Welcome, Desolate Era and IEatWatermelons!

Readers, colleagues, and friends, it’s been quite a while since we’ve welcomed a new project to Wuxiaworld, in large part because of how stupid busy I’ve been the past two months, but today, I’m very delighted to welcome our newest translator, IEatWatermelons (IEW) and project, Desolate Era (莽荒纪), formerly of www.worldofwatermelons.com!  Desolate Era is another work by I Eat Tomatoes, and it includes many aspects of his other works.  I haven’t fully read the raws, but what I have read makes me really enjoy it quite a bit, and I actually secretly did a few ‘guest’ chapters with IEW because I had fun with it.  IEW himself is a phenomenal translator, as you’ll see for yourselves once you do some reading!  I’m sure IEW will want to say a few words of his own, but for now, please join me in a big round of applause for IEW and Desolate Era!  Welcome to Wuxiaworld!

Note – Because I spent hours moving the 100+ chapters which IEW has completed over to Wuxiaworld, I didn’t get to do a second CD chapter today, but I think you’ll agree that it was time well spent.  A hundred IET chapters for the price of one!  Kinda!  xD

The synopsis of the story is below the jump.

Fate had never been kind to Ji Ning. Wracked by illnesses and infirm his entire life on Earth, Ning knew early on that he would die as a teenager. What he didn’t know was that there really was such a thing as life after death, and that the universe was a far larger place than he thought. A lucky twist of fate (one of the few in Ning’s life) meant that Ning was reborn into a world of Immortals and monsters, of Ki Refiners and powerful Fiendgods, a world where Dynasties lasted for millions of years. A world which is both greater…and yet also smaller…than he ever could imagine. He would have the opportunity to join them, and in this life, Ning swore to himself, he would never let himself be weak again! The Era he was born into was a Desolate one, but Ning would make it his era.

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  1. desolate era its a great read…i was already fallowing it…shame its moves slow but probably is busy, still he knows how to translate…for those who didn’t get to read desolate era till now i reallllllllyyyyy recomand it….keep going with the chapters:P welcome IEW

    1. Also… people which like this novel should also try to read:
      “SHEN YIN WANGZUO (神印王座 “Divine Throne”) by Tang Jia San Shao”

      Totokk’s Translations is currently doing some really good work on translating it.

      1. I have no idea what the title means so I didn’t bother to remember it. I just read it because of a recommendation from the google drive of DD. Now I know it can be called “divine throne” for short instead of SYWZ. :D. 😀

        Binged it for 2 days and now I’m caught up. Good read. Would definitely recommend it too. 😀

      1. Welcome Desolate Era, great to have you here. I would like to recomend 2 next great novels by name Xian Ni and Chaotic Sword God. I don’t know how you do it, but I would like to see if you can make those 2 great translator groups work with wuxiaworld. Xian ni have 7 mln hits on his blog and CSG should have no less. I say it couse I followed Desolate Era, ATG and MGA, before they started publishing their work here.

  2. Desolate Era is a very good novel and i just finished the translated chapters 2days ago so thats good news for me .

    Welcome man

    Oh right what is the schedule for the trans?

  3. I was already reading it on World of watermelons, but I will read it here from now on.
    Welcome IEatWatermelons! Thanks for the work and I hope you will stay with us till the end (of the series).

  4. CD -> ST -> Desolate Era.

    Do i need first to read CD and ST before DE?
    Or there are almost no connections in story between those 3? Just another story in the same universe?!

    1. DE is new for most(?) of us here.
      so.. go with Douluo Dalu, ST, CD & DE if u want. DE is last cos i know nothing abt it. and CD is 2nd last cos new chap release everyday so might as well let it stack up while yr reading others.

      If you read CD early on.. by the time u finish others & go back to CD you will forget what happened.. Too many chaps! ;D

      Link for Douluo Dalu

      PS: on yr question nothing similar abt CD & ST.. only thing is MC training and powering up. I find ST much more fun/exciting then CD cos on CD later the battles become simple.. with everyone saying “Kill!”

    2. There is Minimal connection so it does not matter what order you read them in. There is small small connection between CD and ST. At the end of CD the world and star systems and whole thing of ST is created and the so called god who created all of st Cosmos is revealed. But it does not matter for the whole plot. Just small connection that does not matter while reading rly.

      1. bro, that´s a spoiler… i have finished reading CD and so on, so i knew the stuff about the UC.. but i don´t think the others do that!

  5. I had a feeling you were Mr.Anonymous. Looks like I hit the nail right on the head. Anyways, it’s good to see the site grow and I welcome IEW with open arms. Thank you for spending the time to transfer all of the chapters.

  6. Reeeeeeeeennnnnnn!!!! Are you properly looking out for your health!?!

    Hey, Reeen! Ren! Why are you doing this! You even offered to help IEW with maintaining 3 chapters a week!

    I’m extremely thankful, but your health! Your health!

    Free time is part of your health! If you get sick and collapse, what will we do!


      1. I have been saving the chapters to read in bulk. I’m essentially delaying my insane thirst to go read the raws and puzzle through them with GT that follows reading a few chapters.

        I think I have a nice backlog, but well, I’ll blow through that in no time.

        Essentially, I’m reducing the pics I’d have to send you XD

        My face would get boring after a short time y’know!

  7. Hi i am a reader of desolate era and its a good novel and i thank IEW for translating it till now . Thats bieng said IEW does not have commitment and sincerity which is the trademark of Wuxiaworld. If you don’t believe me you can go a see his post “shameless Laziness”. He only started posting again when people offered to takeover the project from him.
    I would urge RWX to take a look into it……………………..

    1. Dude he was playing Diablo 3 new patch he does the translation for himself to enjoy it its not for us we just reap the benefits of his TLing. If you want chapters faster learn to do the TLing so you can read it for yourself until then don’t complain he isn’t releasing enough free chapters.

    2. “Thats bieng said IEW does not have commitment and sincerity which is the trademark of Wuxiaworld”

      hahahha, omg… what a joke of, please go do something productive instead of making a joke of yourself!
      He translated 3 chapters in a day, if that´s not enough for you then please go and become a translator yourself, ooh right, you can´t! cause ur just a someone who’s only able to complain about petty stuff!

    3. I’ll be straight up with you…you are very ignorant. Please get your facts right before you make such a claim as this. 3 chapters a week and all FREE for months is what IEW has been doing for us. Heck, he failed to really get three chapters on time for only two times (which he did make it up) but just that two times from the months he has been translating DE got the community to criticize him. So he does have plenty of commitment (don’t forget that EVEN Ren has failed to put up chapters occasionally but I don’t see people talking shit about Ren). No offense to Ren but his guaranteed chapter was only one chapter a week for months. IEW is three! Let that sink in. His shameless laziness is just him having a day off. You see Ren having a day off too every month but IEW can’t even get a few days off after several months of translating? Ren doesn’t have to take a look at anything. With all due respect IEW is an amazing translator and if someone were to poach DE I’m sure the quality and long term commitment will not be the same. Like Ren said, “Digging holes is NOT fun!”

    4. Hey free loader don’t you dare complain. If you want a faster chapter then donate a bunch of dollars. That will stir up their motivation to translate because honestly digging holes isn’t fun! They’re doing it all for free so be thankful!

  8. RWX make sure you watch the comments for IEW, been feeling annoyed with how people treat him for not releasing chapters everyday and then bitch about picking up the Translation from him its time for it to stop already

      1. I approve of cracking down on unwarranted complaints towards TL’s.

        Myself, I don’t know how to translate, nor to do I have a comprehensive understanding at how hard it is. THEREFORE… I have no right to complain anytime a TL misses their quota/deadline, but I imagine the TL already feels bad already so any comments that are negative, are in my OPINION, rude, nasty and not welcome.

        Mini rant aside, I do feel helpless as a reader/leech when a story I follow is behind on a regular update, and for this reason alone, if TL’s in the chaos of how busy I imagine they are would communicate that a TL work is behind or something would be most welcome. In light of no news I would welcome bad news that a chapter is delayed.

        If my OPINIONS are out of line I sincerely offer my apology preemptively.

        and Welcome IEWatermelons

  9. thank you ren and IEW, you guys are awesome and i am glad to finally have the both of you at the same place, since you both where among the first translators i started following. now, all we need is for Bagelson for also meander here and i will have my first 3 translators at the same site

    1. Bagelson translates for free and for himself, if he comes to WW it would be purely for spreading the work to people who don’t know about it otherwise I think the main reason this came here is that RWX will be doing some TL for IEW since it’s a IET novel and he may also accept donations to release extra chapters where as bagelson is doing a TJSS novel in Douluo Dalu an

  10. This is great news!!! I have another novels to add into my reading list. My obsession with novels started with Douluo Dalu manwha. People kept commenting to read the novels instead, so I searched for that. From there, I found this site for Coiling Dragon. And a year later, I have about 10+ pages bookmarked to read daily. Although I don’t comment much, I do appreciate reading the recommendation from everyone. Can’t wait to start reading Desolate Era.

    1. Not sure if we been reading the same novel, but aside from the immortal pool, he aquired the rest with his own power. Even if he has strong techniques, he still needs to be able to comprehend them.

  11. Yay, Thanks for the helping out IEW Ren, hopefully the toxic part of the community from WorldofWatermelons doesn’t follow him here, or at least learns to become more appreciative. Congratulations on joining the WW team IEW, and know that we will always be grateful for your work here, and that you are free to do what you want whenever you want. (although we do quite enjoy your releases so it would be a shame if you decided to stop :/) Either way, glad to see you here and I hope you enjoy yourself.

  12. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I’d read a bit of the manhua and I think the story is good and since manhuas are manhuas and always worse than the novel, I’m definitely reading this!!

    1. I usually like or don’t hate those adaptations but “Desolate Era” and “Doulou Dalu II” (AKA Combat Continent II/Soul Land II) manhua adaptation were by far my least liked comic adaptations.

      The art style was very ill suited for the genre. Nothing against girly boys but they are so flowery that it’s hard to take the story seriously or be engaged in the action.

      The style is better suited for a shoujo-like comic like “Skip Beat” or some other comic that aren’t action-heavy.

  13. Hi guys i saw some people didn’t agree with my comments which is ok. But i was not disrespectful to IEW or the community i didn’t call him any names or criticized his translation i just stated the truth (Most of the work translators do here is not for money as regular chapters are way more than sponsored chapters)and although i think it doesn’t make a difference if the comment posted by a reader who donate or not i am actually not a freeloader.
    anyways it this is my last comment regardless

  14. Just started reading this yesterday. This is amazing. Finally caught up… to a cliffhanger. :p Good Lord how many cliffhangers are you people going to burden us with constantly? Are you all just sadists? :p

    Thank you Wuxiaworld for bringing the translations here, and thank you ieatwatermelons for translating!

  15. welcome….. and with Lord Ren helping…. we’ll finally be able to enjoy more of desolate era….
    I was originally a huge fan of that novel….until IEW got addicted to playing games….and the updates ware almost nonexistent…. untill now….!!!!
    I almost dropped this novel….

  16. I think I’ll give this version a try. I read the manhua adaptation first.

    The style was so… flowery. Girly boys everywhere. And the action sequences were rather meh despite the bright colors. I think the bright colors actually distracted from the action. Much like the Doulou II manhua adaptation. That style shouldn’t be in a action/fighting comic but rather a shojo-like comic like Skip Beat.

    Desolate Era’s story seems interesting though.

  17. often go to IEW web just to read DE, now he/she/IEW (idk What IEW is so lets just say IEW) join WW, i am happy… hope more translator with their project to join
    ohh and i hope someone will translate the Mytical realm

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