WMW Chapter 1193

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A Tale Of Two Worlds

In the underworld, within the palace of a certain God of Death. The person on the throne had the most ordinary of human faces, just that his eyes were full of vigour as they radiated wisdom.

The true identity of this god would definitely astonish everyone.

This was the ancient God of Death, Jergal! Even the Kelemvor had to greet him with respect, calling himself Jergal’s student!

“The appearance of the Night Serpent has declared the beginning of the end…” Jergal sighed slowly, a trace of light seeming to appear within his pitch black eyes. “And it is when the end arrives that the light of eternity appears.”


*Rumble!* The crystal sphere shattered like a honeycomb, smashing apart as numerous Magi of laws rushed forth. The two worlds trembled and roared, and in the midst of the chaos Silvanus led several strong existences to the border where both worlds met.

“Vile Magi! You will inevitably be punished by the gods, burning in raging flames for thousands, millions of years!” The four elemental gods roared, causing the elemental planes to reveal themselves as they released their powers in a torrent of energy that blocked the Magus invasion.

“The Final War cannot be avoided!” Numerous peak rank 8 Magi took action under Leylin’s lead. Original sin, darkness, earth, life… All sorts of powerful paths combined in the astral plane, becoming a powerful force that pushed the fusion of the two worlds.

A massive fluctuation instantly spread throughout the World of Gods, overwhelming everything with terrifying earthquakes. The intense collision caused earth-shattering changes to every plane. Many life forms ran around lifelessly, seeing the beginning of the end.

The laws of the Magus World forcefully invaded the World of Gods, mixing with it in an intriguing change. The two biggest worlds of the astral plane complimented each other, agreeing to the fusion as they showed the path to eternity!

World of Gods, sea of origin force.

The World Crystal protecting the Overgod in the Celestial Hall shattered, causing an astonishingly strong existence to awaken with a terrifying roar.

“It’s the Overgod! Their World Will awakened!” The expressions of the numerous peak rank 8 Magi tightened.

*Bang!* Almost instantly they saw a blurry figure wrapped in brilliant light appear before them, someone that represented everything in the World of Gods.

“Overgod…” the remaining gods saluted, “Please exercise your authority, and prevent the arrival of the end!”

The Overgod did indeed wish to merge with the Magus World to advance, However, that didn’t mean it was willing to be devoured by the Magus World. There was a big difference in who had the dominant position, so despite being injured the Overgod chose to act without hesitation.

Leylin was a peak rank 8 Magus, only one step away from the ultimate realm of rank 9. Still, only after seeing the Overgod in person did he realise that all his supposed overestimations of rank 9 power were nothing. The power of space and time wasn’t something he could comprehend.

A rank 9 used the power of their path to build a foundation with which they comprehended the laws of space and time, a realm the Overgod had clearly reached. Teleportation was sealed at the border of the two worlds, but the Overgod had appeared here instantly anyway. This clearly meant his comprehension of the laws of space and time were terrifying. A true rank 9 having revealed their hand, Leylin felt like all his speculations were just ridiculous.

The sea of origin force of the World of Gods rumbled with power, descending as it carried the power of the Celestial Hall. Space froze entirely, something even peak rank 8 Magi couldn’t accurately describe.

Even many peak rank 8 Magi couldn’t escape, and only those with the power of their own path could still maintain a stream of thought.

‘Is this the strength of a rank 9? Existences below the peak of rank 8 don’t even have the ability to think in his presence…’ Leylin paid absolute attention to the Overgod, the A.I. Chip’s light flickering frantically.

[Beep! Observed laws of space, attempting simulation…] The A.i. Chip recorded everything at lightspeed, trying to analyse the power of space from a rank 9 existence to build a path for Leylin to follow in the future.

However, the terror of the Overgod was only just showing itself. The invasion of the Magus World was put at a standstill with the stagnation of space, actually sealing off the Magus World itself!

Soon after, something even more terrifying happened.

“What’s going on?” Leylin was stunned to see the invasion of the Magus World recede, the fused laws separating in what looked like a strange silent film in reverse…

‘Just now… Why did my train of thought derail when the Overgod appeared… Unless…’ Leylin focused on the A.I. Chip.

[Attempting to analyse law of space… Encountered unknown interference, analysis failed…

A portion of the power of space has been observed. Analyse?]

The unfamiliar information surfacing from the chip caused Leylin to feel cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

‘Time reversal… Even an existence at my level was affected, my memories from a few moments ago erased…’ An intense chill suddenly rose within Leylin’s heart, ‘This type of law… it can cause a peak rank 8 Magus to regress to their weakest state, before they even condense their own path… It can seal strength at the peak of rank 8!’

The terrifying laws of space and time were like the Sword of Damocles, hanging over them constantly.

‘Peak rank 8s are proud of how they fused their truesouls with the river of space and time, giving themselves unlimited life.. However, the law of time can bring them back to their most vulnerable moment…’ Leylin now began to understand why the Overgod and the Magus Will could lead numerous peak rank 8s without issue. Although wielding the power of spacetime wasn’t exactly the same as holding the life and death of other Magi in their hands, it was essentially no different.

‘The others didn’t feel the time being reversed, they don’t even remember!’ Leylin sighed in secret. Even at the peak of original sin he could only vaguely sense this, and he’d needed the A.I. Chip to prove it.

‘I can’t deal with rank 9s right now… Let the other one handle it…’ Leylin sneered in secret, sending out a signal.

The earth of the Magus World cracked open, revealing the seven levels of the subterranean world. The Magus Will in the darkest depths seemed to be provoked by the Overgod, awakening swiftly. Its power of spacetime finally freed the numerous peak rank 8s, allowing them to recover some of their mobility.

“Leylin! Come here quickly! The Overgod’s powers exceed our imagination!” Mother Core screamed, “Hurry, activate the two-world plan!”

*Whoosh!* Leylin, Mother Core, Ignox and numerous Magi native to the Magus World gathered together.

““In my essence as a Magus, I call upon the will of magic!””

The entire Magus World rumbled, astonishing power shooting forth from its depths as the purple web around it was severed.

*Whoosh!* The two beings with the power of spacetime instantly broke through the spatial seal, descending at the point of contact.

“Magus!” “God!” With the two most formidable World Wills having come into contact, even without any words of instigation they would be unable to coexist.

Dazzling white light erupted, as the fabric of spacetime trembled. The two World Wills rammed into each other, the ripples from their combat able to instantly annihilate anyone below the peak of rank 8.

“Not good! Get out of here immediately!” Be it the Magi or the gods, everyone was a peasant in the face of this fight. They could only escape in panic when faced with this natural disaster.

The light grew brighter and brighter, able to blind even beings of laws. An explosion occurred when it could brighten no more, a raging torrent of energy sweeping across the borders of the two worlds to annihilate everything.

However, that mysterious radiance seemed to be doing something else as well, nurturing some sort of existence.

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    The mortals in the world of gods can’t catch a break can they? In the end they’re just cattle and a viable target for the magi.

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      1. “Jergal is an ancient deity, older than many of the greater gods of Faerûn. In the time of Netheril, he was a greater deity himself, with the portfolios of the Dead, Murder and Strife. With the long aeons, he became bored with his position of power, and allowed for three mortals, known as the Dead Three, to each take up parts of his divinity. Bane assumed the portfolio of Strife, Myrkul the rulership of the Dead and Bhaal the portfolio of Murder. Jergal himself faded from his great stature, and became a seneschal to Myrkul, a position he has kept even after his master perished and first Cyric, then Kelemvor assumed his place.”

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