director Celine’s achievements are obvious to everyone!” They really did not dare to come forward again.

As for these rank 1s and 2s, Leylin could indeed easily kill a whole bunch of them with just a slight puff of air. He simply could not be bothered with people of their power anymore.

“Leylin!” Celine stepped forward, an excitement in her voice which surprised him.

Originally, he’d thought that after he left the power hungry Celine would not be eager at all for his return. But from what it seemed, the passage of time had instead made this woman think about his good points.

Leylin could not help but break into laughter. He directly sat in the host’s seat while Celine stood respectfully at one side.

The eyes of the other Magi who had supported Celine previously, like Iren, Gordius, Will, and the others, were all brimming with ecstasy.

They were mostly under Celine due to her having their spirit sources, and had no choice but to force themselves to support her. Although this was the case, with Leylin’s reappearance, not only had things taken a new turn immediately, their efforts were even more than amply rewarded.

Leylin did not care about Iren and the others. Instead, he directed his gaze onto a young Magus. This brightly handsome Magus was actually the one who was the most supportive of Celine just now.

“This is Magus Will! A second generation student of Nature’s Alliance Academy. He has already advanced to become an official Magus and is a professor in the institution…” Celine rushed to introduce him to Leylin.

“Of course I know that…” Leylin smiled. As he looked at Will, he found his face familiar.

“Your mother, is she well?” Leylin suddenly asked.

“Hm? My mother?” In his heart, Will was extremely shocked. He did not know why Leylin suddenly asked such a question but he still answered, “My mother was just an acolyte, it’s been over 50 years since she passed away…”

“I see…” Leylin sighed with a rasp in his tone, “Time is the great enemy of all living creatures…”

“Lord Radiant Guardian, did you know my mother?” Will became excited. Ever since he was born, he had never seen his father. He heard from his mother that his father had gone to do something very important and righteous but never returned. Could it be…

Leylin’s question and Will’s answer had an extremely deep meaning. Not only the surrounding Magi, even Celine made a bad association. She looked at Leylin, and analysed Will. Her eyes reflected a thoughtful expression, and nobody knew what she was thinking.

If her conjecture was true, even if Will was a capable assistant, she would have to suppress him slightly in the future in secret. However, on the surface, they should appear to be more intimate.

If Leylin knew about Celine’s thoughts, he would definitely roll his eyes ruthlessly. Even though time had passed, Celine was still that power hungry creature from before.

“We pay our respects to the Radiant Guardian! We hope the Lord will lead us to defeat the allied armies once again!”

By this time, Banker and his followers had all been annihilated. With the support of Leylin whose strength was unfathomable, what other choices did the attending Magi have? They immediately knelt down respectfully.

Although Banker and Celine had invited them as allies, in front of the fierce Leylin how would these Magi dare to act big? One after another, they began to label themselves as subordinates.

Leylin’s eyes scanned over them slightly, and, “You all disappoint me…” The very first sentence he spoke made the many kneeling Magi break out in such a fierce cold sweat that it drenched their clothes.

“The other tribes’ allied army has already reached the gate, and you’re still fighting for power over such a trivial thing.” Leylin shook his head, pity in his expression.

“Gate?” Celine covered her mouth and gasped in surprise.

“What?” The Magi below also began to clamour; this news was really too shocking.

“Why? You thought that those other tribes would wait quietly at Potti City?” A mocking smirk flashed across the corner of Leylin’s lips as he thought of an idea.

The Magi who were present suddenly felt an enormous force locking up their entire bodies. They were unable to use any sort of spells, and soon after they felt very dizzy as if the whole world was spinning.

When they came back to their senses, they had already left the venue as a group and were somewhere outdoors.

Opposite them, a group of dark elves, gnomes in mechanical suits, and even beast emperors were staring with wide open eyes, surprised by their sudden appearance.

Celine’s eyes were filled with confusion for a moment, but she responded immediately after that. “This is… the mountainous region outside Nature’s Alliance, you all were indeed preparing a sneak attack!” Her limbs could not help but feel ice-cold.

In front of them were obviously the elites of the other races. Every one of them had strength at least equivalent to a rank 1 Magus, and there also quite a few rank 3 powerhouses. If they had taken the opportunity to launch an ambush while she was fighting Banker, it would certainly spell a great defeat for the humans of Twilight Zone. Forget the rest, even Nature’s Alliance Academy would not be able to protect itself. And after Banker died, the entirety of Twilight Zone… Celine didn’t dare to think further.

‘To be able to suppress all of us Magi instantly, and bring us here without any resistance, that means that if the Radiant Guardian wanted to, he wouldn’t need much effort to just eliminate us all.…’ Contrary to Celine, the other Magi were instead shocked at the terrifying strength that Leylin had displayed.

Not only had he just killed Banker a few moments ago, but he had also transported this entire group. This had used just a small fraction of Leylin’s strength, and it left them without the slightest thought of resistance.

“Human Magi! You could actually see past our concealment?” A laughing voice spread out as the dark elves separated to expose a queen dressed in a golden robe.

This queen had an exquisite face, sharps ears, and the energy waves emitted from her body had impressively reached the rank 3 level.

After she came out a sturdy dwarf as well as a gnome steering a large machine walked out as well. Beside them, a few beast emperors that let loose terrifying howls.

“Rank 3! All rank 3 powerhouses!” Numerous Magi murmured despondently.

Leave aside the legendary queen of the dark elves for now, it was unexpected for the tribes such as the dwarves and gnomes to produce rank 3s after a long period of suppression.

Including the beast emperors, there were a total of six rank 3 powerhouses gathered here!

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