What is your Daoist name?

It’s my pleasure to release the official Daoist name generator! Many thanks to Westerly Idiot for working on the coding with me. A few notes:

1) The name generator is case sensitive, so if you’re not happy with your results, try typing your name in all lower case, or vice versa.
2) Notice the golden “cultivator” word. If you leave it on cultivator, you will only get gender neutral results. Click it to add certain gender-specific titles.
3) A certain turtle said, “My Daoist name is Patriarch Reliance,” so the generator will bestow you with a title. Some are more common than others.
4) Some Daoist names will be cool, some will be silly. It’s all in good fun!
5) To generate random names, just leave the jade plate empty

Please feel free to share your result in the comments of this post. Currently there are about 4,000,000+ possible results, so hopefully there shouldn’t be any duplicates.

P.S. We will be tweaking and adjusting the generator over time, so in the future, using your name might come up with different results!

The Daoist name it generated for me was pretty ridiculous. From now on, you can refer to me as…………… Dao Child Corrupt Quadrillionaire!!! Lol!

933 thoughts on “What is your Daoist name?” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Dao Master Infinite vipers!!! Monk Salty Dragon!!! Immortal Booming Bridge!!! Lord Thousand Bloods!!!
      with caps without caps with middle name without middle name

  1. Paragon Curious Wine, or Supreme General Curious Wine with either gender option selected. Leaving the plate blank, I’m also Sect Founder Infinite Sea Dragons.

    1. I didn’t realize that I only had 5 minutes to edit my comment, I thought that was how long until I could edit (for some reason).

      My nickname got me Monk Legendary Starlight and the blank after that got me Demon Sealer Two Demons. Out of the 4 titles, I think I like Monk Legendary Starlight the most. Gender neutral is Honor Guard Legendary Starlight, but that doesn’t sound as appealing.

      First title was with my first and last name. Just my full first name is Immortal Abstruse Cleaver or Dragoneer Abstruse Cleaver.

  2. Have been in Wuxiaworld since the Coiling Dragon era till now, yet not made an account, and now I shall! Fellow cultivators, I have seen this thread and now willing to make an official imprint in this major world, today I shall be called and known as Sect Leader False Assassin!

  3. Might as well post my name.
    Supreme General Magnanimous Feng-shui Compass.

    I tried it in all lower case: Sage Intransigent Flood Dragon
    I tried it in all upper case: Pontifex Violetkiller
    Don’t know which to chose.

  4. Underworld Judge Celestial Bridge is here all bow before me!
    Well I don’t think Underworld and celestial fits but sound cool why not

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