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Changes in the North

The passing of time could erase everything. More than a hundred years passed, and the number of Magi who could still remember the mighty Leylin were few and far between.

If not for the longevity of Magi, the situation now would definitely be much more severe. Celine might even have been stripped of her position as director long ago.

But even now, things were far from good.

Among the Magi in the entire Twilight Zone, Banker was the only rank 3, and thus he had a good reputation. He even tried to imitate Leylin, and wanted to crown himself as the Radiant Guardian, and even the emperor of all of mankind! His attempts, however, were futile.

Celine could distinctly see the ambition in Banker’s eyes, but could not stop him.

Most of the academies in the other regions were already relying on Banker’s help.

There was no doubt that he would exert pressure on Celine during the exchange between the academies, as well as the establishment of the allied armies.

‘How will I get through this one?’ Celine was at a loss. The tricks that Leylin had left her could only deal with rank 2 Magi at most. There were clearly limitations if used against a rank 3 Magus.

The mere proof of Leylin’s existence would not be enough to obstruct this Magus’ insatiable greed and ambition. Celine was very clear about this.

*Bang!* At this moment, the door of the office suddenly swung open, and a youthful Magus entered.

He had wine red eyes, and his long blue hair was not tied up, but instead cascaded down to his shoulders. There was a frightening power surrounding him.

“Lord… Lord Banker!” Another female Magus from before hurriedly rushed to salute him.

“Director! I bring good news. Doroy Snail Academy and Ray College have acceded to my request, and have agreed to rely mainly on us, Nature’s Alliance. They will elect the allied armies as the ruling party!”

Banker eyed Celine’s silhouette greedily.

Celine furrowed her brows, “Banker! Don’t you know that you have to knock before entering my office? Or do you no longer have the most basic of manners?”

“This place will soon undergo a change of hands anyway!” Banker seemed absolutely unrestrained.

“Have you considered my previous suggestion?”

“Impossible! Don’t you forget that I am Leylin’s wife!” Celine’s face flushed red.

“Indeed! A woman who has been abandoned in the Twilight Zone for more than a hundred years…” Banker shrugged his shoulders. He looked at the obsidian statue in the plaza, especially the radiance above it. A trace of restraining fear flashed distinctly in his eyes.

“When I become the leader of the allied armies, this statue will be destroyed! Only a statue of me, Banker, is qualified to stand tall here! The next few days will be your last chance, think about it carefully!” Banker walked out, but his voice still resounded in the room.

Not only was Celine regarded with tremendous prestige, the Magus that Leylin left in her hands was controlled by the spirit. What was more crucial was that Leylin himself was still around. Although no one knew where he was, he was still alive, somewhere.

Banker was still rather afraid of his senior. If not for these apprehensions, he would have forcefully seized the position long ago.

Even so, Banker’s patience was rapidly wearing thin.

“What now, Director?” There was a hint of a sob in the female Magus’ voice.

“Let me think about it!” Worry was written across Celine’s face as she gazed at the statue of Leylin in the plaza. It might have been an illusion, but when she turned around, she felt as though the radiance above the statue seemed to have turned… brighter?


As the days passed by, numerous Magi rushed into the northern region unceasingly. Due to the underlying reason to deal with the other races, the exchange between the institutions was even more important.

The turbulent undercurrents in the subterranean world never stopped flowing. Not only were the human Magi plotting conspiracies of their own, the other races also played an extremely important role in the impending chaos.

In the vast yet solemn venue, the directors of all the academies were sitting around a long round table. They couldn’t help but turn their gaze towards the main seat in the centre.

The golden chair was adorned with many ornamental gems and appeared incomparably gorgeous. This seat was still vacant at present, but it could be inferred that only today’s victor would be able to occupy that spot and cry out his commands.

“President of Nature’s Alliance, Celine, and House Professor, Banker, have arrived!” A voice sounded abruptly, making the numerous directors turn their gazes towards the entrance.

Celine was there, dressed in a splendid ceremonial robe. She was accompanied by Banker. Banker was even walking in front of her.

“That’s too much! He’s not even the director yet!” Will, who was seated amongst the spectators, secretly clenched his fist.

He was brimming with rage at the thought of the director whom he had always admired being coerced into this. But as a mere official Magus, he had no way to confront a rank 3. This was a lesson he had learnt the hard way, through tears and blood.

“Director Celine!” “Director Celine!” “Director Celine!” A few well-acquainted Magi profusely greeted her, but even more people gathered around Banker, just like stars revolving around the moon as they grouped around their revered leader.

‘These fellows!’ Celine was secretly angry. When Leylin was still around, these Magi who were now kissing up to Banker, were all itching to kneel at her feet to express their loyalty. Now, they were betraying her without the slightest hesitation.

Even though she knew that the society of Magi followed the law of the jungle she couldn’t help but feel a tinge of discouragement.

Just as she was walking towards the seat in the centre, another Magus obstructed her. “Wait a minute!”

“What’s the matter, Director Barca?” Celine recognised him of course. This Magus was the president of Ray College, and had already been completely subdued by Banker.

“This is the main seat, only the president of Nature’s Alliance Institution is qualified to sit here! Don’t tell me you’re trying to disobey him?”

Celine raised her eyebrows. A greatly menacing air surrounded her. She was no longer the weak female Magus from before, but a formidable Magus who had undergone the trials of blood and fire, and had been promoted to rank 2!

The appearance of such an aura immediately weakened Barca’s imposing manner.

“Indeed! This conference should be hosted by the president of Nature’s Alliance Institution!” Banker walked out and the first sentence he uttered surprised Celine.

“Therefore, before the conference begins, I propose to first conduct the election for the president of Nature’s Alliance Institution!”

“You!” Celine was utterly enraged. The director of Nature’s Alliance had always been her, and that had never changed. Based on the traditions of Nature’s Alliance, only Celine’s disciples were qualified to succeed the institution. How could they choose the president based on an election?

However, Banker was now making use of this crucial moment, with the support of the other directors, to make Celine step down from office.

“That’s right! I am completely in favour of Banker’s suggestion. Besides, the strength of our lord Banker surpasses everyone else, and all of the Magi presents unanimously approve of his moral character. Thus, I recommend our lord, Banker!” President Barca raised his point immediately after some thought.

“That’s right! We stand by President Barca!”

“Well said!” Many Magi started to cause a din, especially a great many of the rank 2 professors from Nature’s Alliance Academy, who all stood behind Banker.

Only a handful of students and Magi who used to be controlled by Leylin stayed by Celine’s side.

“All of you…” Celine looked at the hostile Magi, and suddenly felt as though she was among a pack of wolves.

The green tint of greed glistened in the eyes of these Magi, seemingly waiting to tear her to shreds before devouring her.

“Look at that! The majority of the professors all support me! It seems that we don’t even need an election!”

No matter how self-restrained Banker was, he couldn’t help but be pleased with himself. He walked next to the main seat, and looked at Celine. “How about now? My suggestion from before still holds! I hope you won’t make a choice that will anger me!”

‘Among Magi, trickery and these tactics can only assist you, but ultimately it is one’s strength that is the deciding factor!’ Celine now understood why Leylin could abandon everything in the Twilight Zone, and resolutely go off in search of strength.

But it seems that it was a little too late.

“All of you!” Celine raised her head, her voice suddenly filled with pride. “Have you forgotten the former Radiant Guardian? Once Leylin returns, he definitely will not let any of you get away with this!”

Celine’s voice was sharp. Most of the Magi present knew how savage Leylin could be, and couldn’t help but hesitate at this point.

“Hmph! He’s just a rank 3 Magus all the same! If he dares come here, I will let him know who the ruler of the Twilight Zone is!”

Banker snorted coldly. Powerful undulations of a rank 3 Magus shook the place, and the illusion of holy light appeared behind him.

“A forcefield with such energy intensity that is infinitely close to a domain? Perhaps it can even surpass Leylin!” The other Magi were all in awe.

That’s right! Leylin still existed, but it was not known if he would return to Twilight Zone. Banker, however, was a true blue rank 3 Magus! Even more importantly, merely relying on one’s reputation to make others cower in fear was not enough.

Thus, many Magi started saluting profusely to Banker, “Lord Banker, please assume the position of Director of Nature’s Alliance, and lead the allied armies!”

The voices rose to a clamour, and Celine, who was sandwiched in between, seemed incomparably pale.

“Hahaha…” Banker started laughing like a maniac. The dream he had had for years has finally been fulfilled, and his heart was brimming with ecstasy. He could already see himself unifying the entire Twilight Zone, and the moment where he would become the supreme emperor!

Banker’s eyes twinkled and was about to take his place on the main seat. Right at this moment, strange changes started to occur.

“Is that so?” A black silhouette suddenly appeared, standing in Bank’s way. The mere eye contact they shared was enough to fill Banker with dread, as though he was meeting his nemesis.

Upon the sight of this figure, tears started to rush out of Celine’s eyes involuntarily.

“Who is he? Why do I find his appearance so familiar?” The many directors were dazed. It seemed that they knew all found him familiar, but couldn’t seem to recall his name.

“It’s the Radiant Guardian! The Radiant Guardian, Leylin Farlier!” Will, who was standing next to Celine, clenched his fist and shouted, his eyes aglow.

“Lord Leylin!” Following which, Iren, Gordius and the other elderly subordinates under Leylin’s previous command immediately bowed respectfully.

“It really is him!” The numerous Magi suddenly had a realisation. Didn’t this Magus look exactly the same as the obsidian statue in the plaza of Nature’s Alliance?

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