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“No! That’s impossible!”

Jenna, who had collapsed at the side, was holding on to half her face. Seeing Leylin escape, she shouted in disbelief.

“How did you get out? In the future I saw, there wasn’t anything like this!”

Jenna yelled, her facial muscles twitching slightly.

“I know. It has to be! You must be the traitor going against fate!” Jenna’s register suddenly became extremely high.

“Who I am is not important! The important thing is that you will have to die horribly today!”

The killing intent on Leylin grew stronger. Ever since he stepped on the path of a Magus, this was the first time he suffered such a big defeat!

The injuries he sustained on his body and his left arm, which was on the verge of breaking, were not easy to treat. His upcoming mission in the secret plane had now become more precarious.

At the thought, the fury in Leylin’s heart became more vigorous.

“Bitch! I want you to know the price of offending me!”

Leylin roared, and used his right arm, the only one that was still in good condition, to viciously claw at Jenna!

Streams of rope-like black smoke emerged from the ground, followed the ground, and climbed towards Jenna.

“Guard!” Jenny grasped the large, thick necklace around her neck.

A red gem brightened and a huge lava fireball generated in front of Jenna, rushing towards the black smoke.


A huge energy wave was emitted, the scalding molten lava scattering in all directions, creating large black holes in the ground.

“Even if you have all the spells prepared in that necklace today, it won’t be able to save you!”

Leylin’s eyes glinted coldly.

Several black fireballs were shot out instantaneously, and merged into the air as one collective fireball! The immense energy waves momentarily exploded with might which reached 51 degrees that immediately burnt a huge pit in the ground.

“Latent Fireball!”

Leylin pointed at Jenna.

The giant fireball seemed to set like the sun, projecting over Jenna’s position.

Before the black flames descended, more sweat trickled on Jenna’s face, which was ever paler than before.

“Frost!” Jenna gritted her teeth, spitting out a character of the Byron language from her mouth.

At that moment, the necklace around her neck continuously emanated ice magic energy waves as it produced a series of white rays while the pearls emitted light one after the other.

The white rays formed a dozen huge ice shields in front of Jenna.

The large, translucent white shields could clearly reflect the surroundings. The black fireballs from before flew down from the air, and in a flash, struck these ice shields.

Water vapour was being emitted.

A distance away from the fireballs, the water vapour quickly condensed into water droplets and ice chunks that fell to the ground.

After everything had settled down, the frost shields that were in front of Jenna and the Latent Fireball had already disappeared without a trace.

In the mist, a black figure appeared within.

Leylin, whose body was lined with the fine Scales of Kemoyin, immediately charged to where Jenna was.


The layer of icy defense coming from Jenna’s necklace was immediately crushed by Leylin’s right hand. At the same time, he knocked Jenna away with his body.

*Pa!* Leylin’s shoulders crashed with a huge impact on Jenna.

*Chi Chi!* A layer of milky white light appeared on Jenna’s robes, enveloping her whole body.

This was Jenna’s innate defense spell. It had finally erupted at the most crucial moment.

*Pa Pa!*

Jenna flew backwards like the head of a train that had left its tracks, bashing into many trees along the way.

“This woman…”

Leylin focused his attention on Jenna. After that exchange, he could tell that she was merely a newly advanced Magus. In terms of elemental essence conversion, she was far from his match. If not for having a powerful magic artifact in possession, as well as that incredible gift for divination, she would long since have died at Leylin’s hands.

As long as she was given time to set up formations, she could quickly come up with methods that were specifically catered to her enemy’s weakness, like that incredible white pillared cage that had trapped him. Even a rank 1 Magus at his peak would be in trouble!

“Enemies with prophesying spells are the most troublesome. I was fortunate enough that her prophecy did not go as planned, but it’s unlikely that I’ll get so lucky again!”

Leylin’s eyes turned cold as ice.

The thought that there was an opponent that was operating behind the scenes with prophesying skills left a bad taste in his mouth. Having this happen once was one time too many.

Never had his killing intent reached such an urgent degree.

“Shadow Stealth!”

Leylin tenaciously glared at Jenna, who had crawled up. The scales on his body flickered and gradually became translucent, and he vanished into the air.

He had decided to go all out when dealing with Jenna, and he made it his mission to ensure that this damned woman remained here forever.

Seeing Leylin disappear into the air, Jenna’s expression became even more serious. She currently felt Leylin’s determination to kill her. She was born intelligent, and with her high-grade meditation technique and her strengthened sixth sense, her instincts told her that if she made the slightest mistake then she would be the one that died today!

For the first time, such a terrifying experience had taken control of Jenna’s spirit. Deep down in her heart, her willpower, which could not be shaken, had slowly given in.

For the first time, Jenna felt that it was a very bad decision to come out here alone to assassinate Leylin!

This fear and regret were like a poisonous snake which was continuously gnawing at her already weak mental fortitude.

At this moment, a pink heart shape gem exploded inside Jenna’s necklace.

Jenna seemed perplexed at first, but very soon her will was strengthened.

“It’s a hallucinatory spell, with some psychological coercion!” Jenna’s face turned red. “Despicable!”


A black figure appeared in front of Jenna.

With his right hand clenched into a fist, Leylin struck the defensive membrane from Jenna’s innate spell.


This innate spell was not in its best condition from its previous consumption, and with Leylin’s iron fist, it was shattered into countless white spots, dissipating into the air.

Leylin’s right hand was able to grab Jenna’s right arm without any obstructions.

*Ka-Cha!* A bone crunching sound was made, and Jenna’s right arm had been torn off by Leylin.

“Arghh!” The muscles on Jenna’s face contorted in pain. She clenched her teeth and the silk on her robes seemed to writhe with life, bandaging her wound quickly.

At the same time, a large pushing force was emitted from her body, as if wanting to leave Leylin’s attack area.

“Thinking of running?”

Leylin’s pupils focused on Jenna. “Eyes of Petrification!”

Instantly, a mysterious light emitted from Leylin’s amber eyes as he targeted Jenna.

“Petrification magic?”

Jenna made a sound of bewilderment. Petrification magic was something that had long since been extinct in the Magus world. Now, this was a spell that only creatures with ancient bloodlines had as an ability!

Next, creaking sounds emitted from Jenna’s body, as if her muscles had become stiff.

A layer of stone began to spread from Jenna’s face.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

In front of Leylin, Jenna turned into an ashen stone sculpture.


When the grey-white colour had completely enveloped her, a light vibration came from the bulky necklace.

The whole necklace floated in the air, where the faint voice of an old person sounded, “Ultimate Guard of Life! Activate!”

Light! Dazzling light shone and enveloped the region in an instant.

After Leylin opened his eyes, the stone statue in front of him had already crumbled. Jenna who was within had disappeared, leaving behind only a pile of petrified skin.

After casting this final spell, that bulky necklace lost all of its powers.

*Ka-Cha!* *Ka-Cha!*

A layer of petrified stone suddenly emerged on the surface of the necklace. The necklace had turned into stone, fallen to the ground, and shattered into pieces.

“This is a substitution spell!”

Leylin’s expression turned even more solemn. “This necklace contained so much power and even concealed a final body-substitution spell! An extremely large organisation must be behind Jenna!”

After realising this situation, the killing intent in Leylin’s heart grew even stronger.

“You won’t be able to run from me!”

Leylin inhaled deeply, where blue light appeared in his eyes immediately and scanned the surroundings.

“Several dozen seconds later, Leylin’s brows furrowed and hurried towards a certain direction.

“I… I have to hurry and leave!!”

Jenna grabbed at the stub of her torn arm and rapidly traversed through the woods.

“The family heirloom necklace was destroyed, yet I wasn’t able to get rid of him…”

Jenna was very dejected. The necklace from before was an heirloom, and for it to be destroyed while it was in her possession was a huge blow to her.

“Damned heretic! Traitor of fate! There will come a day that I will punish you!”

Jenna pledged inwardly.

“Found it!” Something that sounded like the devil’s voice rang in her ear, and a vicious hot air brushed against her.

Jenna quickly pounced to the side.


A huge explosion sounded at the place she had been at, sections of the ground and plants flying everywhere.

Meanwhile, Jenna suddenly smelt something very sweet and immediately after, her entire body became numb and she collapsed to the ground, unable to move.

“This is the end!”

Leylin walked to Jenna, who had breathed in large amounts of chloroform, and raised his right arm expressionlessly.

“You- You can’t kill me! Do you know who I am?”

Jenna struggled, stuttering out her thoughts.

Without waiting for Leylin to ask, she quickly answered, “I am the successor of the Guardian family. I’m on good terms with the light Magi domain and various large organisations. The moment you kill me…”

“I don’t care who you are!”

With his right hand armed with black flames, he clawed downwards!

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