*WDQK Update Post*

Hey guys, hope you all had a great December binge reading WDQK haha.
Unfortunately, school starts for us next Monday, so we will be going back to our usual pace of 3 regular chapters per week and 0-3 sponsored chapters.

I’ve had a great December sharing some of that arcs I was rather fond of, especially how Lin Dong was oppressed so much by Lin Langtian, and I hope everyone enjoyed those too 🙂

We look forward to enjoying the story with everyone and are also hoping to expand our team to include some editors to help everyone immerse themselves in the story better.
If you’re interested, do drop us an editor application at [email protected]

Yours truly,
Yellowlaw Team

23 thoughts on “*WDQK Update Post*” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey Yellow Law that was awesome man! Enjoyed it a lot hahaha.. just a bit sad my reading marathon now goes back to normal… hehehe

    Really appreciate your hard work… Thanks for sharing us your happiness 😀 we’ve made a lot of fun from it… well sure still hoping for more hehehe…

    Thanks so much again… more power!!! also thx for all the sponsors :DDDD

  2. This makes me sad 🙁
    However, I am thankful to you, Senior Yellow Law, for bringing us this wonderfully translated chapter out of the kindness of your heart. You are truly a dragon among men, a veritable fount of knowledge, a truly awe-inspiring person of this generation! May the Heavens bless you in your studies and grant you great luck and greater advancements in your comprehension abilities!
    Again, thank you.
    *clasps hands then proceeds with 600 kowtows or until I pass out from it*

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