WMW Chapter 242

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Leather Pouch

After Leylin left, the fog gradually dispersed, leaving behind a greyish-white statue of a Magus.

This statue looked exactly the same as Pierre, with a look of astonishment on his face.

*Pak! Pak!*

Innumerable cracks began to extend across the statue like spider webs.


Immediately after, the stone sculpture broke into little pieces with a loud sound.

Leylin was now a peak rank 1 Magus. With the added bonus from his bloodline, even a regular peak rank 1 Magus was not a match for him when he went all out.

However, he did not have any time to waste on thinking about this. His eyes were already attracted to the items before him.

This warehouse was incredibly small and was only a dozen or so square metres.

On a stone counter, only three items laid there. Though they looked to be unremarkable, they must be something of value for them to be placed here.

Leylin scrutinised the items on the counter.

On the left most was something that looked like a leather pouch. It was completely black and even had some detailed silver designs. Though it looked very ordinary, it seemed to have a slight wave that was rather unique emitting from the pouch. Even the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline within him had a strange response to it.

“From this feeling, it probably implies that this was made using the material from some kind of ancient creature.”

Leylin rubbed his chin, the gears in his brain turning, “Something made by the hide of some ancient being. It doesn’t seem to be any offensive-type magic artifact either. Could it be…?”

In that moment, a slight possibility flashed past Leylin’s mind, causing his breathing to become a little rough.

“A.I. Chip! Scan the decorative designs on the pouch and compare it with pictures of ancient beings!”

[Bepp! Mission established, initiating scan…]

The A.I. Chip loyally intoned. Now, with a specific catalogue to refer to, the A.I. Chip immediately found an answer.

[Results of comparison: Ancient Creatures- Similarity to the skin of Void White-Eyed Snake: 92.6%. Tailless Ouroboros 46.9%. Void Raven: 12.3%]

“As I thought, it’s the Void White-Eyed Snake!” Glee emerged on Leylin’s face.

Even in ancient times, this sort of ancient being was extremely precious. This was due to the Void White-Eyed Snake’s innate ability that had to do with space! Hence, its skin was often used to manufacture all kinds of storage items.

“A.I. Chip! Look up all information there is regarding the Void White-Eyed Snake!” Leylin ordered.

[Void White-Eyed Snake! Ancient being, the darling of the void. After maturing, it can awaken its abilities that have to do with space, gaining a powerful innate skill similar to travelling through time! Its skin is often processed and made into storage items due to the void runes that naturally form on its body. Able to contain items that are a thousand, or even ten thousand times the size of its main body. However, due to excessive hunting by ancient Magi, it became extinct in the middle of the Ancient Era. Source: The Illustrated Handbook of Ancient Beings, World Magus History, 37th revision.]

“As I thought, it’s the legendary space-type magic artifact!”

Leylin’s eyes were fixed on the black pouch with a fiery gaze.

For a large organisation like Four Seasons Garden, this item was not essential and only served to raise its value. However, for a Magus like him who was used to travelling alone, it was an indispensable item!

If he had had the pouch previously, he definitely would not have left anything behind for the other dark Magi and instead, chosen to take everything for himself.

Especially in his situation where he was planning to escape at any moment, his agility would increase by a large amount.

One could say that of all the items in this treasure trove, if he really needed to make a decision, Leylin would unhesitatingly choose this one!

However, Leylin could still contain his desires.

Suppressing the impulse of making his move immediately, he glanced at the two items beside the black pouch.

In the middle of the stone counter was a very thick, black volume that looked like a dictionary. At the side, one could see it was tattered.

“This must be the book that Four Seasons Garden obtained from the Eternal River Plain’s secret plane. As this was left behind by the Magus who constructed this secret plane, it must be even more valuable.”

These were items that only large-scale organisations had a use for. If a Magus like him who worked alone set his hands on this, it would only backfire on him.

At the most right, beside the thick volume, there was a black honeycomb that looked somewhat like a charcoal briquette. On the bumpy surface, there were beads of dark green pearls embedded in the holes. It looked rather bizarre.

“Though the volume is the most precious items out of these three, the pouch is still the highest priority to me!”

Leylin solemnly approached the stone counter.

All items stored in a Magus’ warehouse were sure to be guarded by defense spell formations. Not only would they be set up around the item, the item itself would also have a spell formation on it.

These spell formations usually had the ability to self-destruct, and the moment the method of approaching it was wrong, the item would be destroyed and cause the thieves to leave with empty hands.

However, dark Magi like Leylin were used to these situations and all had talent and skill in unsealing these spell formations.

Leylin, who had been in the other warehouse, had used dark Magi’s unsealing techniques and successfully obtained a few treasured items.

However, the setup of this spell formation was evidently more complicated than that in the other warehouse. This was especially so for these three items, which definitely would have additional spell designs on it.

With runes that bound the items to the counter, even Leylin, who had help from the A.I. Chip could feel a headache coming on.

“It’s a pity! This is the main warehouse and even that dead man, Pierre’s token and his authority is useless here!”

Leylin heaved a sigh and, from a small pouch, carefully poured the purple powder into his hands.


Gusts of wind suddenly blew in the room, and little purple drafts were produced from Leylin’s hand, gathering at the surface of the stone counter.

This was an unsealing spell design he had obtained from Thousand Meddling Hands, specially designed to deal with these sort of self-destructing seals. After modification from the A.I. Chip, its effectiveness had increased many times over!

However, along with the A.I. Chip’s modifications, the difficulty in using this spell design had risen over ten times. One needed to be very precise and strict, and one could not be even a millisecond too late. In other words, it was a zero-error precision technique.

Hence, on the south coast, perhaps only Leylin was able to use this unsealing method.
Purple gas flowed like water, coating the counter.

The runes on the counter merely flickered a little and then died down, not detecting any abnormalities around.

Waiting until the moment purple enshrouded the counter, Leylin’s eyes flashed resolutely.

“Now is the time! Magic transformation!”

He fiercely chanted a few awkward-sounding syllables, and strange ripples suddenly began to flash upon the counter.

*Weng Weng!*

The purple streams of air solidified in a moment, turning into black, sticky liquid that surrounded the counter.

Only at this moment did the runes on the counter react and it struck back with its more powerful and violent attack. A series of lights exploded, almost breaking through the thick black liquid that shrouded it.

“Cover!” Under Leylin’s instructions, the black liquid was like oil and completely covered the counter, rays of lights from various runes completely disappearing under it.


Leylin produced thin blue threads from his right hand, which flew out like silk, and bound the black leather pouch.

The thin blue threads seemed alive as they went towards the leather pouch, a series of slight popping sounds emitting as they moved.

Most of Leylin’s energy was spent on this unsealing spell design, to the point that his forehead was drenched with sweat.

Finally, the silk-like threads bound the leather pouch tightly and looked like a blue cocoon.

Leylin grabbed with his hands, and the blue cocoon automatically flew away from the counter and into his hands.

“Alright! It’s a success!” Leylin exclaimed gleefully. Now, the black oil-like fluid seemed to be unable to cover the runes on the counter any longer, with hints of light passing through.

“I’ll be quick about this. Once more!”

Leylin pointed again, and thin blue threads headed for the honeycomb-like coal briquet.

For Leylin, the book in the middle was likely the diary of the ancient Magus who created Eternal River Plain’s secret plain. If he obtained it, it would only cause him endless troubles. Rather than fighting for that, he should take a gamble on something else!

The thin blue threads were soft and yet firm as they edged towards the honeycomb-like coal briquet.

All of a sudden, the counter trembled, and much of the black liquid was flung off.

A series of yellow rays from runes were revealed.

*Weng Weng!* Yellow runes flew into the air, pouncing on the two remaining items on the counter.

“Go!” Steeling his expression, the black oil that covered the counter began to boil, transforming into a small black shield, situated atop the coal briquet.


The yellow rune slammed into the little shield and, seemingly having gone against a firm hindrance, it bounced off.

At the other side, the yellow rune flitted into the black volume due to the lack of obstruction.


The surface of the black book flashed and began to split bit by bit. Within a few seconds, the entire book automatically turned into flying ashes.


At this moment, the blue threads finally bound the coal briquet and it flew into Leylin’s hands.


Immediately after, the entire counter crumbled before Leylin, turning into dust.

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