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Although Wailing Lance was a rank 2 spell, after going through Hades’ Sacrificial Rites and the crimson light screen defensive spell formation, it had been weakened, and eventually perished under Leylin’s Crimson Palm.

The might of his Crimson Palm caused Cabourn, who was not far away, to turn pale and exclaim, “You’ve advanced to become a rank 2 Magus!”

Only a rank 2 Magus would be able to withstand his magic so easily.


Leylin heaved a huge sigh, feeling the transformation completing in his body. And could not help but mumble, “Such formidable strength really makes one feel intoxicated!”

The A.I. Chip had also shown a few notifications.

[Beep! Detected the burning of large amounts of ownerless spiritual force. Kemoyin’s Pupil in the process of advancing…] [Host body’s high-grade meditation technique, Kemoyin’s Pupil, has risen to the second level! Driving the advancement in Host’s rank! Host has advanced to become a rank 2 Warlock!] [Rank 2 innate spells have been generated! Modifying Host body’s sea of consciousness.] [Beep! Host has advanced to become a rank 2 Warlock! Stats have been substantially increased. Recalculating data…]

Next, the A.I. Chip refreshed and displayed his new stats.

[Beep! Leylin Farlier. Rank 2 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 21.1, Agility: 14.4, Vitality: 27.9, Spiritual force: 104.3, Magic power: 104 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force).]

Leylin took note of the large changes within his sea of consciousness.

His red sea of consciousness had now expanded by a huge amount, but the core essence in the middle had experienced the most changes.

Originally, there had been a prismatic crimson crystallisation of his spiritual force. This was Leylin’s foundation as a warlock, and all sorts of complicated runes were carved onto it.

These runes were like little black snakes seemed to be formed from nature, and made up his two rank 1 innate spells!

Currently, within the crystal, another smaller prism-shaped crystal had been produced. It looked exactly like the outer prism except for the size; it looked as if a tinier version of the original crystal had been placed inside of itself.

The only difference was that the runes on the surface of the inner crystal were different from the runes for Leylin’s innate spells on the outer crystal. These runes formed even more formidable innate spells.

If one peered at the two crystals from the outside, they would observe that the runes on the outer and inner layer were integrated to create an image of a crimson symbol-looking rune.

This symbol was very mysterious, and seemed to contain some terrifying strength that could communicate with strange entities from the underworld. However, as it was not complete, it could not exhibit its strength.

This was the innate spell that completely suited Leylin, something that was only possible for those who had high-grade meditation techniques. As these spells perfectly complimented him, they would not have any negative effects.

If he were like a regular Magus, the runes and imprint would clash, and the two layers of the core essence would not be able to stabilise.

Even if one found a rank 2 spell that suited them well, it would still have a high consumption rate, and they would not be able to fully exhibit the strength of a rank 2 Magus.

However, Leylin did not have to worry about this!

Glancing at the rank 2 Magus, Cabourn—who was a distance away—Leylin sucked in a deep breath and looked at the rank 2 innate spell that Kemoyin’s Pupil had generated.

“Toxic Bile!”

This was the name of the rank 2 spell that Kemoyin’s Pupil had formed. After sensing the information emitted from the crystal in his sea of consciousness, Leylin was left a little speechless.

“Looks like it’s another ability from the modification of the body! This probably has to do with awakening the poisonous nature of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent.”

Every time a high-grade meditation technique advanced by another level, it would generate an innate spell for the Magus. However, the Magus would have no choice in this method, and likewise, Leylin had no choice but to accept it. However, the innate spells produced by these high-grade meditation techniques were extremely powerful and would not leave Leylin disappointed.

At this point, the A.I. Chip had finished organising all the information regarding Toxic Bile, and displayed it in numerical form.

[Toxic Bile, rank 2 spell. The ancient Giant Kemoyin Serpent possessed terrifying toxic abilities, and its mature form could even corrode the void. Through modification of their bodies and bloodline, ancient Warlocks were able to transplant this ability into their own bodies. Prerequisites: Modification of heart to that of Giant Kemoyin Serpent to 100%. Effect: Through neurotoxins let out of any part of the body, carry out an area of effect attack that attacks all living beings! Consumption: 10 spiritual force, 10 magic power.]

As a rank 2 Magus, the consumption of his spiritual force and magical power were simply both to a degree of 10. This was obviously because it was an innate spell. In addition, Leylin had needed to modify his heart, and had cultivated his body to be able to use this power, causing him to be even more expectant for the power of this rank 2 spell.

“I’ll use you as a guinea pig!”

Leylin glanced at Cabourn, who was not far away, and the spiritual force in his sea of consciousness rushed out, the twice-layered core essence flickering with dim light.

Leylin could feel from deep within that in his body, the purple-red blood of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent was congealing inside his gallbladder. Following the consumption of energy and spiritual force, a mysterious liquid was produced.

This liquid could disseminate to all parts of Leylin’s body and be secreted from any pore on his skin.

With a single thought, the poison from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent spread through the air.

Mysteriously enough, when his rank 2 innate spell, Toxic Bile, was used, there was no energy fluctuation, nor was there any special scent or colour. It concealed itself very well.

From the time Leylin broke through to rank 2, to when he used Crimson Palm and let out Toxic Bile, only a few seconds had passed, and even the Magi outside had not been able to react.

Opposite to him, Cabourn looked at Leylin, who had just emerged, the expression on his face complicated. First was regret, then pity, and then fear and the will to kill him!

“Leylin Farlier! To be able to advance to rank 2 before reaching the age of 30 means that you’re a genius found only once every thousand years in the south coast! But today, you destroyed the gate to the secret plane and have committed an unforgivable sin! We dark Magi shall judge and punish you!”

Cabourn spoke righteously, finding an excuse for him to kill Leylin.

The more potential Leylin had, the more danger he posed to Cabourn. Currently, Leylin had just advanced to rank 2, so other than his own innate skill, he would surely not have a rank 2 spell. This was the best opportunity to eliminate him!

Desmund, who had originally come to watch the show, now slowly walked behind Leylin upon finding out he had advanced to rank 2. Together with Cabourn, he surrounded Leylin.

After seeing the strange methods Leylin had used to advance, Desmund had become fearful of this newly advanced rank 2 Magus. He did not mind joining hands with Cabourn if it meant that he could take care of Leylin..

For a moment, the Magi of both factions were extremely coordinated. The two rank 2 Magi surrounded Leylin, while the other dark and light Magi encircled him as well.

“It seems like they aren’t afraid of death!”

Glancing at the official Magi who had encircled him, Leylin was expressionless, though he was sighing inside.

The degree of power of a rank 2 spell was at least 80! An attack of such a level was basically fatal to any rank 1 Magus!

The attack of Toxic Bile was invisible and did not differentiate between enemies and allies. The nearer people were to Leylin, the faster they would die.

*Thump!* The light Magus who was closest to him collapsed, a strange purplish-black colour appearing on his face.

*Thump!* *Thump!* Like a chain reaction, whether it was light or dark Magi, all who were around Leylin turned stiff, and collapsed to the ground.

“What’s happening?” “He…he’s poisoned! Be careful, it’s a toxic attack!” “Use a spell that stops you from breathing or a barrier!”

*Tss tss!* Large amounts of white gas emitted were emitted, and the bodies of the Magi who had collapsed began to corrode. One could even see the white bones within!

The white bones eventually darkened, and then melted into a black liquid.

The Magi who saw this scene instantly paled, shrieks and yells sounding everywhere.

“Ah…” Yet another miserable shout was heard. A Magus with a thick barrier fell to the ground, his body beginning to rot.

The official Magi near Leylin instantly collapsed and turned into black liquid. There was no time for anyone to rescue or move them!

Such a terrifying effect intimidated the two rank 2 Magi.

“Even a protective layer is useless!”

Blinking rapidly, Cabourn and Desmund flew backwards. Desmund produced large amounts of lightning, cleansing his body over and over again, while Cabourn grew huge green warts that continuously absorbed something.

*Hu Hu!*

With the passing of time, the poisonous attack increased its range. It started where Leylin was, and then spread to the entirety of the Four Seasons Garden. In the end, even the magical beings in the external world began to collapse in large groups and turn into black liquid, the tart smell of decay spreading everywhere.

Besides the Magi who had quickly retreated from the very beginning, there were no living beings apart from Leylin and the two rank 2 Magi!

This situation surprised even Leylin, who had caused this.

“This… Is akin to the biochemical attacks in my previous world!” For there not to be a single living being within the area of his attack shocked Leylin to no end.

In addition, he knew the method through which his poison was spread. The toxin from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent could penetrate through any protective layer made from energy, and enter a Magus’ circulatory system through his skin. For spells that helped one hold their breath, that was even more useless.

This sort of poison not only corroded one’s physical body but also did not let off one’s spirit!

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