WMW Chapter 282

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“A full body armour, and a spirit animal with formidable attack power as a mount!”  

The light Magus mumbled to himself.  
“This must be the inheritance from the ancient Steel Knights!” Beside him, another light Magus sighed in admiration.  
“In ancient times, Magi were able to obtain very abundant resources. Even high-grade meditation techniques weren’t anything special, and mere official Magi were able to obtain them as well! Many Magi discarded all prejudices they had towards factions and sects, learning and improving together. They even formed a huge alliance, conquering one world after another! That was the golden era of the Magi!”  
He repeated, eyes burning with fervent passion.  
“But for some reason, the ancient Magi received some huge blow, and historians made a conjecture that there was a world that was especially strong, and our Magus World’s attack on them was thwarted.”  
“In order to prevent the war from spreading to our world, the ancient Magi made the painful decision to close the channel that connected them to this world, and sealed the other channels that were connected to other worlds. Even then, the ancient Magi who had suffered greatly lost their ability to pass on their abilities, and eventually declined.”  
The leader of the light Magi sighed ruefully and then narrated this history like it was some ancient poem.  
“Even if Magi were able to receive the inheritance from ancient Magi, they still lacked some of the required materials from other worlds, which made it impossible for them to progress!”  
“Hence, the Magi of today now use meditation techniques to progress, because this is the best route, and many could use the experiences of their seniors to advance. The ancient Magi who had acquired the inheritances were extremely pitiful. If they were lucky, they were able to find resources that were compatible with their bodies and improve, but most of them were stuck at rank 1 for their whole life.”  
The Leader said.  
“The ancient Steel Knights are said to be from a world close to us. It’s a specific profession unique to the Steel Lava world. After conquering that world, the ancient Magi altered our bodies with some methods, which resulted in the special state of evolution that the Steel Knights can achieve. Without an enormous amount of luck, their strength will stay at this point forever, so you don’t have to envy them.”  
“What should we do now? Should we proceed at a faster pace?”  
A Magus with an inverted crimson cross in his eyes asked.  
*Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!*  
While travelling, the rank 2 Magi used their minds to continue their conversation.  
With the help of their solidified spiritual force, their thoughts were processed at a rate many times faster than that of a rank 1 Magus. With just a wave of spiritual force, large amounts of images and words could be contained within.  
“No! We’re going to slow down!”  
With a cold glint in his eyes, the leader of the light Magi slowed.  
“Just let those Iron Crown Steel Knights charge at the frontlines!”  
“A portion of the essence of the Wisdom Tree and that treasure should be enough to motivate them to go all out! We’ll follow behind them.”  
The leader exclaimed coldly.  
This was actually a ploy. The Steel Knights were well aware that the light Magi might take advantage of them by following them behind, but under the temptation of the treasures, they still chose to pursue their targets.  
As for the contract with the light Magi? If they really managed to obtain treasure, the light Magi would pay a large amount for it anyway.  
These Steel Knights were very confident in their abilities, they were sure that they would be able to end the battle before the light Magi arrived!  
Alistair and the dark Magi who were fleeing at the front also stopped at this point.  
In front of them, a figure suddenly appeared out of thin air and blocked their path.  
This man looked to be extremely plain, and if he were ever to be in a crowd, he would be difficult to be picked out. However, he had the unique energy waves that belonged to rank 2 Magi, causing the three’s faces to change.
“Hand over the essence of the Wisdom Tree and the treasure you possess!”  
The middle-aged man sounded extremely haughty, taking a large gulp from the flask at his side and looking unperturbed. 
“You…” The two dark Magi behind Alistair became extremely annoyed. So what if this middle-aged man was a rank 2 Magus? They had three Magi who had reached rank 2!  
“Awoo!” Alistair’s answer was extremely simple, howling at Leylin. His face, which had already turned into that of a half-wolf, produced an angry expression as he pounced towards Leylin.  
*Pu pu!* While running, he opened his mouth and two balls of giant wind-elemental energy particles flew towards Leylin like explosives.  
Meanwhile, the werewolf seemed to transform into wind and hid in the intense draft, approaching Leylin like a hurricane, his sharp claws filled with an iciness and bloodlust.  
“The second stage of beast transformation!” Leylin focused on the werewolf who was nearing him, blue lights occasionally flashing in his eyes.  
With a sweep of his right arm, red powder spread in the air.  
“Scorching Touch!”  
Two streaks that brought about intense heat penetrated the wind elemental energy balls and shot towards the werewolf!
“Awoo!” Alistair howled repeatedly, his body constantly changing directions.  
However, the two lines of Scorching Touch seemed to have a navigation system and turned a circle in the air, blocking the werewolf’s path. Based on the drills from the simulations performed by the A.I. Chip, the way in which Leylin was using the Scorching Touch was similar in familiarity to one who had been analyzing it for decades. He had even researched and created a few tiny tricks that were uniquely his. 
“Woo!” The werewolf tried his best to dodge the attack on his chest, but instead, his right arm was directly struck by the red ray of light.  
Alistair howled, a furry arm with a claw on it flying away.  
Leylin stretched his arms forward, and slight shadows formed two black figures that twined around Alistair, who had now lost an arm.  
“Come help!”  
*Bang!* Under the pester of the shadows, Alistair was forced to undo his werewolf transformation and roared, producing the voice of a human.  
The two dark Magi with him exchanged gazes, and suddenly made their move!  
A bald Magus placed his hands on the ground, chanting a few mournful-sounding incantations that sounded like the howls of a spirit seeking vengeance.  
*Chi chi!* A black thorny bone spur forest suddenly emerged from the surface of the ground.  
Whether rocks or plants, they were all penetrated through by these black bone spurs.  
The thorny bone spur forest increased in area, its blackness approaching Leylin. 
*Bo! Bo!* The two black figures were pierced by the bone spurs, but it did not hurt even a hair on Alistair’s body.  

“Hehe, Siley, you did well!”  
Another dark Magus laughed, and the black rod in his arms extended.  
“Spirits laying silent in the Weeping Abyss, come back to life,!”  
A green fireball suddenly formed in front of the black rod and exploded, turning into starry specks that shot into the bone spur forest.  
*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*  
The black bone spurs Siley had summoned forth levitated, forming thousands of large skeletal soldiers holding bone nail hammers and white giant hatchets, charging towards Leylin.
“A combination spell!”  
Leylin cried out involuntarily. Within rank 2 spells, if the spells displayed by two Magi were similar in terms of their effects, there could be a combo effect if they utilized secret methods that allowed them to combine attacks.This type of magic would then be called a combination spell, and its power far exceeded that of regular rank 2 spells!
However, there were few rank 2 Magi whose body and spiritual force were at a similar level. The conditions for releasing this type of magic were very harsh, and there was only a small number of Magi who fit the requirements. Leylin never imagined that he would get to see this.  
The large white nail hammer slammed down, bringing with it the ear-piercing sounds of an explosion. The air nearby seemed to have its pressure sucked away by the strong wind, and Leylin momentarily felt suffocated. 
[Estimated might of target’s purely physical attack: 90 degrees!] The A.I. Chip provided in time. 
Leylin dodged the hammer, and a red layer appeared on the surface of his body. “Purely physical attack? Does that mean there’s still a magical attack?”  
“Ga ga!” At this moment, a large skeletal soldier that saw Leylin escaping opened its mouth. 
Multiple white bone spurs flew powerfully like white raindrops, covering all the areas that Leylin was planning on retreating to.  
*Rumble!* The white bone spurs slammed into the layer on Leylin’s body and then exploded. 
The immense energy waves wreaked havoc on the red layer, and the rays flickered inconsistently, illustrating its difficulty in withstanding this attack.  
“Ga ga!”  
Behind that skeletal soldier, large groups of soldiers began to shoot out spurs as well.  
*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*  
Under their attacks, the red protective layer on the surface of Leylin’s skin shattered loudly.  
*Bang! Bang!*  
Large amounts of black, densely-packed scales appeared as his body was thrown a long distance away by the undulations from the explosion.  
Yellow rays flashed as the shape-shifting effects were destroyed, revealing Leylin’s true appearance. 
“Latent Fireball!” “Scorching Touch!”

Red and black flames extended, and the bone spurs that filled the skies were burnt to ashes. 
“Black flames? You- You’re Leylin!”  
The bald Magus who produced the black bone spurs couldn’t help but exclaim, stunned.  
“Long time no see, Director Siley!”  
Leylin grinned as he greeted Siley.  
“Siley! Is this the student that betrayed your academy? He’s actually advanced to rank 2!”  
The rank 2 Magus who cooperated with Siley gained interest as he looked Leylin up and down, “He’s quite talented!”

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  2. The rank 2 Magus who cooperated with Siley gained interest as he looked Leylin up and down, “He’s quite talented and so handsome ?”
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