Website Renovated + New Book Up!

Good evenin’, folks!  By now, many of you will have noticed that we have a new website up!  I personally think it now looks much more sleeked and streamlined than before; in a word, it’s beautiful!  The thanks for this needs to go to our very own MiPo, who programmed this new theme, and spent six hours with me today alone installing and troubleshooting all of it.  So big, big round of applause to MiPo!  I also managed to add in some functionality that people have been bugging about for a while now, such as the ability to edit comments, etc., so see!  Although I got a day off translation, it wasn’t wasted!

Another thing I did is something I wanted to do a long time ago; put up another story, which I translated the largest part of.  This is a more ‘classic’ Wuxia novel, all kungfu, no magic, by one of the greatest modern Wuxia writers, known as Gulong.  While Jinyong, the writer of such legendary classics (many produced into TV series) as ‘The Condor Heroes’, ‘Swordsman’, ‘Return of the Condor Heroes’, was famed for his attention to detail and his tremendous grasp of Chinese culture and history, Gulong is famous for his ability to set the scene and really portray the emotions and psychological, human elements to these stories.  This novel I just put up is not a light novel, but it is one of my favorite Wuxia novels of all time; 天涯,明月,刀, also known as ‘Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre‘.  The first seven chapters were translated by others (and partially edited by myself); the rest of the chapters were all me.  I hope you can consider taking a read; there is a much stronger Chinese flavor/culture to it than Coiling Dragon, which may or may not be to everyone’s taste, but I honestly believe this is one of the finer Wuxia fiction works!  Give it a shot!

Anyhow, regardless of what you choose, I’m back to work as of tomorrow.  As you guys can see, y’all built up a BIG queue for me to work on tomorrow and the entire next weekend ;).  Have fun, gang!

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71 thoughts on “Website Renovated + New Book Up!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I mean, I know I called it back in the book 8 chapter 12 box (not the chapter page but the reply page for the update) but dear lawd, hahaha.
    This is part of what I wrote – ” I’d laugh if on your day off loads of people decide to donate and make it past the record high. “

  2. I like the new site very much Ren, looks pretty good 🙂 definately gonna check out that new book aswell, and looking forward to more of your translated work, enjoying it very much so far!! 🙂

    But damn do i feel bad for you that now you have alot more you gotta do xD (altho really happy to know that i wont get bored in the near future since there is gonna be plenty of chapters for me to read 😉 ) dont work yourself too hard tho 🙂

    Best Regards kilion

  3. I know i will get used to this new site soon, so, yeah.

    What bothers me – as new user (somebody who is not logged in) it happens that ADD covers whole control pannel in the top of the site. It can Easly make someone new get annoyed and just drop idea of trying to read here. It would be such a waste…

    Also, i Loved the percent (%) incidation for new bonus chapters. It looks so much more cool compared to simple “Raised to NUMBER”), whoops. Well, would be great if you considered having this one thing as it was before, maybe ask some people about it too, so we can have more opinions?

    PS: Great to have the edit option! Thank you! Hehe.

    1. You preferred the % option? I’ll look into it.

      What do you mean ‘ADD’ covers whole control panel? I don’t fully understand. Can you be a bit more specific? What is ‘ADD’?

      1. Advertisement, popularry called “add” or just “ad”. You know, the thing that is now just below control panel appeared directly on top of it, and refreshing site did not remove/replace it. I dont really know if it is one-time system mistake, or if it is connected to not being logged in at the time (it fixed itself after i logged in), so i just reported it 🙂

  4. Um Is the queue going to be for Coiling Dragon only till it’s finished? The reason I ask is I’m totally addicted to that story. By the way the site looks great and thanks for your hard work.

    1. Hi ckh988, yes, the queue is only for Coiling Dragon! Other things like putting up other books is just my own spare time :). Thanks for joining our little community

  5. Looks really refreshing. Not bad at all 😀 Since the background image hasn’t changed, I gotta ask: is it an official artwork for the novel? Is there more?

  6. OMG Ren, you’ve got a lot of work coming for you. 9 bonus chapters! if you could do all that then…… maybe you’re not human anymore. people can be cruel sometimes, just take care not to overwork yourself :/.

      1. Aaand the number increased yet again…. He made himself so much money in one day XD.
        I think the number will keep increasing…. Maybe.
        Geez guys calm down, stop being so excited.
        I don’t think he should do all that in one swoop, now i’m worried (.-.

  7. Ren, this goes to show how crazy everyone is about Coiling dragon. 9 chapters in the queue on a day you said you were going to rest.
    Waiting for more chapters…

  8. new look
    lol look at the queue it’s at 9 chapter even after you announce there will be no
    seems like you won’t have good rest at some time
    good luck though

  9. On a mobile device atm and can’t see the bonus chapter % anymore due to the new look, maybe I’m missing something? Or is the widget not apart of the new look

    1. Hi pickle, I’m using a ‘stopgap’ mobile theme until I get this one more optimized for mobile, which is why the bonus chapter % can’t be seen for now. It will be soon, don’t worry!

  10. Hey Ren the new website looks great, however I just visited the forums and saw that there is a slight cutoff that removes a letter or two.
    While it isn’t all that major, I just wanted to point it out.

  11. The website looks nice, Mipo did a good job. I just hope my comments will show up since it didn’t show a couple times.
    Horizon, Bright Moon, Saber is my favorite Gu Long novel and it didn’t even hit me that it was you who translated it. Thanks so much for translating it.

  12. Looks like they’re keeping you busy for the next few days, lol. I thought there would be a couple chapters in queue, but I wasn’t expecting 10 and I’ll bet you weren’t either. ;p

    I have to admit that there are at least a few things in Chinese culture I’m not fond of. Then again, there are things in every culture I’m not fond of. Even my own, whatever my culture is…heh.
    That said, I’ll take a look at this novel later and see how I feel about it. Hard to say without reading it.

  13. thanks once again for the hard work, and thank you MiPo for your efforts.

    Well, if the other novel has the Ren stamp of approval, I’m more than willing to give it a go.

    All Hail Ren!

  14. Thanks for the hard work! Also appreciate the new story, it was definitely different than Coiling Dragon.

    P.S.- Is the background picture on this site a scene from the book of Coiling Dragon? Or is it just random fan art?

    Once again thanks for the hard work!

      1. Using google chrome on android.. On my phone i cant seem to switch the the mobile version.. I’m clicking the “Switch to Mobile Version” button but its still the desktop version

  15. Well, I don’t have anything against the renovated webpage but to be honest, I don’t really like it when the layout of the site just changed all of a sudden.

    I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually but what I’m really having a problem with at the moment is that this site layout is not really compatible with smartphones?

    I tried reading one chapter from my smartphone but I had to scroll from left to right to read one line after another.

    Kinda annoying you know?

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