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“Agree to these conditions, and I won’t aggress in the future. We can even explore the World of Gods together, the bounty you’ll receive there is more than what you can accumulate here in ten million years…”

Even though Leylin’s intention to tempt them with the World of Gods sounded easy, there were some difficulties he had to cross to get to them. The hardest was to showcase peak rank 8 might, suppressing all these rogues with the fear of death. He then had to deal with Dreamscape’s World Will.

Molina looked at her peers, answering after a period of hesitation, “This matter… We have to discuss…”

“Of course, discuss away. I’ll be here waiting.” Leylin smiled and waved the Lords of Calamity on, watching their conscients converse.

These conscients conversed at the speed of thought, discussing a thousand years of information in but a second. It wasn’t long before they gave Leylin a reply. The three-headed beast came forward, its goat head speaking as the human one showed a strange expression, “We accept, on the condition that you ensure the World Will honours its side.”

“Of course!” Although he knew what this creature was scheming, Leylin still readily agreed.

“Very well… Upon our truesouls as beings of law, in the name of the astral plane…” The Lords of Calamity looked at each other and nodded their heads, making an oath with their truesouls. There was simply no pretense from the reverberation of the truesouls,, and they also could not mask themselves in front of Leylin’s power of original sin anyway.

“Alright!” Leylin turned around and looked at the endless void.

“O’ Mighty Dreamscape, I will need you to honour this agreement!”

*Rumble!* Boundless dreamforce gathered, forming a pair of furious eyes. The entire Dreamscape was seething in rage!

From the World Will’s point of view, the successor of the Nightmare Absorbing Physique was supposed to kill these Lords of Calamity. Yet here he was, making agreements with them instead. This was blatant betrayal!

Purplish-gold lightning made of origin force converged in the area, possessing enough power to destroy beings of law. The crimson runes on Leylin’s body writhed, as if wanting to break free.

*Rumble!* A mighty bolt of destruction crashed down, and the three-headed creature sniggered, “Haha… You’re just a lackey reared by the World Will, and you actually want it to subjugate? The World Will is strong enough to take your bloodline back and not allow you to ever resurrect… Everyone, attack now! This Nightmare Absorbing Physique has a death wish!”

The human face of the creature guffawed. As for the green snake head, it opened its giant jaws and the laws of corrosion formed an acid rain.

“Don’t you think I’m aware of your thoughts?” However, Leylin remained extremely calm under the double team of the lightning and rain, rendering the other Lords of Calamity uneasy, “I am different from the Nightmare King. All of my powers are of my own, and that is the same for dreamforce…”

He reached out, and a platinum barrier formed around him. The origin force armour that could repel World Wills showed its prowess, pushing Dreamscape back as the power of original sin rumbled behind his back. The Nightmare Hydra roared, continuous streams of attacks shooting forth from its nine heads to destroy the lightning in the skies.

“Don’t think that you can control me like you did the Nightmare King!” Leylin had always enjoyed freedom, so how could he have been made an example of by the World Will?

Having obtained dreamforce at its peak, Leylin had constantly conducted research into absolving himself of the World Will, controlling the crests and troughs of the energy himself. With his power nearing the peak of rank 8 and his being within the World of Gods, Dreamscape had found out about it too late.

Right now, Leylin wished to suppress the Lords of Calamity and the World Will, becoming an arbitrator between the two parties. The power of original sin rumbled and repelled the dreamforce, causing the clouds in the skies to dissipate.

Having repelled the World Will, Leylin turned around and faced the three-headed beast.

“What are you trying to do? I…I…I…” The green snake head muttered, and the black goat head looked at Leylin in disbelief. It had never imagined that the Nightmare Absorbing Physique formed of dreamforce could repel the World Will itself!

“Impossible!” it raged silently, but it was too late.

“Watch, this is the outcome of betrayal.” Prideguard was activated, forming a silver-white armour around Leylin’s body strong enough to repel the attacks of some beings of law. Leylin moved through the corrosive rain unaffected, turning Seven Sins into a morning star that roared mightily as it landed on the creature.

Boosted by the Blessing of Greed and Fury Amplification, a mountainous force smashed the human head down in an instant, following up with the other two heads as well. Massacre Amplification and Death’s Decree erased all traces of the creature’s existence, completely removing any chances of its revival.

*Gulp!* *Gulp!* The Lords of Calamity just stared blankly as Leylin’s mace devoured the flesh of the beast, augmented by Gluttony’s Devouring and Sloth’s Recovery. Even his armour was repairing itself.

What had they just seen? One of their strongest fighters had been killed by Leylin just like that?

“I don’t feel any of the black goat’s aura… It has three lives, and was supposed to be able to be reborn in filth…” The thundergiant grew extremely conflicted. Although she’d never liked that creature, she did acknowledge its power. However, it had died just like that! Its chances of revival were taken out, and it had been done in for good!

“So, who’s next?” Having restored his peak dreamforce, Leylin looked around in satisfaction at the fearful faces of the Lords of Calamity.

“We will comply to your wishes, mighty Nightmare King!” The Eye Emissary yielded first, bowing towards Leylin with newfound sincerity.

“Don’t call me the Nightmare King, I am the Lord of Original Sin, the controller of all evil across the astral plane.” Leylin tossed the remaining carcass of the creature into the void, “Don’t act like I’m bullying you, hurry and eat it.”

The greatest difference of a World Will from a mortal was that it was an artificial intelligence, caring only about benefits. Seeing that it couldn’t take Leylin down, and with something to gain from the agreement with the Lords of Calamity, it would acknowledge reality.

Space ground the body apart like a millstone, using the creature’s energy to replenish the world.

‘Giving your leftovers to send the World Will away, that’s really…’ the other Lords of Calamity criticised Leylin quietly, but they very soon changed their attitudes, “Mighty Lord of Original Sin, you are the arbitrator between us…”

“In my name of the Lord of Original Sin, I promise to bind both the Lords of Calamity and the World Will of Dreamscape together fairly, all for the sake of the world’s development…” Leylin raised three fingers of his right hand and swore an oath. His voice was imposing yet dignified, and the dark path of original sin that had traces of blood rumbled behind him.

“With my path as a witness…”

*Rumble!* The entire Dreamscape trembled, as if excited upon seeing a new future, and it cheered…

Powerful dreamforce circled around Leylin, peaking with the support of the world. It turned denser in colour, as a sort of innate change occurred within it. It turned into a higher power, containing an indescribable strength. It was like all of the world’s evil and dreams had been fused together, surging into Leylin’s path of original sin and making it look even more perfect than before.

“Nightmare force!” The Eye Emissary exclaimed. This was the peak of the World Will’s essence, something even the peak rank 8 Nightmare King hadn’t been granted in the past…

Be it the Lords of Calamity or the Nightmare King, they had only a vague understanding that nightmare force was the essence of the world. Even if they were the spawn of the world, they could not receive the power of nightmare force. Leylin had instead obtained it through his own powers!

The Lords of Calamity stared at Leylin, each with different feelings…


Each of the Nine Hells in Leylin’s divine kingdom had been separated up in an orderly manner, large groups of petitioners scurrying around the place performing their own tasks. Everything was being built up for the future, and this divine kingdom of epic proportions gave them the best protection. Disasters wrought havoc in the prime material plane, and the gods were restless, giving them valuable time to carry out their missions.

Leylin’s clones walked out of the borders of his divine kingdom, where Mother Core’s clone had been waiting for some time.

“This new power that you speak of is about to come?” Mother Core looked at Leylin.

“Of course, do wait and see…” The clone laughed in reply, opening a passage in the crystal sphere.

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      1. i think his second son can do it. it’s because his power is different from leylin, so he can comprehend other law that leylin not comprehend. and for his first son, i don’y know exactly. but i think it possible. leylin said it himself if his sons will be 1 rank below him as limit of their power.

        1. I think he might raise Celine’s son up to a being of laws. He was meant to be powerful, but his path was fixed, he can only advance as Leylin allows.

          Syre (his son by Freya) was given infinite potential. I don’t think Leylin will raise him to rank 7, but I think Leylin freed him of the bloodline shackles so that he can become a being of laws under his own power if he has the ability.

          1. I’m sure just the bloodline force in his body would be enough to achieve the battle power of a being of laws

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      1. Ah no…. You miss the point…Leylin is too logical and calculating to display any of the 7 sins.. He doesnt have too much pride he lowers himself for the sake of his plans… Gluttony, greed and lust all under check, He never succumb to any of those…workaholic to be a sloth, youngest peak rank 8… Never envies anyone…probably wrath, he’s ruthless to those that offend him..

        1. Do you not remember how he acted ever since the start? If you offend him he holds grudges, wrath. He liked having sex with whoever was convenient at the time even refusing to spread his seed until the time was right,
          lust (granted he no longer does that as a being of laws last I checked). Wants to be the most perfect and most powerful, both pride and greed in one also could argue envy. Has the patience to wait until the end of time to do everything and if at all possible he makes others do his dirty work for him, sloth. He will devour stuff to heal himself/make himself more powerful, was a part of his innate skills from his bloodline, gluttony. Sure he may control them all perfectly now but he definitely has those sins in his emotions.

          1. Do you know what the original sin is?
            Wikipedia: Original sin, also called ancestral sin, is the Christian doctrine of humanity’s state of sin resulting from the fall of man, stemming from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in Eden, namely the sin of disobedience in consuming from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

            Original sin is the sin of obtaining knowledge. There is nothing more suitable for Leylin!

          2. Thirst for knowledge?… Leylins thirst is for immortality not knowledge… Everything else is just a means….. All magi covets knowledge

        2. But what’s the point in sparing lord of calamity ??? I mean it would be better to kill the all off and get absorb their power to become more stronger and get the world’s origin force alone.
          (1) It’s easy for him to do that now

          1. Because as said before, the nightmare power the dream world have Jim have the sole porpuse to end the lords of calamity, If he does that he will lose it right after, it’s a power the world lend it to him, but If they exist forever or until he makes the world submit it would be his. I guess that If they didn’t agree with the offer he would kill mostrar of them and leave some alive and traped/running away just for the same reason instead of killing everyone.

          2. What part of the body u use for reading? That was said just a bit ago. He wants nightmare force as the ultimate reward of the dreamscape. Moreover there is a chance that dreamscape can go against Leylin after he do everythis the world wants from him.

          3. He wants to get the heart of the origin force. He will use the lords of calamity and this deal as an excuse for getting access to that place.

      2. This is the part I don’t think the story is properly conveying. You can point out sins in anyone, but just because Leylin is intelligent and decisive, that makes him personally the root of all evil? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Because, if to be good is to be a stupid mindless drone (like Tyr and his followers) then evil will win every time.

        True, Leylin’s alignment is Lawful Evil because those are the tools he chose to use for his power base. But why does that make him evil versus the other magi and gods? Case in point: Tyr’s a member of the “lawful good” faction. Tyr mass-murdered regular peons for almost no reason and Tyr teamed up with Leylin just so he could backstab him.

        I think it needs to be said: Leylin is using evil as a tool, but he himself is not evil.

        1. Ethics is the branch of philosophy devoted entirely to this sort of thing. What is “good” and “evil” depends entirely on your position in the ethical spectrum, e.g. whether you are a…

          – moral universalist
          – moral absolutist
          – moral relativist
          – moral pluralist
          – moral nihilist
          – moral realist
          – other etc (too many to list)

          Leylin is more of a moral nihilist as well as a rational egoist (which I think most Magi are in general), whereas someone like Rafiniya would be a moral absolutist as far as ethics are concerned but she’s also really dumb and inflexible so she’s a lost cause, which is hilarious.

          What you say is right in that Leylin does use the powers of “evil” as a tool, in that he only sees them as power boosts, which is very different from how other characters in WMW would perceive “evil”, which is why they all see him as dark and scary, meanwhile Leylin is just thinking “Oh this is a pretty handy ability, I better go collect the others to complete my path!”. This is simply the juxtaposition of how the characters perceive Leylin vs how we the readers see Leylin.

          Most readers like Leylin because deep down we know he’s not really the devil incarnate, he’s just really, really good at playing the part. It’s all theater to him, and don’t we all love a good show?

          1. I’m an ethical literalist… If that’s a thing. My view is that there is no such thing as intrinsic or extrinsic morals, they’re merely a set of heuristics used as a shortcut for filtering a person’s views. A standard set of ethics, not morals, should be the rules everyone uses to determine their positions categorically, because the value of an object or action are measurably definable. This gets the spooge out of determining where people or things stand on the sliding scales of peoples’ so-called moralities.

            While I personally agree with your conclusion, unfortunately the story took a hard left into religious territory. Thus we’ve seen a lot of people chastising or cheering Leylin for being evil or whatever. He’s not. The way he carries out his goals is arguably less evil than the majority of gods and magi. If he has a driving motive, it’s his personal life and liberty (somewhat ironically).

            I felt it important to point this out because apparently a fair number of people have missed this point, and, thinking back, it was never made readily apparent. Unless you were paying close attention, which I doubt most Wuxia readers do.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    That was a pretty enticing offer for the lords of calamity. They have to basically invade other planets and steal their origin force now with the help of dreamscape. They would then nurture dreamscape with origin force as payment. Similar to what dreamscape was doing for the nightmare king except there are other worlds involved. Either that, nurture dreamscape in some other way or die.

    The downside is that they will be in constant war or labour for dreamscape. The upside is that there will not be any low points in dreamscape.

    Dreamscape itself will be disappointed at Leylin. It will look at Leylin like a tool who took control of dreamscape’s agenda. Not a very good situation for the tool. But in the end, this plan will be benefit dreamscape. The calamity lords will either nurture dreamscape or will die. It’s a win-win situation.

    1. Another problem with this situation is that there maybe another world of gods situation where magi of other worlds get fed up and team up to destroy dreamscape for their constant invasions. Good luck trying that with the Lord of Original Sin being the leader.

  3. Leylin talks of betrayel in this chapter, but is there anyone or anything that he has not betrayed yet? Accepting the Nightmare physique was obviously a contract to kill the lords of calamity and yet he betrayed that contract no questions asked all to make deals with the enemy. I thought the MC was selfish in the early parts of the novel, but I kept reading hoping at some point he might find someone to care for or show some level of humanity but unfortunately he has gone from selfish to pure evil which still makes for a fun and interesting even fascinating read…but it doesn’t make for a relatable MC.

    In fact, if Leylin didn’t have this super ridiculous A.I chip to supplement himself, there is no way I’d read a story with an MC with his personality. I literally treat this as a story of an A.I. chip controlling a human, because Leylin certainly doesn’t possess any real human traits I can follow. *Sigh* I’ve gotten this far, may as well finish the story.

    1. Man it’s pretty funny to see some people talking as if Leylin was ever good or ever even pretended to be good. The guy at the end of the day is in a world that is, at its root, survival of the fittest and a competition to become the most powerful being imaginable. He is trying to achieve immortality so he can continue to unlock the secrets of all knowledge. He was after all, a scientist.

      This has been said multiple times throughout the novel.

      Leylin at his heart is not some superb evil being either. He uses the Seven Sins and the powers of evil to achieve his goals, but at the end of the day is Leylin really that evil compared to the other magi? I mean hell, compared to the Lords of Calamity, or even people like Tyr who think they’re so good and justified and have arguably lived for a really, really long time, Leylin has and will probably never kill as many as they have.

      It’s a bit comical to see people complaining about Leylin’s lack of humanity too considering that it was explained very, very early on that the magi were all extremely ruthless and the one’s that weren’t ended up dead or used. Even the so called ‘Light Magi’ were in fact a bunch of snakes simply hiding their true colors like parasites.

      At the end of the day this novel is absolutely amazing and I really appreciate a novel with a logical and a-moral main character that will do anything to achieve their goals whether for good or evil, which have always seemed like extremely flawed concepts to me, but that’s another topic entirely lol!

      1. You are also talking about him as if he grew up as a Magi period. However, the story began with him having retained all his memories of his past life. His current personality should be a mixture of himself from his past life and the current, but he has shown absolutely zero human traits from his past life and even when he travels to places where magi do not exist (places where he can start over and show some respect to others) he still chooses to act like he doesn’t give a shit about anyone other than himself. That is what I mean, for someone who supposedly has memories of multiple lifetimes he seems to only know how to act like a generic magi who happens to have an artificial tool that helps him out.

        I personally feel it was a missed opportunity to create a magi born into the magus world who shows traits of humanity which he would have gained from his last world. Combining the positive aspects of both worlds would have been interesting indeed. Also I’m happy you love this story and that you feel you can relate to this character. I also feel the concepts of good and evil are subjective, something considered evil to one country can be considered good in another depending on culture. However the feeling of wanting to care for (someone) or follow your heart in some way is a basic human trait. Even if someone is a killer, killers have emotions too they just may not have emotions for their victims. But a human who seems to literally only care about himself? That is someone I absolutely cannot relate to.

      2. TL:DR – My main point is this, the primary objective as pointed out many times in this story is that beings of power seek benefits. That’s cool… Humans also seek benefits, they seek them because they want to utilize those benefits for themselves AND others.

        There are definitely a few people who have the personality to say forget technology and other humans I’m going to go build a cabin in a forest and live alone! Those people are a minority, most humans would feel miserable if they were completely alone on the planet. Imagine being a billionaire but being the last human alive after some crazy epidemic? Whats the point of benefits if you have noone to share them with? What’s the point of this MC seeking immortality? Just so nothing can kill him? How boring.

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