Welcome Flowerbridgetoo and Martial God Asura (修罗武神)!

Since I see Flowerbridgetoo has made the announcement at Flowerbridgetoo, let me make the announcement here as well, and officially welcome FBT and his work on Martial God Asura (修罗武神) to Wuxiaworld!  I will keep this short, as I’m sure he will have his own introduction he will like to make, but what first caught my eye was his tremendous work ethic, and when I further saw the quality of his work as well as the fact that he actually cared enough to go in-depth on the various web novel categories in China (even I was so lazy as to just divide them into ‘Wuxia’ and ‘Xianxia’), I just knew I had to try and snag him for Wuxiaworld xD.

So: Welcome, flowerbridgetoo!  Welcome, Martial God Asura!

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  1. Hi everybody, just joined the awesome wuxiaworld family (although i started reading CD from Book 1 Chapter 15). The reason i joined so late is because i waned to express my gratitude to Ren, goodguyperson, flowerbridgetoo, deathblade and all the other translators who do an amazing work, the problem was how and where, and seeing that this is the biggest community (or should i say nation) it was an easy decision.

    So once again thank you and good luck in the future.

  2. Started to use back my old unused wordpress acc to comment! (‘: Hehe. Thanks so much to the translators Ren,flowerbridgetoo, deathblade, ggp and to the others involved! Loved wuxia n been reading them years ago (what has been translated though >.<), n just recently found this xianxia genre! If only i understand chinese, will definately contribute. So thank you so much for taking the time to translate and giving us the chance to read and enjoy them! <3

  3. Hey, not to do with this but on the mobile site the advert at the top of the page covers the drop down menu for translations.

    Not sure if you can do something about that though.

    Cheers for the MGA chapters
    Though the MC has the worst personality possible 😛

  4. I’m really excited about this cause i can get so many surprises on just one website from 3 different series haha.
    Theres so many freaking translators on here now and I actually came up with a idea, not sure if its good but I think it’d be cool if we have a special event once in a while where in just one day, all the translators would work on a single project, it’d be so cool to have like 5-7 chapters of a single series pop out haha, you do a vote or donation thing where the most money gets the extra chapters, and the money that doesn’t win gets saved for bonus chapters later on OR a little way to help the translator relax, a fundraiser of sorts.

  5. Hi, I just joined and would like to ask if you release chapters every sunday too. cause as far as I read on your website you only release 3chapters a day except sundays so I didn’t really much get what you mean with “except sundays”. I’ve been on and off in Wuxiaworld since 2months ago and been reading chapter for CD and other novels and didn’t bother making an account till now. Keep up the good work for MGA.

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