Welcome Etvolare and Sovereign of the Three Realms!

Hey guys, I’d like for all of you to join me in a big, warm, Wuxiaworld welcome for a new translator, etvolare, and her project, Sovereign of the Three Realms! You might know her from one of her other projects, Great Demon King, which she’s been working on over with our friends at Gravity. She’s been meaning to bring SOTR over to WW for quite some time, and today, I’m very happy to be able to announce that the project has been moved over!

Sovereign of the Three Realms is an extremely fun read; a reincarnation novel, in a lot of ways, it feels a bit like ATG or TDG, except (thus far) with politics, squabbles between noble houses, a kingdom in turmoil, and more. But I’ll leave that for etvolare to show you; for now, once more, please join me in a hearty WUXIAWORLD WELCOME for etvolare!

(And yes, I did screw up earlier in posting the chapters as ‘posts’ instead of ‘pages’, which took a few front-page. Sorry! Also, I won’t have enough time to finish a second DE chapter today, so I’ll make it up on the weekend!)

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  1. wohoo~
    i hope this will make STR to be released more often, to those that’s not read it yet… i reccomend you to read this especially those that love OP MC^^

    whats more OP than the reincarnation of the Heaven’s emperor son that still have all his knowledge?

    and… welcome to etvolare ^^

  2. Not sure if it’s possible with wordpress, but it would be amazing if we could subscribe to get only emails on stories that we’re reading, instead of every one of them. Maybe something for newly added stories too.

  3. I just started reading it yesterday 🙂 Now looking for chapter 53 and bam, it’s on ww 🙂 The translation is great and the novel is pretty darn interesting. Definitely one of the best rebirth novels.

    Welcome !

  4. it seems F5 sect disciples are gathered here for a welcoming party. as one of the follower of this sect that undergo seclusion for a higher cultivations technique. I’d like to welcome “etvolare” for taking this project here in WW.

  5. Thanks for this novel. Another good novel that is related to the type of novels wuxiaworld has was recently dropped by another translator I wanted to see if wuxia can pick it up. Title: martial emperor reborn. Thanks again for your hard work.

  6. Ren/Sir ren/RWX can or fund someone to translate virtual world:conquer the world novel or do you know where it is ongoing/being translated.
    it is previously translated on/in youjinsite translations and it sadly dropped because of criticism.
    please give consideration for this

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