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Hey guys, our server technomancer broke the ‘widgets.php’ function with some backend time-out rules, so I literally cannot update the widget right now with the correct ‘queue’. The queue for CD is FULL! Please be aware of this and don’t accidentally donate to ‘clear’ a chapter when the next 8 chapters are already cleared! This post will disappear once the error is fixed! The queue is at 707 (627 once chapter 11 is posted in about an hour or two!)!

For my own records:

Thanks to Red-Baron, GW of New York, MJ of Poland, MC of Toronto, RM of the Netherlands, JR of Texas, JY of Malaysia, and MP of Russia for starting the queue for Chapter 11!

Thanks to Red-Baron for clearing the queue for Chapter 12!

Thanks to TL of California for clearing the queue for Chapters 13-17!

Thanks to AT of Pennsylvania, AM of Germany, LS of Germany, and IY of Israel for clearing the queue for Chapter 18!

Thanks to MM of North Dakota, HM of Denmark, CA of Spain, AP of California, TT of Ohio, FR of Georgia, and DK of Poland for starting the queue for Chapter 19!

35 thoughts on “Widgets Not Updating!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Why don’t we make a Thread and trash talk about them and their balls fetish.
        Then someone from that site who knows english will do the same as Ren did for us(letting us know what they are saying about us).

  1. shame on you technomancer (lol), hope you get all this fixed and all that.
    is it me or are the chapters coming slightly later this past days?

    1. Yeah, Ren did wrote that his RL job is getting busier, and he have to take care some things, so it’s understable, I just hope this won’t take too long, but if it does, well, we all appreciate what Ren did, but translating CD does have lower priority to a real life job, so just kept pressing that F5 button! XD

      1. yeah, just got to keep spamming f5 lol, but he said that only weekends would be affected, but what if ren was keeping us in schedule with the chapter but for some web problem we only saw the release after some time passed?

  2. Hey Ren, would it possible to implement a clock on the site? Seeing as I live in the UK, would be great to get the time on your end to see how long ago things were posted.

        1. you don’t have the timestamp on the posts?


          June 9, 2015 at 8:56 pm

          is when you posted at least in my time.

          Although I can’t find where to set my timezone. it is showing the proper time for me.

        1. The file is fine! It’s just that it is super slow to load, while our genius set it so that super slow loading things just time out. IE, I can’t get into it! xD

  3. Oh no! Well the only time we really know they exist is when they mess up. Maybe the site’s hidden tech wizards just want to make friends :c

    I’ll be your friend

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