Welcome Perfect World and Team Pika!

This is the second of four announcements for this holiday season! Everyone, I’d like to welcome the final 2015 addition to Wuxiaworld – Perfect World (完美世界), by Chen Dong, currently being translated by Team Pika, aka FatChinee & Poop (yes, that’s his ‘real’ name)! This is a really intricate story that is being excellently translated, and I am utterly delighted to bring it to y’all for reading!

As some of you might know, in Chinese fantasy webnovels, there is a group known as the ‘Four Platinums’; this refers to Tang Jia San Shao (Douluo Dalu, Child of Light, Heavenly Jewel Change, etc.), I Eat Tomatoes (Coiling Dragon, Desolate Era, Stellar Transformations, etc.), Heavenly Silkworm Potato/Tian Can Tu Dou (Battle Through the Heavens, The Great Ruler, etc.), and Chen Dong. We’ve had the first three for a while, but now, with the addition of this one, the collection is complete; we now have representative novels from each of the Four Platinums! Chen Dong is an excellent writer, and Perfect World is tremendously fun. Enjoy reading! I’ll let Team Pika introduce themselves later, but for now, let’s all give them a warm welcome to Wuxiaworld!

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    1. Because Er Gen is superior! He’s on a completely different spectrum that they can never hope to achieve!
      If they are at Core Formation, Er Gen is at Immortal Ascension!
      (By this you can tell that i’m a huge ISSTH fan)

    2. Ergen is more of an uprising translator since although xian ni was good back then, it was only together with ISSTH that he came to fame! The four that ren mentioned were from a while ago. Now there are many platinum authors!

  1. Welcome Perfect world and team pika! Looking forward to yet another novel on wukiworld(lets take over the xianxia world) 😀
    I hope the next group we can welcome is gonna be peerless martial god 😛

  2. RWX is there a possibility of picking up Histories Number 1 Founder? i only ask because it seems to take place in the same world ans Perfect World.. literally just started reading it now on chapter one and the first thing i read that catches my eye is Wolf Village and Stone Village and then i read Stone Village’s little monster thats not even 4 years old and read the name Lang Feng and im like hold up 0.0 wait a minute ive read all this b4 0.0 same world seriously??

  3. Thank you for another wonderful story to read. Welcome to wuxiaworld Team Pika!!

    I can’t live through a day now without checking my emails for an update from this site. XD

  4. I click on PW 71 link from novelupdates.com and it’s like … wait a minute, that’s not the website where PW usually is.

    Welcome to wuxiaworld 🙂 !!! The PW story and the world it exists in is very fun and unique, the MC is adorable and it’s very well written and translated.

  5. hey ren alot of times when im on my mobile trying to read im getting shoved to some other website that pretends to be from here and it wants me to download apps to help support the site then theres this other one that is just a popup that blocks the text plus ove the weekend there were some dns errors from cloud flare but have not seen those for a bit now

  6. Welcome to Pika Team!
    I really hope the works of Blood Red (血红) are translated to English by some kind team. I tried machine translation and the seem rather popular too!
    So far i only saw Era of Shamans (巫神记) as a teaser on GravityTales.
    I realize there are many novels/authors on this list I never heard of or read.

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