Welcome jn19930 and ‘The Great Ruler’!

Hey guys, it is September 22nd, and as most of you know, the 22nd is a rest day for me, so no CD for my today.  That being said though, there IS something else for you guys to read; The Great Ruler (大主宰) , a project being worked on by jn19930!  This is the first project that was brought to my attention through the Wuxiaworld forums, and the quality, reliability, and general friendliness of jn19930 quickly caught my attention.  I’ve watched for a solid two months as he patiently continued to work on his project, and as of a few days ago I reached out to him.  I am very delighted to inform you all that The Great Ruler is being promoted to a ‘main page’ Wuxiaworld project!  I’ll let jn19930 introduce himself and this work (by 天蚕土豆, Heavenly Silkworm, the same author of BTTH), but in the meantime, let us give a hearty Wuxiaworld welcome to jn19930 and his project!  🙂

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  1. RWX, youre the man! You really know which story is good. Thank you for this one fine addition.

    Maybe next time you will promote mai kitsune waifu? I know the translation is slow but it really is good.

    Welcome to WW jn19930!

  2. Awesome sweet just started reading this last week. Big welcome!
    Saw this on the forums, and started to read it on your site.

    Also any chance you can switch aurasea to aura sea?

    1. Not too long from now? You will missed your chance being the first to comment, :P. There is already few people start commenting, and I’m not really sure that they read, or they just wanna be the one with first comment, :/

      1. i don’t care who’s the first to comment or who’s last….i only care about the story….if its good or not…..and once i read a hint of spoiler…i skip…hahahah…..i’m still reading lots of other novels now…so it will be hard to follow….so i’ll take my time reading 1 after another until i reached the latest release…then i’ll start a new 1..heheheh…..

  3. Welcome! I have been quite interested in this series and having it here on Wuxiaworld has now motivated me to read this. I quite look forward to how this story progresses and I wish jn19930 well.

  4. I know this is not on topic but I didn’t know where to go to address this concern. Some, not all, of the Ads that Wuxiaworld runs on mobile hijack the browsing page. They will either hijack the session, open up new tabs, or open up the Google Play store on their own as part of their loading process. I do not tap on any of the ads and this has happened to me around 5 times in the last three days. I do not have this problem on other sites (wuxia or regular sites) when browsing on my mobile phone, only on this site. Just wanted to let you know so that maybe you can look into it. Also these ads could have been the reason why Google labeled the site as malware.

  5. RWX ARE YOU STALKING ME?!?!?! I Picked this novel up today after things gots slow with everything I was reading then come back to wuxiaworld after storming all 80 something chapters to find this! COINCIDENCE?!?! I THINK NOT!

  6. i have a question?? how far is the translation of danmachi, as far as i could find only up to volume 4 and with great difficulty i found it but that site is now down. Is anyone translating danmachi anymore?

  7. Welcome jn19930! I’ve been enjoying The Great Ruler. I’ve been following you since Danmachi and Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  8. It’s great to see this on this site, but I have to say that there is something really amusing that I’ve noticed recently. I know it’s completely a coincidence… but I started reading Desolate Era and caught up with it the day before you announced that it would be also hosted on Wuxiaworld. And I started reading this series last night… and now it was suddenly announced on Wuxiaworld… Lol. Well, all I can say is that you guys have the best taste, so thank you very much. 😀

    I’m very excited for this series as well.

  9. thx to the almighty Overgod RWX-sama for bringing Paragon jn19930 and bestow upon thee a Sovereign spark so that the power The Great Ruler can help us all pity cultivator in our path to the True Dao.

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